Innisfree A brand and its WaterGlow Cushion Foundation

Hello Fellas ,

Let me introduce myself I am Rajvinder .And I am part of this Internet community since 2010. And since then I have seen and experienced benefits of Internet. I used to be a simple studious girl who's knew nothing about makeup and fashion .And today here I am transformed into a girl who's aware of each and every brand and uses bundles of products now and all this is dedicated to my internet and all those people who write reviews and share their valuable experience with people like me as a result make us confident and help us to choose suitable products from wide range available today.

 So today after being experienced and able of saying something, I am here with my own experience and want to express it with the world ...hence now I have decided to keep my self-occupied with writing and that too via writing blog ...finally a dream of mine is coming true by penning down this very first post of mine. Excited and nervous though and here I come fellas :)

So This very post is about a brand that I came across a year back and fell in love since then and it is " Innisfree "

About the brand

Innisfree, the pure island where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist in harmony.

Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature.Innisfree is sharing the benefits of nature for your vibrant beauty and has made efforts to preserve nature since 2000.It pursue radiant health and beauty with“natural and reliable ingredients.”

 At innisfree they believe in  pursuing "Ethical Consumption”by offering various quality products at affordable prices.Innisfree promote an“eco-friendly green design”with the benefits of nature.
Innisfree practises “eco-friendly green life” to preserve nature. We share “sensuous experiences”by capturing the various essences of nature.

 To conclude this s brand which is not only organic however is a brand that believes in treating and beautifying our skin with natural elements resulting in 100% safety , no side effects moreover a beautiful skin from within with the help of natural elements.

Product in Focus

Innisfree Product that I am going to share with you all today is " Innisfree WaterGlow Cushion Foundation with SPF 50 PA +++" Now I understand hearing this word Foundation gives one two types of thoughts .One is foundations are made for occasional uses . .. We can't wear them daily... Second OMG it requires lots of time has to be expert as in daily use it may damage your skin as it has ingredients that may harm skin health hence better to avoid...isn't ladies ??? I know I also used to thought so..but now after all my research and discovery of this organic product my worries just flew away ... 

This Innisfree WaterGlow Cushion Foundation comes in three shades
#13: Light Beige,
#21: Natural Beige and
#23: True Beige .

Out of these three i have Water Glow Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++ in shade #23 True Beige which is the darkest shade. It comes for INR 1,700/- for 15 g of product.

My Take

This Foundation is a big time saviour in summers ..Trust me it is so light weight and applies so quickly less amount of quantity and time that you can apply it on the spreads evenly and easily and gives a nice subtle glow to the face.

This has active key ingredient of 100% Jeju squeezed fresh green tea essence, as a result it is lightweight make-up base that  instantly penetrates moisture into skin, enhances skin tone, and leaves  face feeling supple, radiant, sooth and healthy. Its water glow complex coats the skin with a veil of moisture to deliver an instantly dewy complexion, and simultaneously soothes the skin with its instant cooling effect, giving it a natural & healthy glow.

Feels so light that 45°C temperature of Delhi also couldn't stop me from applying it on my face ...and being so naturally enriched  product that too in makeup range with SPF 50 is something that I always dreamed of ...and finally I became fortunate enough to coming across this product .

Overall I am very much happy and swear by this product as it brought a lazy and no makeup person like me to a world of beautiful skin and  makeup where though I didn't lose my laziness however I couldn't escape from beauty of nature :)If I have to rate this then this beauty deserves 5/5.

Love you Innisfree Thank you for being there :)
With Lots of Love


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