Natural Bath and Body Presents O MY BAG ..A Revolution in prevailing Subscription services

Hi Friends,

I believe on earth there won't be any women who doesn't like shopping . However personally when I shop, sometimes I ended up buying futile products or products that doesn't suit my skin and as a result , today I have a drawer of unused futile products ...
I was waiting for a miracle to happen to save me from these useless purchases and as a result I get to know about these subscription bags and box's .

Subscription bag /box
This terminology is very much in use now and has grabbed many of our beautiful ladies attention. By subscribing these box's/bags one gets certain number of sample size products differently every month to try on and if liked than these can be purchased in full sized from their respective subscription providers.

Today we have n number of Subscription providers whose charges vary from 400+ to 3000, depending on brands , quantity of samplers and prices of those products .I personally very much fell in love with this concept.

As each and every subscription bag/box comes in nicely and neatly packed box's and makes one realise happiness of self gifting .

Though today I know certain famous brands who provide these subscription box's and stalking of word subscription at social media has brought me closer to a brand whose subscription worth a single Rupee and made a huge smile on my face .

Brand in Focus

Natural Bath and Body ( is a online brand that I came across during my search for a organic brand for skin care rituals , and as a result thus brand has made it to my favorite list.
NATURAL BATH & BODY brings uniquely formulated personal care solutions that capture the raw benefits of nature’s essential oils and botanical extracts through a fluid synergy of Ayurvedic knowledge, creative artistry and contemporary technology.
They are the flagship brand of Vedic Cosmeceuticals, a renowned manufacturer of highly effective, specialty performance skin and hair care products. With more than 10 years of experience in personal care engineering, they have perfected every process in their production cycle to bring out beauty formulations that truly work.
With a promise of authenticity and a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, this brand consistently deliver safe, effective products to those who wish to lose themselves in potent healing and beautifying properties that only nature can offer.

Introducing "O MY BAG " from Natural Bath and Body.

As stated earlier my search of natural products brought me there online platform and before anything else one thing that grabbed my attention was this " O MY BAG" of Natural bath and body.

what brand has to say about "O MY BAG".. " with a dash of drama ..start experimenting with your treasure chest of beauty secrets ".

"The O My bag brings you the freedom to experience and experiment with their wide range of products so that you can find your best fit. Think of it as embarking on a delightful journey of helping your body find its perfect wellness and beauty partner!".

Price :- Rs.299/-
Quantity :- 4 products

Available at :-

And one of the USP of this bag is their Confident display of O MY BAG' s products on their website each month it not only allows transparency however gives one freedom and choice to buy this bag at convenience of their own.

My Experience

First of all I want to admit and say that this Subscription bag is one of its kind that did full justice to price and quality ...I mean for Rs.299/- getting a bag with four natural products without any worry of harmful chemicals is worth a try isn't?

So coming back to my experience this bag came in a carton box packaging. And on opening this product a big smile took over my nervous and anxious face as I was bit sceptical about my purchase being a first timer with this brand ...but when I opened it this parcel all I could feel is Nature' s beauty in my hands and a pure soulful fragrance coming out of its products .even the box in which this product came to me was full of this mesmerising and luxurious fragrance and literally took over my senses to calm and soothing mode. I still remember I couldn't sleep that night because its aromatic properties distressed me and made me energised and refreshed.

This beauty O MY BAG comes in translucent black colour made from a  strong steel stuff kind of Net, I mean if you fold this bag it will leave traces of fold init , but there are zero chances of its tearing .

This month this Beauty came with four products :-

1. Natural Bath and Body's Beautiful Day Mist
2.Natural Bath and Body's Woody Oudh bathing bar
3.Natural Bath and Body's Lemon Chamomile foot and hand cream
4. Natural Bath and  Body's Juniper berry cypress dead sea salt scrub.

All these four products come with adorable packaging and breath taking fragrances .For Rs.- 299/- I felt like I got more than I paid as these products are of great amount of quality with affordable prices .

Here is my take on each one of these :-

1.Natural Bath and Body's Beautiful Day Mist Worth Rs.325/- Full size for 200 ML

What brand says " Our Beautiful Day Body Mist manages to captures a hint of happiness and a dash of sunshine in a bottle! Perk up your mornings with a fragrant burst that blends floral top notes with nuances of fresh zesty-ness. An infusion of Organic Vegetable glycerine makes this Body Mist gentle on the skin. This gorgeous aromatic expression completely envelops you, to ensure that you’ll have your sunny side up, all day long!"

Ingredients :-

 Purified Water, Denatured Alchol, Polysorbate 20, PEG 7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Methanol, Fragrance

My take :- this beautiful day body mist really made my each day beautiful with its subtle and bit soothing fragrance  .This helped me to go on with confidence in hot days of summers and with touchups in a day feel all day long refreshed .I am definitely going to purchase it now ...for Rs.325/- this product takes 4.9/5 from me in terms of quality , price and efficiency .

2.Natural Bath and Body's Woody Oudh bathing bar Rs.175/- for 125gms.

What brand says " Inviting you into its aromatic world, this bathing bar is made of all-natural ingredients and tenderly sliced by hand. As its smooth melange of shea butter and oils of coconut, oilve and sweet almond intensely hydrates the skin, the oudh fragrance envelops you in its delicate dream-like scent."

