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Johara Cosmetics and My Makeup Look featuring Johara

They say "Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder ".Do you agree ? I believe most of us will agree to this quote .However i would like to add something to it . I think Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder specially than when beholder posses a Natural and healthy appeal .When i say Natural and Healthy, it means that one should be able to carry self confidently with their own skin rather than putting tons of makeup and than feeling confident in presenting self .There shouldn't be any shield to show the real beauty .

But in today's demanding world being confident into your natural skin is possible ?? Yes !! of-course , But only than when one is taking care of skin from within that too regularly .As usually we buy lot's of makeup to hide our flaws but how many of us actually try to eradicate those flaws ?I believe only few .As for some there is an excuse of  lack of time and for some there is genuine case of lack of awareness about brands or products that produces produc…

" " Place where Heart touches Souls

When we talk or hear about Nature , First thing that comes in our mind is flowers and that too not the only one , a garden full of flowers and trees isn't it ? I believe many of you might agree to it . How does that feel , I mean think for a second that you are sitting in the garden filled with colorful flowers and trees and enjoying the chirping sounds of birds . Amazing feeling right ?? Now for a second imagine your phone is ringing , you are in a middle of office crisis and your family is constantly bothering you at the office , Now how does this feels ? Frustrated :P
So what if amidst of all your day to day crisis , you can feel one ray of sunshine that too at your doorstep or at that time when you really need a break ? I believe everyone in today's scenario needs to feel that one ray of sunshine that could give you that same amazing feel that you just felt in dreamland of your thoughts .This is why today we are witnessing various conceptual gifting associates that unders…

My Online Shopping Haul of Handbag and Footwear From " "

"I have enough amount of shoes and Handbags, Says No Women "!! Exactly :P .I Believe entire female fraternity inherits this saying within their genes and as a result has the tendency of getting bored with their existing belongings :P. May be this is the reason now people say " If you want to be a millionaire enter into Men accessories Business , where as if you want to be a billionaire  than you need to enter Women fashion ".Being a women that too career oriented one fuels this desire even more :P 
Every Day when i travel to office , i see an number people .some carry themselves in style where as some carry themselves as an average .But when it comes to girl fashion ..Oh boy!! than i am the one who always tend to get impacted after seeing elegance and style of others . Personally What attracts me more are two things Bags and footwear .I just love to collect them .But lack of time and busy schedule has shrieked this desire of mine to certain extent . But Thanks to o…