INATUR Logix mall Store Event Coverage

Hello lovelies ,

Today I am very much excited about this post. Reason being this is my second Event coverage that not only brought me closer to a brand but also gave me awareness about an untouched aspect of Ayurveda and our overall well-being. I know you must be wondering how a skin care event turns out to be a over all well-being one.Well for that keep on reading :)

As you already know that I had reviewed INATUR Products in the past and loved every bit of it, and when recently I got the opportunity to be a part of their Logix Mall Noida, Store Event, I was on cloud nine. 

The event was held on 27th May'17.With butterflies in my stomach I reached the venue at 4 PM , But my nervousness went away after seeing many fellow bloggers taking store tour and exploring their products.I also joined them without wasting any time. 

During the store tour I met INATUR Brand Owner Ms. Pooja Nagdev. I felt privileged to meet her in person and shared my earlier experiences about INATUR Products with her .She was also very much happy to see us all and was open to listening to experiences and feed backs. After exchanging our views I started exploring INATUR Store Range and clicked some shots :) They has categorized  their products on the basis of products usage, like Bath and Body, Cleansers, Hair Care,Baby Care, Men's Grooming and many more.

INATUR also offers a wide range of treatment kits which consists goodness of Ayurveda and nature.I came across their Acne Kit, Brightening kit and few facial kits whose range was around Rs.400/- which I found very reasonable.

INATUR also caters Men's grooming section and at the store they had a shelf dedicated to Men's skin care needs.

Apart from Creams, Oils and Exfoliators INATUR also has a variety of Soaps that smells like heaven and uplift one's mood within seconds. I tried to cover few of them in the below shots.

After Store Tour we all were given a presentation by Ms. Pooja Nagdev where she shared her treasured information about Ayurveda and it's inclusion in INATUR range. I was very much impressed with the amount of information she imparted and felt honored to meet her in person as it's because of her my roots for natural products becomes more prominent. 

So let me share with you all what I got to know during the session. In Ayurveda there are 3 basic types of energy or Doshas :- 

Vata - Composition of Air. Qualitative Characteristics:-Individuals are tall (or sometimes very short) very thin and are often underweight with dry, cold rough skin.

Pitta - Composition of Fire. Qualitative Characteristics :- Individuals are of medium build and height with sensitive skin.

Kapha – Composition of Water . Qualitative Characteristics:- Individuals are Strong , compact and wide with fair, cool and often gleaming skin types.

The ratio of Vata, Pitta and Kapha within each of us has a significant influence in character traits. When any of the doshas become aggravated, each of them disturbs the body in it’s own way. Hence understanding of doshas can be a wonderful personal tool.

Vata imbalance :- May lead to dandruff , dry skin physical pain etc.
Pitta imbalance :- May lead to Anger , rage , Itching , heartburn  etc.
Kapha Imbalance :- Depression , Overreacting , Overindulgence in sleep , Depressed metabolism , weight gain etc.

Hence if one gets the understanding of particular Dosha he she is suffering from can balance the same with the help of Ayurveda . And for this Inatur available to rescue.

Now personally to me the above Vata , Pitta and Kapha were something new , I wasn’t aware of any of these. I was literally taken by surprise over this topic and felt so happy after knowing all this. Personally I felt Ayurveda is a blessing given to the world by India and we are still deprived from it. I mean we are so much into chemical and superficial stuff that we have forgotten natural existence. If one is suffering from headache take a pill , If you are depressed take a pill. We have stopped looking for natural alternatives and are ready to pay for anything but not for nature’s goodness.

But thanks to Brands like INATUR who are not only working for improvised appearance of human beings from within but also keen on invention of well being of oneself. I was surprised to see their range of oils where they have invented Dosha oils and also many such oils ranging from Massage oils to Essential oils which if taken rigorously can heal one from within. A True Blessing in Disguise must say.

I am very much delighted to be part of INATUR campaign where in I got the opportunity to learn so much about Ayurveda. INATUR had already been my companion from past three years but after knowing the knowledge pool behind I am very much confident about their range of products , They not only heals you superficially they heals you from within. Nowadays only few are capable of doing so and INATUR is one of them.

In addition to above INATUR also caters a Baby care section where in it produces Baby creams in two variants. Such a adorable packaging isn't it ? 

I was Happy to see INATUR 's BB Creams here. I mean who will disapprove a BB Cream that polishes your skin from within too ;)

Apart from Oils INATUR has few Treatment creams as well like Anti Ageing and fairness Creams.

Hope You enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed the event. At the conclusion of the event I was also given a Goodness bag from INATUR which was specifically curated for my skin type. Isn't it great guys ? INATUR Not only touched my heart with their range of products but also influenced me to completely divulge and surround self and my dear ones with goodness of their products.

And Guys !! I am not writing this post just because I went to the event and was given this bag. I am writing this post because my personal association with INATUR has been rewarding to my skin. My skin had suffered a lot in the past with dryness and blemishes and I lost the count of products I purchased during that phase to get my skin back Sob!! Sob!! However the entire skin episode stopped with immediate effect as soon as I applied INATUR Pomegranate face scrub followed by INATUR Cucumber Peel off mask.So if My skin can be treated yours can be too. 

So now I leave you with the Photos of their impressive range of products . Don’t forget to check these out and try at least one of their product. You won’t regret your purchase from them take my words on this J. You can find INATUR outlets at DLF Place, Saket,MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon
,Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden,Khan Market
, DLF Mall of India, Noida
,Pheonix Marketcity, Kurla in Mumbai,Logix mall Noida. You can also purchase them online at


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