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Introduce your Taste Buds to luxuriously enriched Hokey Pokey Ice Creams

Happiness, an expression that is priceless but is worth a million to experience.. Happiness is indulgence of heart and Soul that lifts one’s spirit to a greater heights and makes one realize how worthy little things in life are. Happiness sees no Bad, All it sees is goodness. This is why I believe The pleasure which we most rarely experience gives us greatest delight. But as every single living soul or object in earth has two aspects , one in favor and one in against …Same goes with happiness too. We have pain and boredom as enemies of happiness .But as stated happiness is an expression that sees no boundaries , even when Boredom or Pain surrounds , there is a light sneaking out somewhere that paves way to happiness .
Happiness being a sense of activity  can be searched for in many ways .Some seeks happiness from within in the form of mediation , where as some seeks it from outside by indulging into things they love the most. Some prefer to talk, some prefer to listen to music …But the…

Relive Moments of Joy With Zoomin

Memories are an expression that floats in our heart and touches our soul forever. They say if moments are fleeting, memories are permanent. We share our powerful memories so that they grow with time rather than fade, and as a result give us ability to celebrate and relive moments those moments of Joy and cheer  which are not only close to our heart but makes us laugh irrespective of our present situation.
As a human, we are blessed with ability to feel love, anger, ignorance, attitude ,ego and other attributable characteristics that we all posses .But out of all these most treasured ability is… to relive those memories that we create with passage of time . Memories that makes us laugh, memories that makes us forget our presence, memories that are still with us when people are not …memories a blissful journey that takes us to a different state of mind and makes us understand how valuable and beautiful life is.
So as memories are the expressions that are meant to be feel, what all do w…

Introducing "Cook Gourmet " A subscription that will transform your Kitchen

Hello My Lovely People,

How are you living in current weather? Enjoying it or cursing it ? May Be both. But personally I like this season …No! No! Don’t get panic; I am also human and understand what harshness this summer holds and showering upon us. But Personally I feel summer gives us more over a healthy lifestyle where in we can really turn 24 Hours a day into productive hours. During summers in -person I do wake up early at 8am and my day ends at 12 am, And during all these hours I try do something productive. Whatever new things I wish to learn, I always keep it for summers and try to learn it during this weather irrespective of Summer’s humid blessings.

So During this summer I decided to learn something that might seem normal to you guys but to me it is something that I never done before and Yes!!Trust me Even I don’t want to do at all, But with situation I believe it is a must for me  if we consider some emergencies :P And that something of mine is None other than “Cooking” :…

Winner Of HandBag giveaway announced

Hello Friends 

On this Holy Day , Where Saawan Month has just begun , I would like to take an Opportunity to announce the Winner of the Giveaway , However At First , Would like to Thank each one of your from core of my heart to be part of my Family , If i would have more prizes , trust me guys i would have given each of you a prize , As for me This family means a lot , and i cannot see it tearing apart , For me all of you are at par , and that is why instead of choosing my own i chose winner with Random Org. 

" My Envy Box " Subscription Experience

Here comes July a month that tells about half of a year is gone and other half is waiting for us to be explored. To me this month brings a time of self analysis, and also helps me to understand what I have achieved so far and what are the things that require to be achieved.
So as part of my ongoing self analysis let me share with you something which is close to my heart. As till now you all must be aware that I am glued to social media and online portals since 2010. You can also say I used to haunt these portals deliberately earlier to know what they are up to or would there be any deal available that could tempt me , Or any other information that could help me groom myself.
In this desire of learning and temptress I came across terminology “Subscription Boxes/ Bags “. Which at first seemed a rocket science and confused me as well, because earlier subscription as a word was only used in context of magazines or New papers. But later on I get to know that this is one  of the finest m…

Giveaway in Association with Plum Goodness

Hello Everyone,

First of all Thank you so much guys for Showering your love and support on Views and Reviews By RajVinder blog . It is because of your Love and support This Views and Reviews By RajVinder has made a mark in  people's heart and saw footsteps of over 3000 in less then two months from its inception.

