" Ma Earth Botanicals " Beauty of Nature Beyond Words

Did you guys ever noticed , Monsoon is the only time when we feel more closer to nature . Feeling those innocent drops of rain upon us makes us forget everything and all of a sudden joy and cheeriness surrounds us . This joy makes us relive our old memories and encourages us to create few more . May be this is the reason we all just love Monsoon irrespective of few cons that it brings with it.

Monsoon is the time , when you freely enjoy beauty of weather. However this enjoyment brings certain skin problems that needs to be addressed at its earliest.Monsoon being one of the most versatile weather blesses us with rain and cooling temperature but on the other hand makes usage of our routine products a tough job. I personally witnessed that , those same products that one has used during summers starts reacting and causes acnes and other relevant skin issues during Monsoon days .Hence it won't be wrong saying that Monsoon enhances skin care requirement then other days .

So to enjoy Beauty of Nature in the form of Monsoon , Don't we need anything Natural ? That could look-after our skin care needs , like mother nature herself .I understand Today skin care market is flooded with an number of Brands who offers a variety of products , but it won't be wrong saying that only few are capable of winning a customer's heart and building a long term relationship with them. However this doesn't mean one should not explore other brands .

Personally i feel fortunate that my passion of blogging has landed me some of the brands , whose name i never heard before , But when i tried their products , My perception got changed afterwords .Hence I feel privileged when i am able to help people in the form of my write-ups and introduce them to the Brands who genuinely deserves appraise and whose products do wonders not in words but in practical aspect .

Hence in the series of the same , I would like to take an opportunity to introduce you all with a Brand whose name poses Love from Mother Nature, Products represents blessings of Mother nature and after results makes you relive your skin and makes you fall in love with self once again . This Soul soothing Brand is none other than "Ma Earth Botanicals ".



About the Brand

Ma Earth Botanicals is a luxury line of natural hair-care and skin care products using 100% pure natural ingredients .

Ma Earth botanicals's core belief is that Humans are made of Mother Earth’s elements. Ma, is the loving sustainer and nourisher of all. Natural substances from Ma reinforce the cosmos within us. Our skin is ‘alive’, and for it to stay naturally healthy Ma has created a range beauty products that are made from botanical extracts which are balanced, full of life and extremely nourishing.

Ma’s passion is to enhance and encourage a more natural and holistic path towards health, beauty and overall well-being.

Ma Earth Botanicals’ products are handcrafted and contain no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, synthetic additives or artificial fragrances. They are made from the highest quality essential oils, vegetable oils and unrefined butters that are cold pressed to preserve their natural goodness and healing properties.

Since every product is made from vegetable and plant extracts, it is important to keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Most importantly, always test a patch on the tip of your elbow before use, to check for any allergies.

Their products are free from SLES, Parabens and Sulphates. The challenge was to provide our customers with an easy to use everyday product out of a bottle bursting with the natural goodness of herbs and pure essential oils. There has been on-going research and development over the past 20 years and we formally launched our brand in September 2013. 

Ma Earth is currently available at:

 En Inde, New Delhi
 Living Free, Kolkata
 Sacha's Shop, Goa
 Teatro Dhora, Jaipur
Moments by Riona. Pune

None of Ma’s products are tested on our animal friends.

All of Ma's products are handcrafted, hand cut and hand wrapped. 

Products in Focus 

With this post I would like to introduce you and showcase Ma Earth Botanicals luxurious range of products , Which when I experienced made me speechless .After using these products I bet guys , you would feel like queen Cleopatra of Egypt whose beauty is world famous again due to our beloved mother Nature's ingredients  .Every single product of Ma Botanicals would definitely touch your heart and soul and will make you fell in love with it. See their packaging guys ... These luxurious beauties are perfect gifting options on special occasions . I mean personally when I came across these , my first impression was to get these and decorate these on my dressing table. Apart from usage expertise these products would definitely make your existing collection a luxurious one and would make your near ones Envy ...seriously :) 

I tried to choose one product from each category and as a result here is a list that i received  :-

Ma Earth Botanicals Kaolin & ylang ylang clay soap. ( Full  Size Product )

Ma Earth Botanicals Bergamot Glycerin Soap & Ma Earth Botanicals Tangrine Glycerin Soap.
(Medium size )

Ma Earth Botanicals Kaolin & Ylang Ylag clay soap & Ma Earth Botanicals coconut milk and half lime soap ( small cuties)

Ma Earth Botanicals Exfoliating facial Scrub for sensitive skin 

Ma Earth Botanicals Body Butter 

Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing cream

Ma Earth Botanicals Coconut lime Shower Gel 

Ma Earth Botanicals Hair cleanser and Hair Conditioner.

