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Introduce your Taste Buds to luxuriously enriched Hokey Pokey Ice Creams

Happiness, an expression that is priceless but is worth a million to experience.. Happiness is indulgence of heart and Soul that lifts one’s spirit to a greater heights and makes one realize how worthy little things in life are. Happiness sees no Bad, All it sees is goodness. This is why I believe The pleasure which we most rarely experience gives us greatest delight. But as every single living soul or object in earth has two aspects , one in favor and one in against …Same goes with happiness too. We have pain and boredom as enemies of happiness .But as stated happiness is an expression that sees no boundaries , even when Boredom or Pain surrounds , there is a light sneaking out somewhere that paves way to happiness .

Happiness being a sense of activity  can be searched for in many ways .Some seeks happiness from within in the form of mediation , where as some seeks it from outside by indulging into things they love the most. Some prefer to talk, some prefer to listen to music …But there are people like me who are born with a sugar coated teeth and for them only way to seek happiness is indulging selves within the heavenly taste of Ice Creams. Yeah You read it ice creams , Only savior to me that helps me turning off all negative emotions and lifts cheeriness and Positivity within me .. I don’t know why but whether it is Break up Dilemma or Boss’s shout out …only savior to me under these drastic scenarios is Ice Cream .

Summers Being a Season of Love and haltered Both gives me one of the strongest reason to have one that too if feasible daily :P . After Mangoes and Alphonsos I believe Ice Creams are the only Product that I desperately wait for to have during this blissful season . No matter how bad or complexed day I had , or even a deadly argument I had takes a scoop of ice cream to melt away all the chaos .Hence as a result my love for this Soulful delight has introduced me to a brand that beholds the art of making soothing yet experimental cuisine  that sees nothing but the best and gives an unexpected pleasure with its delightful range of flavors . With this let me take an Opportunity to present to you “Hokey Pokey Ice Creams “. A brand that has changed my taste buds now and introduced me to luxuriously enriched flavors .

About The Brand
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Product in Focus

“Hokey Pokey Ice creams “The ones which would not only melt in your mouth but will take away your heart as well with their cute presentation and luxuriously enriched flavors which soothes your taste buds and makes you lost in its heavenly taste.

Some of the Finest Flavors of Hokey Pokey are :- 





















Price and Quantity :- Price starts at Rs.195/- onward for 500Ml Pack

Use By :- 9 months from the date of manufacturing .

Available at :- Click Here

My Experience

I personally believe that a desert can transform a normal meal into a memorable event . No matter how Big the occasion is or How Worst the situation is.. A right desert makes a way around during these times and takes one’s soul to a different state of mind. It not only calm your senses but gives an experience that brings one closer to self as at that very moment one just forgets everything and keeps on loosing self into the arms of luxuriously enriched and heavenly taste of food. Which authenticate the saying  of Being Food our basic need of living .

I believe as a body is incomplete and inactive without soul in it , in a similar way a food is incomplete without a perfect dessert in it . Hence my search of perfect desserts introduced me to “Hokey Pokey Ice creams “. Being an Ice Cream , At first I was skeptical about this brand and was thinking what this brand has that pothers don’t …But soon my perception got changed when I myself experienced Hokey Pokey.

I got to know about this brand during my experience of Being Juliet Subscription Box Review Here Click Here .

Being a beholder of Sweet tooth , I couldn’t help self and ordered one for self, While searching and exploring their website , I was excited but at the same time was not in a mood to go out and get it by myself.. but after seeing their “Buy Online” option … I just jumped on the sofa… I couldn’t  believe for few moments that ice-cream will be delivered to me at my address that too without any additional charges…Yippeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!  Convenient isn’t ?  as excitement of home delivery rested slowly …again  I came across something that raised my excitement level again :P ..and this time I drooled over their Flavors … Gosh can you believe they have 10 different kind of flavors .. I mean generally you either get boring vanilla , or strawberry or Mango …or if you get lucky then also chocolate …But here at Hokey Pokey things are not like ordinary ..The variety of flavors available is as unique as their Name itself. Entire range of Hokey Pokey ice creams tempted me drastically and I ended up trying 4 flavors instead of one. With their extinguished range of flavors , I really liked the cute triangular Pink colour tub packaging they offer .. I mean personally at the time of order itself..i made my mind of recycling these cute boxes either in the form of jewelry boxes or as Decorative pieces with slighter modifications .:) 

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Relive Moments of Joy With Zoomin

Memories are an expression that floats in our heart and touches our soul forever. They say if moments are fleeting, memories are permanent. We share our powerful memories so that they grow with time rather than fade, and as a result give us ability to celebrate and relive moments those moments of Joy and cheer  which are not only close to our heart but makes us laugh irrespective of our present situation.

As a human, we are blessed with ability to feel love, anger, ignorance, attitude ,ego and other attributable characteristics that we all posses .But out of all these most treasured ability is… to relive those memories that we create with passage of time . Memories that makes us laugh, memories that makes us forget our presence, memories that are still with us when people are not …memories a blissful journey that takes us to a different state of mind and makes us understand how valuable and beautiful life is.

