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Hi Friends ,

Hope you guys are doing Great . Jewellery a word when one hears, tickles a mesmerism and makes one  recall their experiences of buying it from their known inherited jewelers..these experiences could be exceptionally great or adversely soar ...But No person could escape self from getting into jewel buy tension.. yeah I find jewel buying act one of the toughest , tedious and intense act that requires lots of time and yes a huge budget... And I always wonder ..that you can make budget of your monthly expenses , home groceries or anything except gold / diamond jewellery... It always happened with me ...whatever budget I thought I will be spending in buying jewellery... It always exceeded my expectations and ended up giving a earthquake to my budget policies.

I found jewellery industry one of the most unstable and un categorised industry , where in you can't find any transparency in terms of price , weight ,and quality .Every jeweler has its own set of making charges or other respective expenses that fluctuates jewel price resulting in consumer always feel skeptical about his/her buy..unless or until he/she doesn't belongs to a upper middle class categories.
Recently we all have witnessed a flood of online portal where in one can buy from daily need based products to luxurious products at convenience of their home by just one click. And in these pool of portals I witnessed a website that established their business of online portal based on Jewellery ..none other then Caratlane.

About Caratlane is one of India’s leading e-commerce company and one of the most visible online brands since its inception in October 2008. CaratLane was started with a mission to change the way diamonds and diamond jewellery is bought in India. In 4 short years, this vision is well on its way to being realized.
Using  virtual DNA, They have combined flexibility with 24-carat customer service standards. With a network of over 4000 global vendors, They offer the largest collection of diamonds & diamond jewellery in the country. Sparkling solitaires & precious diamond and gemstone jewellery leave their factories daily, to their delighted customers in more than 150+ cities and towns across the length & breadth of India. They claims that their  business model helps  customers save up to 25% over retail prices. CaratLane is promoted by professionals who know the diamond jewellery business inside out as well as one of the pioneers of the online industry in India. Like all online businesses, they derive strength from having low overheads and low inventory costs. In addition, they do our own manufacturing and are not just a re-seller like most online businesses. We have a dedicated call center to help customers.

About my experience

At first when I heard of them and saw their platform , I was curious but more over uncertain that how they will be delivering their precious pieces via courier and how as a consumer I can trust them as Money involved is not that small..I told my mom and she straight away denied and instructed not to place an order .So I somehow calmed my senses and dropped the idea.But still kept their brand in my mind for future .
And Recently i witnessed their store opening at Delhi , Pacific Mall , Subhash Nagar , and as this brand was already in my mind i visited their store (I am not sure since when but Caratlane has started expansion and opened few of their stand alone stores  in various cities , and few of them are yet to open ).
At the store their were only handful of designs which is totally adverse of those  thousands of designs at the website .But at store you can get replica of your desired Product.I did the same , as few of the designs I already shortlisted I asked them to provide me replicas ..they helped me with that and after trying I made my mind of buying the same.BUT... Again I was back to ground zero of jewellery that too from chennai ..made me nervous... But store manager assured me that nothing wrong can happened as all these orders are insured and delivered keeping in mind safety and quality hence no need to worry.
So as I said this brand was already in my mind I placed my order . And on 6th day product got delivered to me.
I felt so much delighted and happy on receipt of this was packed very  beautifully.
And when I opened the box ,scented flowers in it soothed my senses instantly , and made my smile even bigger. Product design was replica of what was shown on the website and was accompanied , with its authenticity certified card and an invoice.After seeing the original product i didn't feel any sort of regret however i shouted with cheer telling Mom to see my First gold purchase that i made myself without dwelling self into thoughts of over priced or under priced.
Over all this order changed my perception and erased all the skepticism from my mind about their portal .
And about their customer service I would say if you write them an Email their top management involves in the matter and resolves it for you can imagine how much trust and loyalty they have towards their customer.

In my case as I said I was nervous and sceptical about product delivery and wrote them about it , and within two hours or less I received call from their AVP Ms.Radhika from Chennai who not only heard my issue but took care of its delivery to me with coordination with Mr.Arvind Sharma at Delhi.

To conclude Caratlane as a brand has met my expectations and I believe going to step into success ladder in near future.


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