Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor "An Unspoken Story to be Revealed "

There is a saying " Practice makes a person perfect " . But with changing time I believe now it should be " Presentation makes a person perfect " in the eyes of the society . Accept it or not , It is the ground reality we are dealing with . And no matter how tight your schedule is or how busy your life turns out to be , one has to look presentable all the time .

But is looking presentable is a cake walk ? Answer to this Question is Big No!!! It requires time and proper caring of self . Again living in time poor society makes this goal even more tougher Isin't it ? So what should be done ? Bow down at your knees and let society question your presentation ? Or find some ways out to look presentable and give this society a tough job with your confident appearance . I believe second option is more appealing .

But as I earlier said being presentable is not a cake walk to take . It requires part of your grooming which starts with personal hygiene . And  whether you are a men or women we all have one very basic concern that takes most of our time and makes us crib all the time , and that is unwanted hair . No matter what you are wearing , how you are carrying a dress . Till the time your hair are at seeable condition , others would see you as weird. This specifically applicable to women out there who couldn't visit parlour to get their hair done  at that crucial time of their life where they had to look presentable .

Unwanted Hair is one crucial problem we all face and no matter how careful you are , you always end up getting one on one of the most important day of your life :P . Yeah it happens all the time with me atleast . Being a working girl , I only get time for self on weekends and spending those two precious days into parlour for this routine mess makes me crib all the time . And cherry on the top is my hair growth routine .Within three days of waxing , my hair has this sturdy habit of regrow . Yeah three days ...So that means every week I have to visit a parlour to get those removed from my arms and legs..Hell No!!!!! This is how I react to the situation every time and finally after getting my wax done in a week ,i epliate my hair very next week with an epilator .As I don't have such time to waste on those parlour visits and at the same time I cannot afford to show over my skin and ruin my presentability .

And may be this is the reason now we have various options in the market by certain Brands who understands our situation and catering our needs by inventing various products . In this series of my research I recently come across a Brand whose product is creating a rave in Indian market and has become a house hold name in this short span of time .So the Brand I am talking about is Barever which is sold by the Wet and Dry Group, Makers of intimate hygiene brand " Everteen".

A Brief about Wet and Dry Group

W&D believes in people, their decisions & choices about their life and understands that nothing is vague and absurd as far as it is dreamt and thought by an individual for making his life more convenient, enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling.
W&D respects people and their dreams of living life at fullest and we want them to ask for more & more from the life so that they achieve maximum out of their self without settling down with what they are offered and told at present.
And from the makers of Wet and Dry , Here is a revolutionary invention which is making a mark now a days and I am here to talk about . It is Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor .

About Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor

What Brand has to say "Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor is a scientifically designed formulation which gradually restricts the growth of body hair helping you achieve permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. The potent formula of Barever inhibits the follicle cell activity at the root level of hair and slows down the growth of unwanted hair so that you enjoy soft, silky and smoother skin for longer duration".

Suitable for :-

Barever can be used by both Women and men and is safe for sensitive areas .

Results :-

The continuous use of barever shall help one achieve
Permanent hair growth reduction
Minimum need for hair removal
Smoother skin for longer duration.

Direction for use :-

Remove hair from desired are using regular hair removal method.
Take enough quantity of barever and apply on that area
Massage gently until barever is absorbed inside skin
Use twice daily for five days after  every hair removal session
If one uses hair removal cream , than barever has to be used daily.


Natural Spring Water ( Aqua ) , Cetostearyl Alcohol , Carica Papaya , Helianthus  Annuus Oil, Glyceryl Mono Stearate , Caprrylic capric tri glyceride , Gymnema styvestre , Glycerine , Benzoic acid , Potassium Sorbate , Sorbic Acid , Natural Fragrance.
Price and Quantity :- Rs.1100/- for 80gm
Available at :-

My Experience

Being a victim of this Hair growth tendency , I always wanted to know ceratin way outs .with passing years those way outs included hair removal creams , Ready made Wax Stripes , Parlour visits , Eplilators .But all these failed specifically Parlour . I mean what is the point of spending your money on Wax when your hair will regrow within three days of the session arghhhhh !!!
I was literly fed up and that is why I left waxing and started using epilator at home .Which was atleast a comfort zone for me . But again busy schedules hampers this routine as well .So now what Laser ?? Hell No !!! As I don't want any such rays to touch my skin and make it look spot full instead of spotless :P

But I believe God must have heard my crying and finally made me come across this Revolutionary product that I never thought of existing. During my visit to mall I come across this Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor .I was surprised and sceptical to see it but word Natural and it's impressive ingredients list made me get one for self .But even after buying I was slightly unsure about it but soon I took it out and started reading it's description carefully. I was surprised to know that  Barever contains Carica Papaya ie Papaya Extract  which works on getting rid of unwanted hair by weakening the follicles of hair and prevents its re-growth when used regularly and It also contains Helianthus annuus seed oil is essential ingredient in formulas intended to help prevent moisture loss.After knowing about these two ingredients I finally made my complete trust on Barever .

In terms of packaging , Barever makes a elegant place . it comes in a black color cardboard packaging that consists all product related information .Black colour and combination if red and blue makes it look appealing .On opening the box I come across Sturdy black bottle that had dispenser in place, which dispenses exact quantity without any wastage .Over all Barever would definitely take one's heart with its elegant and effective packaging which makes it look classy and you know what the best part of this bottle is it's travel friendly appeal .It is so light weight that would definitely make one to carry it within bag itself .

If I talk about the real product ie Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor , Than in-terms of Texture , It is a white color creamy textured Lotion , that gets absorbed into the skin within seconds within few strokes that too without drying or causing skin irritation. Only a small amount is enough to cover most of the area. It doesn't feel stinky or heavier on the skin and makes skin breath which is quite surprising yet impressive .Within few moments of after application you won't feel it over skin at all .But at the same time skin feels smoother and  Softer and the best part you don't need to put on additional moisturiser as presence of Helianthus Annuus Oil does the moisturising job brilliantly that too with mild beautiful fragrance around .Though About Fragrance"I noticed that barever is reviewed by many girls but one common drawback was its horrible smell. The first thing after opening my barever I did was to smell it. To my surprise, it had extremely mild and pleasing fragrance. I was bit confused that why others have reported so much negative for its fragrance. Finally I did check with the brand and they informed the fragrance has been changed based on the generous feedback received from customers. Isn't is great that barever quickly responded to its customers by changing the fragrance. Now I can say that it is a perfect product without any negative aspects attached to it."

And now about the results, It's been two weeks since I started using this cream on my hands and legs , and surprisingly those three days are converted into six days :) which is a great achievement for me in this short span of time.I mean I didn't set such high expectations but atleast reaching to this much has definitely increased my confidence and happiness quotient and made me positive that Yes !!!finally with continues usage I may get desired result of complete hair removal that too naturally .Kudos to the team for creating such an innovative product that has become saviour for people like me and bringing a huge smile on our faces .

An Exceptional Brilliance is here guys i n the form of Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor. So don't wait more rush . Just take out your cards and order one for your self as Every one deserves Hair free days :)


Natural formulation
Paraben Free
Creamy smooth texture
Easily absorbs into skin
Doesn't stink, Non Sticky Formulation
Non- Comedogenic
Visible results with continuous usage 
Eradicates hair growth exceptionally
Value for ever single Rupee



"Let's Celebrate unwanted Hair free Days with Barever "  


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