So as memories are the expressions that are meant to be feel, what all do we do to keep them close to our heart or to recall them? Do we all maintain a diary that yes !!! this memory I have to remember at this time ? Or No !! This memory will be Stress buster  for me ? Answer to this question is NO, We are human , not a robot who  act or react the way we want to. But we can do one thing to make those memories last forever in our heart and mind By capturing those moments . Now many of you must be wandering that how could we capture a memory? But as With each passing time we are leaving behind some moments of joy , Some moments of Sorrow. Moments of Sorrow are like rotten tomatos that we all chuck out and throw in bin …where as Moments of joy are something that we want to keep and capture for our lifetime..Hence the best way of keeping these moments and memories close to our heart  is  Zooming those moments with the help camera. As I believe photos has its own way of communication .Where words becomes meaningless …photos says it all.

But is every photo is capable or efficient enough to capture those valued treasure of memories? Yeah I agree that it requires just a click of camera to capture that moment …But don’t you think that outcome of that click should be as pleasing and realistic as real moment / memory was.. Personally I believe that presentation of final outcome is as important and crucial as the capturing of that moment and that is the Reason today on this platform I take an opportunity to introduce you all to a sailor of souls , a traitor of memories ..Moreover a Brand who transforms our memories into a blissful saga that we could relish for our lifetime . Brand Name is “Zoomin”

About The Brand Is India’s Number one online Photo service, which connects people and their moments of magic and is known for gorgeous products shipped super-fast anywhere in India .Zoomin Team has their own state of art print and production center for consistently high quality products and fair prices.
What Brand has to say “Photos make for great conversations. That’s when the idea struck a group of us trigger happy geeks (and purveyors of cutting edge tech) for an online photo service – enabling conversations around engaging, high quality photo merchandise. There’s something to be said about sifting through a set of photo prints or leafing through someone’s story in photos, in the form of a photobook. Ethereal yet tangible, connecting you to a stream of emotions no matter how many times you handle the same set of photos or photobook”.

With Their website and apps They want their consumer to have the best online experience possible when it comes to photos.

That is the reason they follow A few guiding principles that has helped them:-

Product in Focus Has a wide range of products as in :-

1)Photo Books 

These Photo books showcases blissful journey of memories in the form of series  of  memories captured in photographs .

These books are available in three formats naming :-

Hard Cover  Rs .895/- Onwards , Flipbook Rs .249/- Onwards , LayFlat Rs.1800/-


This product of zoomin Showcases your most treasured moments in the form of big canvas portrayal  and is available in three formats :- Gallery Wrap Rs. 699/-onwards, Rolled Rs.399/- Onwards, Mounted Rs .699/- Onwards

3)Photo Prints

Showcases memories in the form of magnificent and realistic Photo prints. These Prints are available in various sizes and price range  Starts from Rs.6/-Per Print .


Transform your memories into posters with Zoomin Posters . These are available at Rs.149/-onwards


Wish to relive those moments of joy in each day of the month , then this product says it all .These calendars will hold a photo of your each month showcasing your moments of joy . These are available at Rs.295/- Onwards


Who says you can only view those memories me you can drink with them too ..with Zoomin Coffe mugs starting at Rs.249/-Onwards


Memories attracts.. this phrase is transformed by Zoomin into reality by presenting  these photo magnets available at Rs.129/-Onwards

8)Note Cards 

Wish to share your Moments of joy with someone special that too with expression of love and care then this product of Zoomin Serves the purpose .Available at Rs.425/-Onwards

9)Framed Prints 

 Now As we have a moment , but don’t know how to keep it right in-front of our eyes …then worry not , Get yourself this article from Zoomin ..A hassle free photo print beautifully framed in  cheerful colours like Red … Available at Rs.299/- Onward s.

Available at :- Click Here

 All those fan out there Enter this special code VARBR42TJ to avail flat Rs.100/- Off on your first order.(Valid on

My Experience of Zoomin Website:-
I still remember the time , when my dad used to held his camera and click some beautiful pics of mine during my childhood , and today when I look back… now I realize if he wouldn’t have done that , I couldn’t feel his love for me in his absence today .Photos says it all , and that’s what I believe in now …I really wish I could turn those pages of the past  and tell him how much I miss him , or love him..But on practical side I know …its not possible…Only thing which is possible now is to keep these treasured  memories safe and in sound tangible form and that is why my search of online portals lead me to Zoomin.Com and innovation which comes to me as blessing in disguise.

Recently I went to our first ever family Trip to Jaipur and For the first time I held camera in my hand and captured few of our moments out there. At first I thought it is okay to keep these photographs as phone or laptop specific only..Whenever I will be needing to see these..i will switch on my laptop and view it  ..But I was proved wrong here … when few days back I got the opportunity to see my Dad’s photos ,…Then I realized how much important it is to transform these intangible moments of joy into tangible format..And that is the time I decided to get my photographs printed..

Today I agree we are living in an era of smart phones, laptops and photographs are taken over by selfies..But trust me guys …seeing your photographs in printed format is much more worthy then seeing them daily monstrously on your phones or laptops .. If you need proof ask your parents to you all your child hood pics may be then you will realize what I am trying to express here..Holding those moments of joy has more weight age then virtually seeing them. And after realizing this I went to .

So coming back to, Placing an order at is very simple..all you have to do is to sign up with your Email Id and password, Select a product, upon selection of product upload a picture that you wish to print  on the product , make payment and your order is placed , as Simple as that.

