and it's unique Gifting concept for our beloved People out there :)

Hello People

Today with this post I would like to bring a uniformity in my reviews and as a result presenting you all a brand that doesn't encourage smoking , However is established for all those people who cannot live without smoking :P .So even if  you are a person who doesn't smoke but lives in a circle of people who smoke , Than after seeing this post ,You are at an advantage of creating a special place in their heart by introducing them to this class apart Experience for them of course :P

Now people , please halt your assumptions about me being beloved of smoking spree . I my self don't smoke But in my daily life I do come across a bunch of people known or unknown whose life surrounds around Smoking .No matter how much busy they are , They won't be able to make a time break to east or drink but would defiantly and happily take a time break to smoke. So for all those passionate people of addiction we have this brand that transforms  people's Smoke love  into a classical yet edgy Saga and creates a world of wonders for them that too in a pocket friendly yet compact Form .

About the Brand is India's first and biggest smoking paraphernalia company's online head shop. Serving up some quality paraphernalia to ensure that a Person  have the perfect toke since 2011.

They  focus on making sure every drag is a smooth journey towards a better toke. Team at Slimjim, smoke and work very hard to ensure the accessibility of their  smoking essentials to customers in every nook and corner of India.
Product in Focus Offers a wide range of smoking paraphernalia and has also a unique gifting option for people who loves to smoke in the form of their "Slimjim Happy Box". Each month they create a unique collection of SlimJim Happy Box that differs from earlier one to a certain extent . 

What Brand has to say "Happiness filled in a box from the Slimjim stables. This box is the perfect gift for our smoking friends.  Be sure to inbox or mail the Team SlimJim the flavours one requires in the box or the team shall randomly send any flavours".

I received an October edition SlimJim happy Box with following contents 

1. 4 Slimjim Skins (2 Pink+2 Blue)
2. 2 Slimjim Big Roach Tips+ 2 Slimjim Small Roach Tips
3. 2 Cyclone Pre Rolled Blunt Wrap (Pineapple, Sour Apple, Blueberry, Mango, Peach,Cherry, Natural)
4. 2 Double Platinum Blunt Wraps (Kush, Blueberry, Gin & Juice, Cosmopolitan, Whiskey & Cola, Mojito, Chocolate)
5. 2 Slimjim Doob Tubes
6. 2 Slimjim Badges
7. 2 Slimjim Stickers

Price of SlimJim happy Box is :- Rs.500 /-

Available at

About My Experience

Apologies Guys , As i am Non Smoker , hence I won't be able to tell my experience of the same . But over all i just liked this unique concept of gifting hence this is the reason i am presenting you this post . So if you have a person in your life who smokes than this post my help you when you are in dilemma of choosing a perfect gifting solution for him/ Her :) Now i am leaving you with the pictures of the's happy Box.

SlimJim Badges and Stickers

Roach Tips

Slimjim Skins

Slimjim Skins

2 Double Platinum Blunt Wraps

2 Double Platinum Blunt Wraps

SlimJim Doob Tubes

2 Cyclone Pre Rolled Blunt Wrap

2 Cyclone Pre Rolled Blunt Wrap

Entire SlimJim Box Collection

Disclaimer :- Views and Reviews By RajVinder Doesn't encourage smoking . Hence this post is purely made to provide information to the audience and not for any sort of encouragement .This is a PR Sample .


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