For Orders Contact 


Or visit Their facebook  Click Here 

 I feel so lucky after receiving these cuties , these signifies pure hearted gesture of Ma Earth Botanicals Team , who creates these luxurious beauties not only to heal our skin but bring a joy within us with their cute packaging ...Gosh So adorable way of portraying and  presenting these luxuries .. I am about to faint... Need some help here to breath  Please :P .I really wish i could have received one of these beautifully crafted wooden boxes too :/ with my products .

My Experience

Since the day i came across this beautiful brand i was very much keen to try their beautiful collection of skin and hair care .And finally on receipt of my package , i couldn't control my self from dancing . I jumped with an excitement after seeing these cute little trinkets from the brand , hence as a result fall these pretty minions are now showcased on my dressing table :P and my sister just envy me LOL .

 If we talk about my experience than let me take you through each after experience one by one .

" Ma Earth Botanicals Body Butter " A Blessing From our beloved Mother Nature .

This is my first ever body butter that made me go gaga over it .Ma Earth Botanicals Body Butter is white color beauty with runny in consistency . It blends into the skin with immediate effect and leaves skin non - sticky .Enriches skin with moisturization  and leaves skin hydrated. Skin appears silky smooth . One of the attraction that many of you are going to fell for is it's lighter on the skin feel .Very impressive product I must say , it  gives cooling affect to the skin and as a result skin gets a soothing feel . It has a very minimalist Shea butter fragrance that lingers around for few moments and slowly evaporates .

A must if you are looking for natural body butters this summers :) That too infusion of naturally enriched elite oils.

Ma Earth Botanicals Body Butter ingredients 

Shae Butter , Cocoa Butter , Cold pressed almond oil , cold pressed olive oil, Aloe vera Extract , Rice Bran oil , Coconut oil , Helichtysum oil , ylang ylang and neroli essential oil.

Direction to use :- to be applied on moist skin after Shower .

"Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream" A Revolutionized Naturally enriched Formulation 

This Balancing cream truly do justice to its name . It balances skin actually by providing desired moisturization  and building a smooth skin texture .This cream is of mediocre consistency which is neither too thick nor too thin. It has a mild fragrance which is not flowery but could be categorized as Herbal one.On its very first application it soothes skin and infuses skin with cooling sensation which settles pretty soon after getting absorbed into the skin .Skin feels moisturizer and healthy ...I believe  with continued usage this cream will definitely going to give results as its very first application impressed me to its greater extent .

"Ma Earth Botanicals Coconut lime Shower Gel " Natural Doorway to a blissful Journey 

Ma Earth Botanicals coconut lime Shower Gel is beige colour liquid gel which is runny in consistency and poses a very light fragrance of lime. On its application your skin would feel refreshed and you could feel pores of your skin breathing. I felt it gave my skin much needed oxygen and freshness that my skin was in need for since long . As per me this is One of the finest Shower Gel that doesn't leave any residue and leaves skin clean with its very first wash .It lathers reasonably which makes it ideal to be used daily .

" Ma Earth Botanical's Soaps " An experience that would make your skin Feel special .

If I talk about Ma Earth Botanicals 's Cute little soaps than I would name them " Small little wonders ". These beauties from Ma Earth Botanicals's treasured collection are worth a try ...these lathers onto the skin like a cake walk and are as soft as Butter . This is the reason these should be kept away from water after use and should be dried immediately . Personally I rarely come across anything like these . Your skin would feel highly moisturized afterwords . To all those people like me whose hands tend to leave white layer skin immediately after bath , these soaps are the blessings . Smells heavenly and for the results see the difference yourself by getting one from Ma itself .

Apart from above there are three more products that i received which comprises of Hair Cleanser and Conditioner and a Powder scrub for sensitive skin .Again these products seems magnificent . Though for your view i tried to do a swatch of Hair cleanser  here :-

As you can see this cleanser is light brown in colour with mediocre consistency again . Doesn't  own any signature fragrance. I applied it on my hand as you can see , it lathered reasonably and left no residue after very first wash .A good product i would say when used with conditioner .

" Ma Earth Botanicals Exfoliating facial Scrub for sensitive skin " Beauty comes in small packages :)

This Facial scrub is powder base , which makes it ideal to keep in while travelling .I received 20GM pack in cute little glass jar as you can see in the pictures below. It has very soothing fragrance again Non flowery but herbal . You will go crazy after using it . It does what it claims. If you are looking for natural scrubs that would make your skin radiant and clean from within than you should bet on this . I will try to cover this in detailed review in future :)

Overall I am very much in love with Ma Earth botanicals and impressed with their sheer love and affection which is evident from their preciously treasured beauty care products that too from the house of our beloved mother nature . I just fell in love with their products and already added few on them in my personal skin care regimen .  If you love mother Nature or want to feel her blessings than don't wait any more Rush to " Ma Earth Botanicals " A brand that signifies pure love of our Mother .

I would rate their range 5/5 .As to me they are one of those precious Guardians without whom this world of beauty would be incomplete .


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