Hence when you ask about my personal experience of it was like a cake walk to me , I was very much keen to get a accidentally yet perfectly clicked selfie of me and mom framed … But laziness and lack of time turned this task into a long awaited wish .. :P and one day when I came to know about Zoomin , I couldn’t resist self and finally placed the order for Framed Photograph .What i Did was , I created my account first , uploaded pic of mine on zoomin site , selected frame size and colour and volla !! My order was placed J .Ohh forgot to tell you that I placed my Order for 6*6 Framed Print . And Surprise !! Surprise !!  received my order from Fedex courier within 2 days … Isn’t fast guys ?? it took just 2 days or less then 48 hours in total to get the product being ordered to get delivered ..I mean I was totally taken by surprise due to such a great customer service and timely delivery. A Big Round of applause for Zoomin Team who is doing such a tremendous job here by serving their customers in timely or say before timely manner .
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Introducing "Cook Gourmet " A subscription that will transform your Kitchen

Hello My Lovely People,

How are you living in current weather? Enjoying it or cursing it ? May Be both. But personally I like this season …No! No! Don’t get panic; I am also human and understand what harshness this summer holds and showering upon us. But Personally I feel summer gives us more over a healthy lifestyle where in we can really turn 24 Hours a day into productive hours. During summers in -person I do wake up early at 8am and my day ends at 12 am, And during all these hours I try do something productive. Whatever new things I wish to learn, I always keep it for summers and try to learn it during this weather irrespective of Summer’s humid blessings.

So During this summer I decided to learn something that might seem normal to you guys but to me it is something that I never done before and Yes!!Trust me Even I don’t want to do at all, But with situation I believe it is a must for me  if we consider some emergencies :P And that something of mine is None other than “Cooking” :P. Yeah You heard it right !!!! Cooking !!! Now after reading this I believe many of aunty ji’s may be willing to slap me on this but yes it is True  that I don’t know how to make even a cup of tea till this age :P . My Mom always says that “Whatever you are enjoying at your father’s place, forget it you will be able to receive 1% of it at your would be Husband’s place “..This quote from my Mom is some sort of recording that always start snoozing when it comes to cooking :P .. But every time either I ran away or show myself as busy so that the snoozing stops: P  . But now I guess this snoozing has finally awakened me and now Thanks to the social media( My all time favorite Hobby :P ) I got to know a savior who has finally helped me overcome this laziness of cooking and encouraged me to learn this art with perfection and guidance that too at convenience of my Home..Need to know who?? Then read ahead.

About The Brand

Till Now after reading my Other blog Posts you guys must be aware that I am a big time social media lover. And I use this platform not only for chit chat but to learn and explore lifestyle , health and beauty segment . That is the reason I came across a brand during my latest research that changes my perception for cooking and made me realize that Cooking is an art from heart which if learned can turn your life into a different direction . So Here I take an opportunity to introduce you all with “Cook Gourmet “.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

“Cook Gourmet “ is a brand that encourages cooking with a twist .Cook Gourmet is established to make Gourmet cooking fun by delivering original , step by step recipes along with pre-portioned ingredients for consumers to enjoy gourmet meals .

Cook Gourmet’s Vision is to make cooking simple and fun .That is why they say that “ All of us enjoy good food and always aspire to cook something special, but most of us rarely do. Have you ever stopped and wondered at what has been preventing you from doing so? Have you been through the torturous experience of searching half a dozen recipe websites, blogs and YouTube videos but still finding yourself unable select that special recipe which works for you? Or maybe you were too lazy/tired to go out and shop? Or even afraid that what you cook may not turn out well? 

Cook Gourmet is here to help; we take care of everything right from helping you select a recipe to delivering its fresh ingredients fully pre-processed to minimize cooking time and effort, right at your doorstep. All you have to do is just spend a bit of your precious time cooking our exotic, and you’re ready to brag about your culinary skills to your friends and loved ones and have them marvel at the wonderful food you cook!”

Product is Focus

“Cook Gourmet Recipe Boxes “ Are the Boxes that contains ingredients required for preparing a specific recipe available on Cook Gourmet  Website . Each Week Cook Gourmet team brings a New Menu for their consumers Both Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian Cuisine. On referring these cuisine’s one can choose a particular recipe and can place order for it. This Cook Gourmet Recipe Box will have A to Z ingredients required to make that recipe. From vegetables to oils it will consist everything and will also have detailed recipe guide that includes each and every step required to make that recipe. 

Cook Gourmet team provides on daily basis from Tuesday to Sunday three delivery slots :-

Morning : 11 am to 1 pm
Afternoon : 3 pm to 5 pm
Evening : 7pm to 8:30pm

An orders can be placed till the beginning of delivery slot, for instance one  can place a order by 7 pm for the evening slot.

Once a consumer receive their magic box, they can easily refrigerate them for 3-4 days in case consumer is not planning to cook on the same day.

Cook Gourmet  Currently deliver in Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida. 

Available at :- Click Here

Price and Quantity: - Price for Vegetarian Cuisine starts at Rs .149/- Per Portion

                               Whereas for Non Vegetarian Cuisine Price starts at Rs. 174/- Per Portion.

How Cook Gourmet Works:-

My Experience

As I said , I am a big time lazy when it comes to Cooking , I never cooked till now and don’t even know how to make a cup of tea Properly .My Mom always barges me and taunts me due to this incapability and I always end up  listening  and avoiding  :P. Though with time I started giving it a thought that one day I will learn cooking , or at least before six months of my marriage :P Don’t get excited about my marriage here, When I said marriage I meant  whenever it would be on cards to be specific :P .