Hence to continue this love and support and to extend my family further , Here I present a giveaway in association with Plum Goodness as a token of appreciation and love for my Family members .

In Today's era where we are witnessing a rave of beauty brands , There are only few who are able to make a mark in our hearts. Out of these "Plum Goodness " is one  whose products not only beautifies you from within , but also introduces you to beauty of nature in the form of their chemical free solutions . I myself not only just love this brand but live by it and that is the reason its range is in my daily skin care regiment.

Today I feel fortunate By presenting you …

SaND For Soapaholics and it's Green Symphony Shampoo Slab

Damien Carney Says “ Hair is a very Emotional thing, if you do hair, you are touching the personality / tapping into the emotion of a person “Hair plays an important role in our overall personality isn’t ? Personally I never felt this way before I started noticing my own hair condition. I have always been a pony tail person .as Pony tail is one of the safest escape and takes only seconds to be made . But recently I started noticing that my love for pony tail has taken me through a toll . My head line from forehead started deseeding backwards and and my ill care due to busy life cycle has made my hair damaged and thinner, that looks dull. No matter how pretty dress I wear, till the time my hair are not managed my personality won’t come up the way as it should be.
Hence to safeguard myself from Hair misery and stop this continuing hair damage I explored and tried many of the hair care range , But all turned out to be duds; And fewer ones just worsened my situation .Though they say one …

Introducing SoulTree and SoulTree Indian Rose with Cooling Vetiver Shower gel

I personally feel that Today’s market has become so competitive and as a result a consumer is standing at profitable stage. Where they have access to variety of products at competitive prices that too of quality. For same occasion or reason we have an number of products example if you are looking for Soap then you will have a vast range of companies that will offer you Soap , and there are those companies too who decided to be unique and instead of offering you a Soap they offered you Shower gels or Body washes .
At first I never gave it a thought that why soap and shower gels being face of similar coin are still different , as both has a common purpose of cleaning our skin . But recently seeing a growing number of shower gels had attracted me towards them and finally I was able to know the difference between the two.
Soap or shower gel , What is the Big deal ?
As you must have read my earlier posts where in I stated that Soaps are made by combining liquid fats like vegetable oils wit…

Aster Handmade Luxury Soaps : An Introduction and their ALPHONSO Luxurious BarVire

Summer A season among all , where whatever you want to do , whatever you want to feel, one thing will remain common among population; and that is Desire to feel chilled from inside as well as outside. But apart from the sufferings in summers like Humidity and soar air level... we have some perks of summers as well. That varies from availability of watery fruits and vegetables to paving ways for Monsoon season. One of the Favorites from summers that I wait every year is Mango. A fruit whose an number of varieties are available to enjoy during summers .But my personal Favorite among all is Alphonso.I just love to have it during summers and before one pack vanishes I in-advance retains a fresh bunch of it. Alphonso circulates coolness in the body and makes us forget dreadful reality of summer altogether. But have you ever thought, What if instead of eating Alphonso we can get one to apply on our skin? Sounds weird yet interesting isn’t? Being a Alphonso lover I bet you will love to expl…

Summer Time is Healthy Time with Dabur Honey

Summers one of the most active season among the four which allows more liberty in terms of physical activities. Like in winters where your day won't be starting before 8 AM, summer is a Season where Day starts at 5 AM. In summers 24 hours are qualitative 24 hours which are more productive and influences our lifestyle significantly .

Personally i just love summers as in summers activities like swimming , exercises , market visits etc are much more convenient as compared to winters.An individual feels much more active in summers as zeal to do something and to achieve is much more higher in summers then in winters .Where in Laziness takes a back seat and activeness becomes integral part of life .
Winters being a time where  layers of fat can be hidden under woolen clothing that too with confidence, Summers on the opposite is a time where no matter how hard you try you wont be able to hide the fat gained in tempt and negligence ,which somewhere down the line diminishes your personali…