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Aster Avocado Handmade Bar Review

Hello friends ,
Today I am back with another product review which is from the house of Aster luxury soaps .You might have read my earlier soap reviews of Aster which I did during last year, and now must be aware of this beautiful brand .
They have transformed their packaging and also with this product in hand I can feel that the quality of product is also improved , earlier they had awesome products and this time they took their products towards excellence interms of quality as well as the packaging.
Personally I am just in love with their products and on receipt of this Aster Avocado soap in new renewed packaging , I couldn't control my excitement to try this out .wanna know how I felt about it ? Read this post ahead :)
Aster Avocado Handmade Bar
What brand has to say " Aster Luxury Avocado gently exfoliates dead skin from the body. This soap contains avocado extracts which helps to improve the skin condition. This soap moisturises and nourishes the skin and softens dry tig…