This thought of mine however now has blown away when I came across “Cook Gourmet “Thanks to social media of course. Recently when I was looking for various subscriptions Box’s I came across this name aka “Cook Gourmet”. At first I thought it is another Subscription box service but soon my perception was changed. I clicked on their site and soon got to know what Cook Gourmet is all about. Seeing their menu list for that particular  week tempted me so much that I ended up placing an order for myself without even thinking that I am a non Cook person .  Personally I felt a sense of charm that their website beholds.. Everything is so clearly interpreted and presented that even a Lazy look like me will be encouraged and tempted to try and cook their cuisine and that is the reason I also Ended up buying a cuisine and Thought of giving a shot to my Unskilled and un-brushed cooking skills which  are not at all present in me :P Sighhh

So when it comes to order placing experience at Cook Gourmet Website, It is very much simple . All one has to do is choose a recipe from their menu , Add respective number of portions like 2, 4 ,6 etc and place order by paying through online mode or COD. Best Part They Don’t Charge delivery Charges :D , Isn’t Great ? So No matter how much your order will cost it will come to you without any additional delivery charges or COD charges.

So Coming back to my Order I placed my order for “ Chickpea & Veggie Burgers with garlic Aioli and Potato wedges “  2 Portions and Kerala Exotic vegetable Stew with Basmati Rice “ 2 portions . I placed This Order on Monday but due to some urgencies I asked them to deliver it on Saturday and you know what ? They were so kind and polite enough to accommodate my request and within minutes they scheduled that order for Saturday. So ON Saturday this order was scheduled to be delivered to me in 11 am to 1pm Slot. And you know what I received  this order of mine on time ,so with this you can guess how professional and caring Cook Gourmet team is when it comes to treating their customers and meeting their expectations . One More thing I want to highlight here is about  the Delivery Person, Please pardon me for forgetting his Name at this moment , but that guy was so Humbled and polite that while acknowledging me He said “Namaskar Madam Ji” . I mean yeah it is Normal for us but his Namaskar madam ji and the way he handed me my order was something beyond words. I mean generally we don’t expect this much from company’s delivery persons , they just come and go like a robot , But this guy deserves a quick Well Done Tag  infused with a Big Thank you from my end, As he truly within these few moments of interaction managed to build a positive reputation of Cook Gourmet team in front of me . As personally I believe that a person carries a brand name with him/her , and the way he/she carries it ;shows  how valuable the brand is and how lovable and unconditionally loaded brand Person’s are .

 Chickpea & Veggie Burgers with garlic Aioli and Potato wedges 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Winner Of HandBag giveaway announced

Hello Friends 

On this Holy Day , Where Saawan Month has just begun , I would like to take an Opportunity to announce the Winner of the Giveaway , However At First , Would like to Thank each one of your from core of my heart to be part of my Family , If i would have more prizes , trust me guys i would have given each of you a prize , As for me This family means a lot , and i cannot see it tearing apart , For me all of you are at par , and that is why instead of choosing my own i chose winner with Random Org. 

" My Envy Box " Subscription Experience

Here comes July a month that tells about half of a year is gone and other half is waiting for us to be explored. To me this month brings a time of self analysis, and also helps me to understand what I have achieved so far and what are the things that require to be achieved.

So as part of my ongoing self analysis let me share with you something which is close to my heart. As till now you all must be aware that I am glued to social media and online portals since 2010. You can also say I used to haunt these portals deliberately earlier to know what they are up to or would there be any deal available that could tempt me , Or any other information that could help me groom myself.

In this desire of learning and temptress I came across terminology “Subscription Boxes/ Bags “. Which at first seemed a rocket science and confused me as well, because earlier subscription as a word was only used in context of magazines or New papers. But later on I get to know that this is one  of the finest market strategy in which a person by paying just a nominal amount can test few samples of products that varies from beauty to lifestyle . And if found suitable then in future can go ahead for full size products depending on their experience. Even after understating this concept I kept myself refrained from indulging or experiencing one for self , Not because I didn’t have the money but reason was simple. I was a Non Makeup person at that time :P ..You can say That till my Graduation I didn’t even apply a Kohl so using makeup was just out of the scope :P for me . But still being blessed with Learning Soul I kept a track of these subscriptions services.

However I must tell you at the very beginning this concept caught the market so strongly that it saw a flood of brands entering this segment, But with time only few can make their mark and rest of the other just vanished in thin air . Amongst these Subscription providers there was one Brand who had uniqueness in it , Instead of being totally makeup oriented this brand maintained a balanced box where in both beauty and skin care range was infused , and I believe that is the reason this brand today is considered to be a style statement . This Brand caught up with the masses and its boxes are today in my opinion are one of the finest and treasured  one’s .  

With this I would like to take an Opportunity to introduce you guys with The brand I just Spoke about “My Envy Box “. I still remember the days when seeing their picture on Social media used to make me envy the people who owned these Boxes. I used to feel like an isolated child standing outside a home, waiting to be welcomed.

They say Envy is wanting what someone else has and resenting them for having. This is what I tend to feel myself on seeing those beautifully curated and whole heatedly crafted boxes of treasures, And today finally after all these years I am holding it myself.

