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Vôtre as a Brand and It's multi-vitamin & Rejuvenating Day Gel SPF 35 PA++ Review

Hello People ,
With Habit of research in place , I discovered a new love of my life , Need to know what exactly??? Let me give you some hints than. This love or crush of mine  Beautifies skin and makes it healthy from within . With it's continuous usage skin would feel rejuvenated . Any guesses??? Okay let me reveal the surprise than . So this New love of my life is "Moisturisers"!!!!
In journey of my blogging so far I have reviewed Moisturizers from Brands like The Body Shop, Plum Goodness , Aryanveda , Iraya and few others and with each product in place I come across this addiction for moisturizers. Now I just love to experiment with and try various moisturizers.In this same series let me introduce you all with my recent loved Moisturizers in the form of Vôtre Hydrating Moisturiser.
But first let me walk you through this Brand "Vôtre " . I Read about this brand on social media itself and after seeing its range of various products I just fell in love with it .…

Ovarian Cancer awareness session By Vôtre Bio Cosmetics

Hello My Readers ,
Views and Reviews by RajVinder Feels Honored by participating in this Social cause in the form of  This Write Up. Hence Invite you all in this initiative and ask you all to come together and join this noble cause of Ovarian Cancer awareness in association with Vôtre .

Did You Know.. Each year over 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 15,000 will die. Did You know 70% of women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer; Die within 5 years! Did u also know Ovarian Cancer can affect a Woman of ANY AGE!

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! And this is why  at VOTRE BIO-COSMETICS want every woman to know the facts about Ovarian Cancer!
It’s the 5th leading cause of Death among Women, and it’s deadliest among all gynaecological cancers! There is currently no early detection test available for Ovarian Cancer; your pap test won’t find it! 

The signs are symptoms are subtle and not dissimilar from other abdominal or pelvic complaints. Most Women thus go UND…

" Hungry Squirrel " One stop Destination for Healthy Snacks

When it comes to hunger , Either we end up getting starved or we end up eating something which is not supposed to be healthy at all . During childhood eating anything doesn't result in any adverse health issues as at the end being a child , with lots of energy in place , one burns calories instantly .But soon as we enter adulthood this same habit of eating anything results in weight gain or other related health issues .

Our offices and Time poor living makes it even more tough to look-after ourselves and as a result causes health issues which are not even meant to deal with at our present age . Recently I read somewhere that Snacking plays an important role in terms of health . Healthy Snacking curbs cravings , fights weight gain , regulates mood , boosts brain power and most importantly gives an individual the energy to keep working all day long without getting or feeling tiredness . After realizing this , I felt really bad about self and thought what I was doing with self . Bei…

Giveaway In association with Plum Goodness Has It's Winners

Thank you Everyone for participating in this Giveaway hosted by Views and Reviews by RajVinder and sponsored by Plum Goodness.

So before I raise curtains from the name of the lucky winners , Let me share with you one thing . Though all of you participated whole heartily but all your efforts went futile when you didn't follow a single rule . Hence request you all to be careful and read all the rules before participating .

 Having Said so One more thing  I would like to reiterate Here , those who unfollows or unsubscribe from this blog right after this giveaway , would be banned for future giveaways as Finally now I have tool that  shares with me names of those lucky birds :D

After all this Gyaan , Here i present to you Lucky winner of Plum Goodness Giveaway :) Congratulations Guys !!! 

Request you to mail me or send me direct message on Facebook your contact details so that I can forward your details to Brand PR for prize Dispatch .

Celebrate Rakshabandhan with Floweraura , An Online Gifting Solutions

Hello People ,
Hope you must be anxiously waiting for our one of the most cherished and memorable festival “RakshaBandhan” . Personally I am the one who eagerly waits for this festival not because my brother would be giving me assurance of security :P ,which I know what he’s would but due to a series of festival this Rakshabandhan brings afterwards .
This Day of sibling bond is one of the naughtiest yet a memory awakening day , that brings out moments of joy in families and makes people relive those again and again each year and every year.So What have you decided to make this year’s Rakshabandhan special from the last one ? If you are still wandering and searching for the options to make your Day of Bond more special than here is something I have for you this Rakshabandhan.

Yes this is one of those online portals who don’t just market their products but transform our special days into memorable one by assisting us with their wide range of flower and gifting options. They …

Luxola My Most cherished International Shopping Experience and Blushes Reviews

Hello My Lovely Readers ,

I believe Makeup is an Extension to one's Personality. Being a Girl Next door , I Never understood it's importance till my graduation to be true .However after entering into corporate life and living a life that has professional as well personal influence has now made me realize how important it is to be presentable all the time . Whether it is an Normal Office day to day life or a Get togather , Makeup plays an integral role as it makes one look more presentable and fills an unsaid confidence of beauty that each girl wishes for .

However at the Same time makeup becomes confusing thing ,when one is a beginner .It is fun but can be overwhelming when there are millions of products to choose from . But if you do a little research and Follow your heart like  I did , Than  Trust me you would be Overwhelmed with the results :) I still remember the time when i first thought of buying my makeup , I was clueless. I wasted my money on some random stuff which e…