Ingredients :-

 Saponified Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Oudh Fragrance

My Take :-This sample came into translucent packaging with product description chit on it , description of this product seemed impressive to me and as a result I opened and used it on the spot.I came up with  one word to express my experience which is " Luxurious " .Yes this soap gives one an experience of lifetime. fell for its aromatic fragrance ..must salute brand for creating this heavenly beauty .this soap is very soft and makes your skin feel healthy and baby soft . I felt I am having a spa at home which is relaxing my senses and removing all my tiredness and tensions from within .This Cream colour beauty lathers and melts easily, and as a result gives an experience of calmness making you feel rejuvenated .if I have to rate it rating is defiantly 5/5.

3.Natural Bath and Body's Lemon Chamomile foot and hand cream Full Size Price is Rs.325/- for 100 ml.

What brand says " For the daily rigors that our hands and feet goes through it deserves the advanced treatment that this stimulating cream provides. Our fusion of organic lemon and organic chamomile oils is high in anti-bacterial properties that rebuild cracked heels and prevent scaling. As this skin is also vulnerable to losing moisture easily, our foot & hand cream is concentrated with organic and natural butters that provide intense moisture and soften instantly."

 Ingredients :-

Purified Water*, Sesame Oil**, Cetostearly Alcohol, Beeswax*,Vegetable Glycerine**,Sweet Almond Oil*, Propanediol*, Sodium Lactate*,Shea Butter**, Avocado Oil*, Steareth 2, Steraeth 21, Kokumbutter*, Turmeric Extract*, Fenugreek Extract*, Allantoin, Borax, Panthenol*, Niacinamide*, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Biosodium Hyaluronate*, Vitamin E*, Nutmeg Oil*, Ginger Oil*, Lemon Oil**, Chamomile Oil**, Honey** 

My Take :- this product arrived in small tub packaging with beautiful brand presentation and description on its cap and tub .I was already looking for some hand cream that cures problem of my hand who has tendency of showing dead skin , whiteness as a result over dry hands which were bothering me now .So with this Subscription I finally got what I needed a hand and foot cream ...being blessed with foot cream advantage I felt lucky though as in a price of one , I got both foot and hands cream .

On opening this tub at first I got  encountered with a pleasant fragrance that fades away after a while altogether but makes a mark in ones heart . This cream has a mild consistency as its neither too thick nor too runny but spreads evenly throughout the surface . I realised patchiness and dryness of my hands just vanished and they were looking more healthy and maintained. I said I was already in search of this sort of cream as face cream can't not be substitute of hand creams specially then when situation is like mine ...hence this product provided me a great amount of relief and made me fell in love with my hands who with time lost their beauty . My hands felt soft and moisturised and were looking younger then earlier . over all I will rank this product 4.8/ 5 . I have dedicated .2 due to it's tub packaging as for few tub packaging might be a concern of hygiene hence if this product provided a spatula or comes in tubs packaging then defiantly this deserves 5/5 .

4. Natural Bath and  Body's Juniper berry cypress dead sea salt scrub.
Full size price :- Rs.600/- for 200 ml tub.

What brand says " Extracted from the densely therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, the salts in this indulgent scrub are bursting with health-enhancing minerals and nutrients. Soaked in a pool of cold-pressed Almond oil, virgin olive oil, juniper berry and other essential oils, these soothing salts gently buff away dead cells and cleanse the skin, leaving it glowing and visibly smooth. A natural astringent, Juniper Berry oil helps to relieve stress and promotes blood circulation. Additionally, its bracing aroma and anti-inflammatory properties leave you feeling absolutely detoxified and invigorated."

Ingredients :-

Virgin Coconut Oil*, Dead Sea Salt*, River Sand*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Olive Oil*, Walnut Shell Granule*, Safflower Oil**, Isopropyl Myristate*, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Coconut Powder*, Cypress Oil*, Juniper Berry Oil*, Grapefruit Oil*, Vitamin E*, Lime Oil*, Lavender Oil**, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate 

My take :- this product came to me again in tub packaging and is of sea green colour . its consistency is bit thick and has characteristics of a scrub which is lather free , Soap free and works on moist skin. I personally use scrub twice a week and after application of it my skin felt hydrated and clean from inside ...I can feel that my skin is breathing and air is getting inside my skin pores making it relive . this scrub helped skin to get rid of dead skin cells without involving of harsh small particles that sometimes damages our skin. I believe this is the USP of this scrub as it's gentle and harsh free to wards skin and turns this sound of scrubbing into a musical gala of skin cleaning . I would rate this product 4.8/5 again due to packaging in tub as for few a tub packaging seems a more convenient option ...but at last it gives results that too without any worry of harmful chemicals.

To conclude over all I feel blessed that I came across such a beautiful and soulful brand whose each and every product do justice to what it claims . all of its products are 100% natural and vegetarian made with so much love and care that its fragrances just stole my heart out .I am thankful to this brand for creating such a great luxurious products  and providing them too affordable prices .
Hence  this O MY BAG takes 5/5 from me because of its concept of natural beauty from within.As I truly believe that even for a simple makeup one has to have a healthy skin and there is no point of subscribing to an number of box's or bags till the time your skin is not healthy from inside. Hence O MY BAG is one of its kind who is here to revolutionized this Subscription market by giving freedom to choose range of products to their subscribers and introducing them to healthy living and skin care rituals in the form of O MY BAG that too at an affordable price .To Book your click here

 ** PR sample sent to me for Review however views expressed are solely based on my own experience .


  1. best review its help me alot

    1. Hey Noor, Thanks so much Dear Happy to hear this :)

  2. Awesome review
    Will be buying the bag
    Went thru the brand's web-site & you are right - it is value for money - Rs. 299 for 4 natural products


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