So  holding “My Envy Box” is my this year’s accomplishment , a dream that I always kept close to my heart . And always wished to turn it into a reality. I am living this moment of joy with excitement thanks to  my long time admiration “My Envy Box”.

About the Brand

My Envy Box is the leading discovery commerce platform. My Envy Box team is redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover , learn about , and shop for the best beauty , grooming and lifestyle products on the market .
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

My Envy box team is Delhi based Brand and launched their services in August 2013. They have bifurcated their website into three categories:-

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

My Envy Box has a gorgeous Loyalty program as well that rewards their consumers every time they shop, refer friends and give feedback on their monthly samples. These points can be redeemed on online boutique purchases.

Product in Focus

“My Envy Box” is a monthly subscription box service where in every month one will get a colorful beautifully crafted box filled with 5 trial sized products from top international luxury and prestigious brands delivered at your door step.
This Envy box can be purchased anytime during a month however shipment of these takes place with 12th to 14th of each month.

Subscription categories:- At present My Envy Box is available under 4 subscriptions classes .

  1 Month subscription for Rs.850/- (1 Box)
        3 Months subscription for Rs .2550/- (3 Boxes)
  6 Months Subscription for Rs .5100/- (6 Boxes)
 12 Months Subscription for Rs.10,200/- (12 Boxes)

At present they are running Discount offer where in 3 Months Subscription is available at Rs.2250/-

6 Months Subscription is available at Rs.4350/-

12 Months Subscription is available at Rs.8500/-

Available at :-  Click Here

Enter “ RAJKR15” To avail 15% discount on your subscription.

My Experience

Today I am feeling blessed, Not because I am holding this Box of beauty beyond words but because I am given an opportunity to showcase my love and admiration for a brand that I always wanted to have.When you achieve something that you always wanted , that feeling of achievement  can never be expressed in words but can only be felt . And today holding My own Envy box to me is like Achieving Grade A+ in Board Exam.

So here I present you My experience with Envy Box .

I placed my order around 5th of July, and chose payment mode as “COD”. Around 15th of July I received an email from team Envy revealing July Month’s sampler products, seeing that email made me fell from chair, realizing that my box is on my way soon with those revealed goodies in it. Next Day on 16th, My day started normally, that same routine woke up early in the morning, caught my cab for office, spent my day with work and returned home as usual. But On arrival there was a huge surprise awaiting for me,”My Envy Box” Yayyyyyy !!! Seeing it finally on the table made me forget all the tiredness and like a baby made me run towards it to hold it.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Giveaway in Association with Plum Goodness

Hello Everyone,

First of all Thank you so much guys for Showering your love and support on Views and Reviews By RajVinder blog . It is because of your Love and support This Views and Reviews By RajVinder has made a mark in  people's heart and saw footsteps of over 3000 in less then two months from its inception.

Hence to continue this love and support and to extend my family further , Here I present a giveaway in association with Plum Goodness as a token of appreciation and love for my Family members .

In Today's era where we are witnessing a rave of beauty brands , There are only few who are able to make a mark in our hearts. Out of these "Plum Goodness " is one  whose products not only beautifies you from within , but also introduces you to beauty of nature in the form of their chemical free solutions . I myself not only just love this brand but live by it and that is the reason its range is in my daily skin care regiment.

Today I feel fortunate By presenting you this giveaway where in you can not only experience however can benefit your skin with naturally enriched goodness of Plum. For this all you have to do is to participate in this giveaway .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Monday, 13 July 2015

SaND For Soapaholics and it's Green Symphony Shampoo Slab

Damien Carney Says “ Hair is a very Emotional thing, if you do hair, you are touching the personality / tapping into the emotion of a person “Hair plays an important role in our overall personality isn’t ? Personally I never felt this way before I started noticing my own hair condition. I have always been a pony tail person .as Pony tail is one of the safest escape and takes only seconds to be made . But recently I started noticing that my love for pony tail has taken me through a toll . My head line from forehead started deseeding backwards and and my ill care due to busy life cycle has made my hair damaged and thinner, that looks dull. No matter how pretty dress I wear, till the time my hair are not managed my personality won’t come up the way as it should be.

Hence to safeguard myself from Hair misery and stop this continuing hair damage I explored and tried many of the hair care range , But all turned out to be duds; And fewer ones just worsened my situation .Though they say one should not change their shampoos but I being in trouble made a hattrrick of switching one after another .AS no matter how worthy the shampoo was , I wasn’t happy with the results .Then I started exploring various online portals and stared looking for natural products as now I was not in situation to take any more risks …And during my search I came across SaND for Soapaholics. Though at first I thought it as a shopping site dedicated for all the shoppers:P but on re-eading I get to know that this website is made for Soap lovelies . “SaND to some seems like only a name but for me SaND for Soapaholics turned out to be a SaND that can only be experienced and felt as with each layer it polishes skin and brings out the bestest and finest layer into existence .”

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

About SaND For Soapaholics

SaND is a passion , labour of love ; a revelation. SaND for Soapaholics was born in August 2014 by their founder and chief Crafter , Sangeeta ,whose years of painstaking research is available for us in the form of her precious range of products .

