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Chef in a Box , Gourmet Box Services

Hey People ,
Hope you are doing great , Since past I have been juggling in my personal and professional life , Hence couldn't give my time to blogging like I used to ...So pardon me for shortages in my write-ups ..I will try to present you all with more of my work in near future :) Meanwhile to continue with my Work, today I am presenting you a write up around Food subscription services which are becoming a trend now a days .And again seems to be a bliss for all the foodies out there .So without much wait let's hop in into the world of food subscription services from " Chef in a Box " .
Chef In A Box is all about ensuring each and everyone can be a Chef in their own right and bring alive their love for cooking. It is a collection of some of the finest chefs/bakers and their famous dishes at one place. They not only share secrets of their recipes for  cooking, but also help select what goes into it –the freshest, choicest ingredients that meet their ap…

Nelf USA Lip Definer Review

Hello sweeties ,
Hope you guys are enjoying These chilling winters to its fullest with peanuts and Tea in place :P . Personally I don't like winters as you always feel lazy and avoid leaving your bed in early mornings :P .But again cannot help it you know ... But even in these chilling cold weather there is one act that no women would miss even in winters ...I believe you all must have guessed it till now ... Those who are still not clear let me reveal this act's none other than makeup .

I am also the one who couldn't live without makeup and my interest for it is now growing even more . So today I am presenting you all with my latest haul of makeup . From past few days I was really looking to buy a perfect lip liner that could conceal my lipstick and provide a proper shape ..I read various reviews around but only the few could impressed me and today with this post I am sharing my most impressive purchase ,A lip definer from the house of Nelf USA .
About Nelf USA

Himalaya Herbals Strawberry Shine Lip Care Review

Hey Lovelies ,
Summers has finally knocked our doors ,So are we ready to confront it without any skin disorders or consequences ? I believe most of us would be already in the middle of rescheduling of their skin care , At least I am the one who has started the same . Hence in this spree today I am going to review another summer essential for you guys .
This summer essential  deals with a common phenomenon that makes most of us suffer and caused due to dryness and dehydration . The phenomenon I am referring to is dry lips people .No matter how much efforts you make , or how hard you try to escape , dry lips will always caught you in middle and will ruin beauty of your lips .Hence to safeguard self from it today I am going to review a lip care essential from the house of Himalaya .
About Himalaya Herbals Strawberry shine lip care
Himalaya's Strawberry Shine Lip Balm is the first lip balm which is formulated using 100% natural color in India. It is free from preservatives and petrole…

Winter care with Johara Amaranthus & Amazon Lily Body Lotion and Johara Instant Radiance Face Scrub

Winter is the only time when walking under sun seems a blessing than a disguise .But in the moment of enjoyment of this blessing we often tend to forget about our skin ..How many of you knows that during winters also you need to protect your skin from sun damage .Why I am sharing this is because I also used to be from the league who wasn't aware of this fact but soon I realised that in winters too our skin needs protection .And as a result now I have started using Moisturizers and scrubs during winters too :P .So today with this confession of mine ..Here I take the opportunity to introduce you all with two of my winter essentials that I swear by and feel pleasured while using the same :)
About Johara
Johara Cosmetics is a Brand presented to us by Sabinsa and Sami Group who has worked for over 25 Years to unlock the potential of herbs, extract its natural goodness and gift the world pure wellness. Johara® is the culmination of this on-going effort in Research and Development for …

Herbal India Derma Sunshine Blend Morning Cream Review and swatches

Hey People ,
Wish you all a very Happy New Year and Blissful year ahead .Hope Many of you must have decided or created some of your desired wishes that you would like to implement in 2016 . If you ask me than i am a person who has never taken New year this way though . But this year , I have finally decided to keep my self and my family as healthy as possible .Hence to bring this thought into action i presented my mom something that she never used before or can say was negligent towards it .It was her skin condition ..which she was ignoring since last few years due to her day to day home chores but finally this year i have decided to get her on her shoes and work towards her well being .And purchased her a product that is making a mark in Indian market since quite sometime .Need to know what i purchase ? Read ahead :)
About HerbalIndia
HERBAL INDIA PRODUCTS is an independent wellness products distribution merchant company in India dealing in health, beauty, herbal and wellness product…

Start off your New Year with goodness of Vedic Collection

Our Beauty deserves touch of nature rather than harshness of chemicals .I myself is a personal believer of this fact and this is the reason I always look upto those brands whose products lifts beauty of skin with sprinkle of nature. And in this series of search , Today I am introducing you all with a brand that has started it's journey way back in 2009 and at present has an exhaustive range of wellness products that brings awareness about the health and wellness associated with nature and how one should stick to the grounds .
About Vedic Collection
The Vedic Collection is totally committed to provide pure, natural, safe and effective products, thereby, enhancing and enriching the lives of all those they touch. 

All their products are handmade under strict quality supervision and are paraben, sulphate and chemical free and are not tested on animals. They use, only recyclable glass bottles for storing their  products to maintain its purity, as they are aware that plastic containers …