Monday, 20 July 2015

Winner Of HandBag giveaway announced

Hello Friends 

On this Holy Day , Where Saawan Month has just begun , I would like to take an Opportunity to announce the Winner of the Giveaway , However At First , Would like to Thank each one of your from core of my heart to be part of my Family , If i would have more prizes , trust me guys i would have given each of you a prize , As for me This family means a lot , and i cannot see it tearing apart , For me all of you are at par , and that is why instead of choosing my own i chose winner with Random Org. 

So Winner of the Giveaway is "Ankita Agarwal" , A big Round of applause for our winner :)

Ankita Request you to please email me your details within 24 hours else i would have to choose another winner .

And Others Please don't loose hope , You still have chances as there is Plum Giveaway going on and apart from it there are few which will be revealed next month onward , So stay glued and please forgive me if in-case i hurt anyone out there... For me you all are winners Guys !!!!

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