As we all have heard traditional maxim “ we are whet we eat “ . At SaND for Soapaholics  they have modified it and believes on “ We are what we use “.Our skin deserves only the best , and it is for this reason SaND team uses a combination of edible and medicinal plants that repair, nourish and maintain skin health , to make their safe , pure and highly effective products. “Meticulous care and innovation distinguishes everything SaND team does “

SaND for Soapaholics ‘s entire range of products is made from scratch from infusion of quality ingredients to mixing, bending , curing and packaging everything is done with their own hands ,and that is the reason when a consumer buys a SaND product , they get hooked with it.

Product in Focus

SaND for Soapholics ‘s range of products include Natural artesian soaps, Moisturizers , Body creams , Shampoos , Conditioners etc.Inspired by traditional Indian home remedies for skin care ,their creations contains ingredients like fresh ground nuts , fresh turmeric , finger millet , gram flours and several other such skin friendly ingredients available in most Indian kitchens and gardens . 
Today from their luxurious range I am going to talk about their “ Green Symphony “ Shampoo slab.

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Every 10gm contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (64.59%),Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao)(2.52%), Henna Leaf Ext.(Lawsonia inermis)(2.52%), Ess. Oil blend of ginger Rhizome (Zingiber Officinale), Pepper fruit(Piper nigrum), Cedarwood (Cedrus Deodara),Jasmine Flower (jasminum grandifilorum)(1.60%), Jojoba Oil ( Simmondsia Chinensis )(1.01%) , Phenoxyethanol (0.50%). SLS

Now After Reading SLS many of you must be wandering This product is not Chemical Free , But  the Reason behind inclusion of SLS is because the essential use of a shampoo is to cleanse. The Brand has included other wonderful oils, butters, herbs and essential oils in it, which ensures that Green Symphony cleanses, as well as delivers the moisturizing and the humectant properties of its other ingredients. SLS is derived from coconut oil, which is considered an indispensable ingredient in many skin care and hair care products. SLS has surfactant and cleansing properties and so is a common ingredient in many personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. There are no side effects from using products with SLS as the main ingredient - there are a small number of people who may show mild skin irritation to SLS, but this is true with almost any ingredient, even fresh fruits.

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Price and Quantity: - For 75gm Rs.450/-
                                For 100gm Rs.600/-
                                For 200gm Rs.1200/-

Available at :-, For more Click Here  

Shelf Life: - 1 Year from the date of packing.

Recommended for: - All hair types .

Directions to Use:-

Wet your hair; Rub the bath through the hair few times. Give the bar a quick rinse and keep aside. Rinse your hair thoroughly.

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My Take

I came across this Brand through social media a few month back, and what I liked about this brand is their simple and realistic approach that reflects in their products. When you view their website you won’t come across those fancy and overhyped packaged products on the contrary you will come across the products which are truly handmade and their appearance  proves that they are made with natural ingredients. I really liked their concept of showcasing range of products in those small tubs. After seeing their range, You will definably feel confident about their claim of natural handmade stuff .
I mean I would like to give this brand 5/5 for being so true to their consumers and bringing products that not only seems wonderful and tempting but also have the caliber to live up customer’s expectations.
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As I stated after seeing their website I was impressed by their uniqueness and presentation .On search I decided to try something new for self and ended up buying “ SaND for Soapaholics ‘s Green Symphony Shampoo slab.

Many of you must be wondering about Shampoo Slab, aren’t you guys ??

Even I myself wondered when I came across this Shampoo slap, and re-read  it :P . We all are aware of liquid shampoo’s that we have used till date , and many of us are now becoming aware of Dry shampoo’s as well. But Shampoo Slab?? I mean I never heard about it till the time I came across SaND for Soapaholics.

So to curb everybody’s increasing anxiety , Shampoo slab is like a Hair soap which is used at par with our own liquid shampoo’s .; and like counterparts Shampoo Slab’s purpose is take care of hair by cleansing them.
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But what makes this Green Symphony Shampoo slab different from our existing Liquid shampoo’s?

I have one word to answer this question and it is “Results “. Yes you read it correct the strongest factor that makes Green Symphony Shampoo slab win over shampoos is its ability to give results. No matter for how long you use it , How frequently you use it ,This Shampoo slab will not only clean your hair but also make them Healthy and shiner from the very first wash.I mean tell me is your shampoo is paraben  or chemical free ?? I bet its not. Is your shampoo makes your health smooth even after drying? I bet NO. Is detangling your hair is job after shampooing? I bet Yes . and last but important question , is your shampoo is giving you desired results like healthy, shiny hairs , less hair fall , dandruff and damage free hair ?? Again I bet NO.

After self answering of all above questions let me now take the opportunity to introduce you guys with this SaND for Soapaholics ‘s Green Symphony Shampoo. This shampoo is first of all free from all Paraben and other chemicals which makes it a biggest savior to try on without any second thoughts ,  as in general they say one should never change their shampoo’s frequently …But when you are using a natural ingredient enriched shampoo this thought won’t give you nightmares . Apart from this factor here I present my personal experience of using this product.

