BBLunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo A savior in Busy Schedule

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Do you ever feel tired of your monotonous routine and as a result wish to break the regular norms? Have you ever felt like living your true self but you couldn’t actually bring yourself to do it due to societal pressure? How about we try an unusual way of doing the usual? Sounds exciting,doesn’t it? But to walk this unusual path, it requires certain amount of experiment and a quirky idea. Can we implement such experiments and quirky ideas to our personal care regimen? 

We live in a society where presenting your groomed self is of high importance. The way you carry yourself defines your personality and creates an identity for you upon the onlookers.To lead yourself confidently and leave a mark,a great self-presentation plays an integral role. But do these presentation skills come to you overnight? The answer to this question is a big NO. It requires some time and a lot of care. But again in today's era where we all are victim of deadlines and time crunches, how should we take some time out for personal care? Tricky situation, isn't it? 

Worry not! Our beloved brand has a solution to the very situation described above. Today we have a number of products to fulfil all our needs, all it requires is a little knowledge of products and Voilà!Thanks to this ultimate technology called the Internet, you are up-to-date with grooming ideas on-the-go even in your busy schedules. So today let me introduce you all with this one revolutionary product from a brand that truly understands our need of presentation and time crunch phenomenon and has created some products which are a class apart, to comfort our needs and desires. 

BBLUNT - A brand that has turned out to be mysaviour onbad hair days, and has returned my healthy hair to me within a month with the help of its hair care & styling range.So today with this post i am bringing you closer to another one of their hair care  products that does wonders to your hair, and that too within minutes and without any hassle or tantrum and boosts a confident & bold personality hidden within you.Need to know what this product is?? Then carry on reading :)
About BBlunt 

BBLUNT s philosophy is “Its hard to find yourself in a world so obsessed with perfection, when in reality imperfection is what defines us. At BBLUNT , we believe the only person you need to look like is you”.

BBLUNT was founded by Adhuna Bhabani, who decided to make great styling her mission, in1998 she opens her first saloon in Mumbai and created a never ending journey of hair care and styling .In 2001 BBLUNT’s Creative Director Avon Contractor styled all the leads including Aamir Khan and Preety Zinta.

And till now BBLUNT has done 1 Million haircuts, and has 17 Saloons across India and UAE.

BBLUNT has created India’s first three-fold style system and in the year 2014,Experts at BBLUNT brought B SYSTEM, specially dedicated to Indian hair.

Product in Focus

BBLUNT Back to Life Dry Shampoo is a dry Shampoo brought to the Indian market with brilliance by the BBLUNT Team that boosts instant freshness.This dry shampoo (no water required) does a smooth job of absorbing excess grease &grime and revamps your hair within seconds.

Ingredients :- 

Micro-crystalline starch
Specially created for Indian hair.

Direction of Usage 

Shake well before use. Hold can in an upright position, six inches away from the hair and spray evenly, close to the roots. Leave on for two minutes. Massage and brush thoroughly.

Price and Quantity :- Rs.550/- for 75gm Ie 125ml
                                 Rs.250 for 30 ml

Available at :- All Leading Online Platforms like Naykaa , , Amazon , Flipkart. and at                           NewU outlets near you .

My Experience

I am already a big time fan and now a loyal user of BBLUNT Products. There could be no other proof to manifest this statement of mine than a review post of BBLUNT Intense repair shampoo and conditioner that I put out in the past that has done wonders to my hair. Since then I have absolutely adored BBLUNT products and have kept a tab on their products. To tell you honestly, before BBLUNT entered my life, I can't recall even a single shampoo or conditioner that worked for me the way this one did, and there was not even a single product left in the market that i had not tried. But my search and bad hair stories ended when i came across BBLUNTand its magnificent collection

Having said so , here with this post I present you all with my experience of BBlunt back to Life Dry Shampoo that did't let my exceptions down however risen them to a greater extent Now :)

This BBLUNT Back to Life Dry Shampoo comes in cylindrical shaped silver colour bottle with an outer cap in place.Packaging of this can is very sturdy and travel friendly which makes it an ideal companion on the go.I still remember when i first heard of this product i was bit sceptical about its results and outcomes but as it is from the house of BBLUNT I thought of trying it with confidence.So did this product manage to provide results?

Yes!!! It did that beautifully.All it requires is to spray it six inches away from your head and directed towards the roots. While doing so, get ready to experience a subtle perfumery fragrance that would sweep your heart away and will make you feel fresh.After a few minutes, all you have to do is flip your hair and that's it! You just had a nice smelling head wash without using even a single drop of water :D yes!! That’s correct, no rubbish, no bullshit.Quality of this head wash is at par with our usual water head bath and will also feel the same as this spray also sprinkles a certain amount of coolness to the scalp that removes all the grime, dirt and the little smell which usually develops due to moisture and heat.And the best part is, itdoesn’t even leave even a single trace of residue anywhere, neither on your clothes nor on your scalp.However, thequantity of spray will vary according to hair length and volume.

To conclude again a impressively brilliant Product from the makers of  BBlunt .A product that do the usual task in an unusual way and deserves 5/5 rank .It is worth a single rupee and do a complete justice in terms of quality and after usage results. A definite buy and best companion for on the go people :)

  Read My Past Review of BBlunt BBlunt Intense Moisture Review :)


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