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" Health means Wealth ", Rightly said I would say .After experiencing my own Ill health that too for prolonged period. And finally by god's grace I am recovering from this creepy illness. After experiencing my inability to sit properly made my realize how our health plays an important role in our day to day life. If you are Ill you won't expect a world to see you around , all you expect is to get your health back . So did I and finally on my road to recovering mode Here is my another international Review that not only brought me closer to Nature's Healing power but at the same time made me fell for it's luscious range of products.

After experiencing shower gels and herbal soaps ,I was in search of using  liquid soaps as well , as I heard somewhere that liquid soaps posses moisturizers and essential oils that doesn't dry the skin as general soap does and as a result gives our skin desired amount of softness and makes our skin look healthy from within . And soon my search for the same ended when i come across Utama Spice .

About Utama Spice

Utama Spice is a traditional skincare company based in Ubud, Bali. Which focuses on applying ancient Balinese herbal knowledge to create products that not only enhance  skin’s natural beauty but also provokes mind to consider the raw power and beauty of nature.The Brand  do this by using only 100% pure natural ingredients.

All of their products are made by hand, never using binders, artificial colorants, preservatives or synthetics. They  started doing traditional skincare before “natural” or “organic” became the buzzwords they are today. Utama Spice never strayed from their focus. Meanwhile the skincare industry struggled to work out what we discovered over 20 years ago and the Balinese knew centuries ago. Team Utama Spice continue to find modern applications for traditional Balinese recipes, and still formulate all their own bases, formulas, and wellness products from the same wonders of the earth.
At Utama Spice Team understands that our skin is body’s biggest organ and should be treated as such. This is why when they make  products they  think of it as making food for the skin hence infuses their passion , care and experince in their products .

Available at :- UtamaSpice  

Product in Focus

I ordered two products from Utama Spice . One is "Utama Spice Lemongrass Energising Liquid Soap" and another one is "Utama Spice Temple Spice incense".

Utama Spice Lemongrass Energising Liquid Soap

What Brand says " Utama Spice Lemongrass liquid soap is all natural nourishing coconut soap , infused with lemongrass to help kick start your day by energising your mind , body and soul ".

Ingredients :-

Aqua , Cocos Nucifera ( Coconut) oil, Ricinus Communis ( caster ) oil , Potassium Hydroxide , Citric Acid , Cybopogon Citratus ( Lemongrass) Leaf oil.
Instructions to use :- Shake well before use.

Price and Quantity :- Rp.79.20 for 230 ml.

Utama Spice Temple Spice incense

What Brand has to say "Utama Spice's natural incense sticks are all created using locally sourced spices and herbs, lovingly hand rolled in a Balinese temple.Temple Spice incense was Utama Spice's first product. Taking two years to develop, it inspired more magical creations that respected nature, humanity, and the divine.This incense is a blend of flowers, barks, herbs, oils, nuts and spices using no synthetic or endangered plants. Wrapped in recyled paper. Handmade with fair trading and internature principles."

Price and Quantity :- Rp. 31.35 For the Set of 6 Incense.

Both these products are available at :-UtamaSpice  

My Experience

At first when I came across this Brand , I was amazed to realize How as a brand and we as a consumer has common belief in Nature's power . At Utama Spice their love and passion for Naturally enriched Ingredients and creating such unique recipes in the form of skin food brought me even more closer to them and as a result I couldn't refrain my self from getting their beauty here on Indian Earth.

Utama Spice has huge range of skin and personal care products that caters our day to day needs . From Body Oils, Hair Oils , Masks to Herbal tea , You name it and they will have it for you .I mean this is my first encounter with this Brand and since this very moment I wish to see their outlet in India or I could visit them at Bali by God's grace .Not because They are International but the way their products are created and presented is something that we rarely see ..I mean I can literally imagine their beauty and Purity of heart in the form of their products .I personlly realized the Meaning of "Our Body is Our Temple " After seeing their range of products ,Trust me !!!.Having said so as a result I  took the  privilege of the same and got my self Utama Spice Lemongrass liquid soap and Utama Spice Temple Spice incense for Home well-being .

This package came to me through Indian Speed post services within a week from Bali to India that too neatly packed and without any damage , Which actually I was afraid to .But things went well thanks to speedy services of  Indian Postal Dept .

When I opened my package I couldn't believe that I was actually holding these Two beauties in my hands . First thing I did was I sniffed their Fragrance and was surprised to see what I in real experienced and didn't expect of .

This Beautiful Utama Spics's Temple Spice incense took me by surprise by its Beautiful fragrance that was topped with A very mild yet long staying fragrance of certain spices which was pleasing yet had uniqueness of its own.

This fragrance is something that till date I never ever dreamed or even heard of .I believe it's going to be a lifetime experience for fragrance lovers .Perfect word to describe this fragrance would be "Exotica" .And this is the reason I kept this Box of beauty For Diwali Celebrations , So that we can all at home experience this mesmerizing Creation and enhance the beauty of ongoing celebrations.

Having Said So , How could I forget my experience with Utama Spice Lemongrass Liquid Soap .
This Beauty came to me in This classy Bottle that holds a black color Dispenser to it .Consistency of this Liquid soap is Runny and the USP that made me buy this product was it's freedom from Parabens, SLS, Mineral oils , Synthetic Fragrance and Artificial colorant.

Before Applying Utama Spice Liquid Soa
Drop of Utama spice Liquid Soap

And if I talk about it's Fragrance it's again a blend of herb and spices  which makes fragrance of lemon grass a unique yet an blissful affair to float into. If you refer the pictures below you will see how only few drops on the skin is enough to reach out maximum portion of skin.

Spread of Utama Spice Liquid Soap on skin
Application of Water over this Soap

I applied this on dry skin as a result it took less efforts to lather and at the same time was easy to wash  away but yes succeeded in giving desired results by making skin look  shiner and moreover clearer .
After cleansing it with water 
Hence those who are looking for liquid soaps that's too in budget and enriched with Nature's beauty , This Soap from Utama spices is a must try .

In Brief Utama Spice Products are the ones which understands Nature's True beauty and creates work of brilliance in the form of their products .And if you are a lover of fragrance than Utama Spice is a must for you to explore .I would give them 4.9/5 ranking .


  1. How much is this in indian rupees ?
    what was the shipping cost ??
    v.eager to try


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