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This  “SaND for Soapaholics ‘s Green Symphony Shampoo” slab is of Light brown colour soft textured Triangular shaped soap with a mesmerizing soothing fragrance that will tempt you to eat it literally . I received this in carbon box which while opening gave me this unforgettable subtle jasmine and cedar wood scent .And yes !!a special mention about the texture, when I say soft I mean it , it is soft.I accidently pressed it with my thumb and it literally kind off pressed downwards , which gives their stand of being natural and using homemade ingredients a thumbs up and confirms their authenticity , and made me go gaga over them . In an excitement I used this product on the same day of receiving and used it as directed. I wet my hair and rubbed this soap all over my hair. Being owner of mid waist length hair; it took just a few second to create a lather .On lathering I could feel my hair getting softer and smoother very quickly and that fragrance of it started lingering through my hair ,and stayed with me after rinsing as well .After Rinsing my hair as I stated my hair didn’t face any trouble of tangling which unusually happens when we use  shampoos . On the way of drying I still felt my hair were smoother and softer but as in general when your hair gets dried , smoothness and softness also evaporates ;So I kept on waiting for complete drying of my hair. And after my hair got dried, I felt my hair becoming luxurious, smoother and softer enriched with blessings of healthiness for the first time. This Shampoo slab entered my life as a savior to safeguard me from hair miseries.

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This Green Symphony shampoo slab by SaND for Soapaholics is a tight slap to all our hair miseries and issues. As a result Gives a pleasant, Luxurious exposure to our hair which makes our hair relive by becoming healthy and free spirited , and encourages  an independence to experiment with our hair as much as we can in terms of styling and coluring as at the end we know we have a savior at our home in the form of this Green Symphony . and why only home it can be best companion even on way to a tour J without any worries of special packaging or spillage .I feel cherished to rate this product 4.9/5 as it fulfills all the parameters .

Introducing SoulTree and SoulTree Indian Rose with Cooling Vetiver Shower gel

I personally feel that Today’s market has become so competitive and as a result a consumer is standing at profitable stage. Where they have access to variety of products at competitive prices that too of quality. For same occasion or reason we have an number of products example if you are looking for Soap then you will have a vast range of companies that will offer you Soap , and there are those companies too who decided to be unique and instead of offering you a Soap they offered you Shower gels or Body washes .
At first I never gave it a thought that why soap and shower gels being face of similar coin are still different , as both has a common purpose of cleaning our skin . But recently seeing a growing number of shower gels had attracted me towards them and finally I was able to know the difference between the two.

Soap or shower gel , What is the Big deal ?

As you must have read my earlier posts where in I stated that Soaps are made by combining liquid fats like vegetable oils with an Sodium Hydroxide .These liquid fats gets turned into soap by reaction with sodium hydroxide .During this process the sodium hydroxide and water evaporates leaving behind the awesome soap. Where as shower gels on the other hand contains some basic ingredients (often sodium laureth sufate) and betaines , the chemical component that help it all stick together . 

So what makes Soap and Shower gel different?

Shower gels have a stronger formulation in terms of combining essential oils, fragrances and Vitamins .Moreover shower gels are helpful in terms of keeping bathroom products away from common use and contamination. From the perspective of making a savings, soaps present greater chance of wastage due to moisture or when left in a wet soap – dish. In Comparison, shower gels are without such hassles .On the top of all , Soaps are more likely to leave skin dry and hence more vulnerable to allergic reactions and developing itches .In comparison , shower gels tend to create a thin, invisible film on the skin that prevents eliminating too much moisture from the skin.

After knowing and considering all above facts I explored various shower gels . But Personally when it comes to trying a New Product Type, I always prefer going for organic and natural ones . As By doing so I feel assured that though I am experimenting…. if it won’t benefit me okay agreed, But on contrary it won’t be able to damage my skin any how.  Hence my search for shower gels landed me to “SoulTree”.

About The Brand

SoulTree is India’s first and the only range of certified natural beauty and personal care products developed by Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt.Ltd. The products are crafted from ingredients of natural origin , using natural oils and carefully selected Ayurvedic herbs which are grown organically or wild –crafted in the Himalayas. SoulTree products carry the assurance of BDIH seal, the German Hallmark for natural beauty products. In addition to the organic Ayurvedic hebs , these natural origin ingredients are derived from natural sources through strictly regulated processes to ensure that synthetic and harmful ingredients do not make their way into the products . No artificial colours, fragrances or harmful preservatives are added. SoulTree products are free of Parabens and silicones.

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Every SoulTree Product comes in complete transparency and lists all the ingredients on each product label to allow customers to make an informed decision. SoulTree offers a wide range of Skin care, Hair care, Bath care and Beauty products available across the country in stores that stock organic and natural products.

USP of SoulTree

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SoulTree Product Range

SoulTree has diversified their product range into Four segments :-

·         “Amrita “ Ayurveda for Radiant skin which comprises Facewash, Cleanser, Moisturiser , Under Eye Cream , Lip balm , Anti Wrinkle Cream and Anti aging oil.

·       “Keshava” Ayurveda for healthy , lustrous oil Which comprises Hair Oil, Shampoo and conditioners.
·         “Ananda” Fragrant , Ayurvedic bath care Which includes Shower gel.

·         “Mohini” Ayurveda for Beauty and Grooming include Colour Rich lip colours and Colour Kohl

Product in Focus

From Luxurious range of SoulTree the product that i am about to review is from their “Ananda” range naming “SoulTree Indian Rose with Cooling vetiver shower Gel “.

