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INATUR Logix mall Store Event Coverage

Hello lovelies ,
Today I am very much excited about this post. Reason being this is my second Event coverage that not only brought me closer to a brand but also gave me awareness about an untouched aspect of Ayurveda and our overall well-being. I know you must be wondering how a skin care event turns out to be a over all well-being one.Well for that keep on reading :)

As you already know that I had reviewed INATUR Products in the past and loved every bit of it, and when recently I got the opportunity to be a part of their Logix Mall Noida, Store Event, I was on cloud nine. 
The event was held on 27th May'17.With butterflies in my stomach I reached the venue at 4 PM , But my nervousness went away after seeing many fellow bloggers taking store tour and exploring their products.I also joined them without wasting any time. 

During the store tour I met INATUR Brand Owner Ms. Pooja Nagdev. I felt privileged to meet her in person and shared my earlier experiences about INATUR Products with h…

NewU turns 10 Celebrations and New Launches Review

Hey all ,

It's been a while since I have posted anything or reviewed about.But today is the day where a celebration has made me to write about, and this celebration is of a brand who has not only won millions of heart but also has made a remarkable place in this fast pacing market .So the brand I am talking about is none other than NewU who is celebrating 10 years of it's inception.

With this blog post I take the opportunity to Congratulate NewU and team on their splendid 10 years completion and wish them many more such successes ahead.On this vary day NewU has given me the privilege to be the part of their celebrations and introduced me to this beautiful hamper which consists few of their New launches.

For you all I am putting individual pictures of these new launches followed by mini reviews.

So the first product I am excited about is none other than NewU Body Mists. Personally no offense to anyone here but I am not a Body Mist personally l like purchasing perfumes or Deodo…