Vôtre as a Brand and It's multi-vitamin & Rejuvenating Day Gel SPF 35 PA++ Review

Hello People ,

With Habit of research in place , I discovered a new love of my life , Need to know what exactly??? Let me give you some hints than. This love or crush of mine  Beautifies skin and makes it healthy from within . With it's continuous usage skin would feel rejuvenated . Any guesses??? Okay let me reveal the surprise than . So this New love of my life is "Moisturisers"!!!!

In journey of my blogging so far I have reviewed Moisturizers from Brands like The Body Shop, Plum Goodness , Aryanveda , Iraya and few others and with each product in place I come across this addiction for moisturizers. Now I just love to experiment with and try various moisturizers.In this same series let me introduce you all with my recent loved Moisturizers in the form of Vôtre Hydrating Moisturiser.

But first let me walk you through this Brand "Vôtre " . I Read about this brand on social media itself and after seeing its range of various products I just fell in love with it .First thing that attracted me towards it was its unique name "Vôtre" which is a French word and means "Your". See how beautiful thought  it is . A brand whose name itself showcases it's faithful love and customer service centric theme . All products of Vôtre are being crafted and curated with your needs in mind and that is the reason each of it brings out a positivism and try to bring solution of all your skin health with their beautiful products.

Being  an admirer of their work and seeing their finest collection in place , finally I left aside skepticism and got this  Vôtre Hydrating Moisturiser for self and with this post taking you through my jaw dropping experience of this Moisturiser.


Trumount Cosmoceuticals Pvt Ltd, are brand holder of VOTRE Bio-Cosmetics.
Like the name suggests they are a Bio-Cosmetic Skincare brand based in India with exclusive range of skincare products with Compilation of Active & Consumer Cosmetics range incorporating best Bio-natural Active Ingredients.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

All VOTRE products are incorporated with the latest innovative molecules which are botanical in nature. These molecules are patented and are researched and tried for a period of 10 – 15 years on live humans.

Team at Votre Bio-cosmetics uphold their commitment to SAFE, PURE & EFFECTIVE. All their products are botanically based. The products are healthy & inspired by nature.

Votre Bio-cosmetics are a cut above because:

·         Botanical Based.
·         100% Vegan
·         Never tasted on animals.
·         Formulated without animal products or animal by-products.
·         Formulated without mineral oils.
·         Formulated without Gluten.
·         Formulated without synthetic dyes.
·         Dermatologically Tested.
·         Allergy Tested.
·         Clinically Tested.
·         pH correct.
·         FDA compliant.
·         PETA approved.
·         BUAV approved.
·         ISO 9001-2008 compliant
·         D.U.N.S. Registered.

Product in Focus

Vôtre Hydrating moisturiser

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

What brand has to say " Vôtre hydrating moisturiser is a rich , yet light weight Lotion that helps revive dry, dehydrated skin with a bust of invigorating moisture. nourishing wheat germ oil, pro-vitamin B5 and apricot kernel oil envelopes skin in a way of long lasting hydration, leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and more beautiful than ever .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Suitable for :- Normal to Dry skin


Wheat germ, pro-vitamin B5 , Prunus Armeniaca oil, olea europaea and liconce .

Direction for use

Take sufficient quantity of hydrating moisturiser and apply over desire area.
This formulation is non-comedogenic , hypo allergenic , micro biologically , dermatological and clinically tested .

Price and Quantity :- Rs. 880/- for 200 ML Pack 

Available at :- VOTRE

My Experience of Vôtre Hydrating moisturiser

This Bauble from Vôtre comes in white color plastic bottle with dispenser packaging. I guess this dispenser packaging is the best part about this moisturizer as generally the moisturizers we get from the market comes in lid packed forms which causes hygiene issue as than every time we have to pour out the desired quantity either with finger tips or with a spetula that causes inconvenience and may result it spillage. But with dispenser in place we don't have to worry about all that chaose that we generally face with lid packs .Hence a perfect travel friendly package with all hygiene in place makes this Vôtre Hydrating moisturiser a perfect pack to hold on to every now and than .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

On tearing the seal of the product, when I opened the outer cap of the dispenser , I was surprised to feel that there were not even a miniature  traces of fragrance. Which at first made me skeptical as I am a big time lover of fragrances and fragrance is the main motivator that tempts me to try a product .

But later when a poured a small amount of this moisturiser I felt this subtle fragrance that just blew me away and took me by ecstasy. Though this fragrance would not be lingering over the surface of the skin for hours but trust me you would want it to stay closer to you because of it's Soothing appeal and Subtle class which distinguishes it from its counter parts 
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Texture wise this Beauty is of white colour which at first would give you a look of thickness but with few strokes it would turn out to be of mediocre consistency that dwells into the skin without any much efforts and as a result gives a Non - sticky , Non- Greasy look .Skin would feel hydrated ,To conclude it would give a matte finish to the skin and would definitely revive your skin with it's enrich moisturising properties that too without turning your face oil factory or any such residue over the skin surface .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

I personally felt this moisturiser is one of the finest inventions that I come across so far due to it's light weight formula that would make you use it irrespective of ongoing 48°C temperature of hot summers where you would be willing to have a Healthy Skin but without making it look caky or having a feel of anything applied over it.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

To conclude this Vôtre Hydrating Moisturiser is a boon in this moisturising business . Being light weight applicator and a matte Finisher this moisturiser serves the purpose for all skin types , Specially beauties who posses oily or Combination skin like I do and trust me guys you would definitely going to love this bauble with your heart and soul.I would rate this beauty 5/5 A must Buy this summer for all your moisturing needs.


Light on the skin due to being a  hydrating moisturiser.

Blends effortlessly

Moisturises skin immediately with Matte Finish

Non- Comedogenic

Lasts for longer duration

Travel friendly package

Encourages Hygenic dispense and usage .



Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Would I re- purchase it ? - Hell yeah !!!! It is one stop product for all my skin need.


  1. loved the white cage with purple flowers <3
    superb review - loved the intro
    isn't this a bit on the costly side ?!

    1. Thanks Dear , I won't say being Pricey is a drawback here , as If you are getting a brilliant product than price doesn't matter that much :)


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