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Aster Handmade Luxury Soaps : An Introduction and their ALPHONSO Luxurious BarVire

Summer A season among all , where whatever you want to do , whatever you want to feel, one thing will remain common among population; and that is Desire to feel chilled from inside as well as outside. But apart from the sufferings in summers like Humidity and soar air level... we have some perks of summers as well. That varies from availability of watery fruits and vegetables to paving ways for Monsoon season. One of the Favorites from summers that I wait every year is Mango. A fruit whose an number of varieties are available to enjoy during summers .But my personal Favorite among all is Alphonso.I just love to have it during summers and before one pack vanishes I in-advance retains a fresh bunch of it. Alphonso circulates coolness in the body and makes us forget dreadful reality of summer altogether. But have you ever thought, What if instead of eating Alphonso we can get one to apply on our skin? Sounds weird yet interesting isn’t? Being a Alphonso lover I bet you will love to explore the latter option , And So did I .When I came across a brand this summer , whose Bath bars are making people crazy with its variants like Alphonso , jasmine and rose etc I couldn't refrain my self from getting one and as a result today on this platform i would like to share the joy and I take the Opportunity to Introduce you all with “ Aster Luxury bath Soap Bars “.

About Aster as a Brand

Aster is a Delhi Based brand who deals in manufacturing Luxurious handmade bathing bars, Whose Luxury handmade bathing bars are premium bating soaps which are designed for those who nourish their skin naturally. Aster Bathing bars are blended for enhancing specific skin types, as every individual’s skin is not the same. These luxury soaps are skin healthy, soothing and provide natural protection to the skin . Aster bathing bars retain all the possible benefits of herbs and essential oils.
Aster Luxury Handmade soaps use natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, castor Oil, Myristic Acid etc.

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The essential oils and fragrances used in aster bathing bars are sourced from authentic manufacturers
 and used only after going through stringent quality control methods. Aster handmade soaps use strong percentage of essential oils thus the fragrance lasts much longer.

USP’s of Aster Luxury handmade bathing bars

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Product in Focus

What brand has to say “Aster Luxury Alphonso Soap bar is made with highest quality natural ingredients, essential oils and extracts. This Soap bar gently cleanses the skin and maintains the skin moisture. Subtle fragrance of this soap bar is excellent for settling your nerves .Aster Luxury handmade soaps doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and are 100% vegan. All of our bathing soaps good for all skin types. We say NO to Paraben, Phthalates and animal testing”. 

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Summer Time is Healthy Time with Dabur Honey

Summers one of the most active season among the four which allows more liberty in terms of physical activities. Like in winters where your day won't be starting before 8 AM, summer is a Season where Day starts at 5 AM. In summers 24 hours are qualitative 24 hours which are more productive and influences our lifestyle significantly .

Personally i just love summers as in summers activities like swimming , exercises , market visits etc are much more convenient as compared to winters.An individual feels much more active in summers as zeal to do something and to achieve is much more higher in summers then in winters .Where in Laziness takes a back seat and activeness becomes integral part of life .

Winters being a time where  layers of fat can be hidden under woolen clothing that too with confidence, Summers on the opposite is a time where no matter how hard you try you wont be able to hide the fat gained in tempt and negligence ,which somewhere down the line diminishes your personality and attire leading to lower confidence and self esteem.

Hence when the transformation from winters to summers starts some people tend to start looking after them selves and try and implement various methods to get that fat flab into shape . Some chose to do exercises  where as most of the people being a strong believer in short cuts takes the road of crash diet.

Now question arises what is Diet ?

Diet is intake of food by a person and affects one's fitness , health and Nutritional levels.
A diet can further be classified in to two types :-
Crash Diet
Healthy Diet

Crash Diet :- Crash diet is a diet in which lacks nutritional components and instated of making your self strong from inside it effects outer layer of the body only , resulting in temporary weight  loss with adverse affects like weakness, Bone density crisis , Hair fall etc.

Healthy Diet :- where as healthy diet incorporates all the nutritional requirements of the body and while making it look fit from outside it makes inner body stronger .

Crash Diet Vs. Healthy Diet

Crash diet gives results instantly but body can never sustain it for longer duration as a result situation of body will get worse where in if one follows healthy diet.. though results will take time to get visible but what ever the result be, their impact will sustain for longer duration. One can not become a Doctor in a day , it requires 5 years of intense study and hard work. In a same way your body can never be identical to our legendary actors . It requires slow and steady steps like a healthy diet .

So no matter what age group you belongs to ,a Healthy body is all that one requires and if a healthy diet is taken carefully and religiously no one can stop you from getting into the shape and living a healthy lifestyle.

One should also note that mere exercises is not the only solution to get into the shape , it is said that out of 100, 80% weight age  is given to diet where in only 20% weight age is given to Exercises .
Hence if your diet is Healthy then you are healthy .

So to make your diet healthy , do we need a fancy products and medicines ?? Answer is a Big No.
Healthy diet doesn't mean you have to go out of your scope and start eating all that fancy stuff that claims to be a healthy snack ,all it requires is look into your kitchen and switch of certain habits that you have developed over the years .

As healthy diet is against artificial intake , it encourages you to substitute sugar . Now why this Sugar ? I usually have a cup of tea in a day , How could sugar be responsible in making me fat ? isn't people ? But to answer this, all i have to say is... "Sugar " is not a pure form of sweetness , it come to our homes after going through a religious  process where in its sweetness keeps on deteriorating and calories keeps on increasing , as a result it is one of the most common fat booster. So no matter how healthy diet you take till the time your sugar intake is not controlled , your health will be at stake .