" My Envy Box " Subscription Experience

Here comes July a month that tells about half of a year is gone and other half is waiting for us to be explored. To me this month brings a time of self analysis, and also helps me to understand what I have achieved so far and what are the things that require to be achieved.

So as part of my ongoing self analysis let me share with you something which is close to my heart. As till now you all must be aware that I am glued to social media and online portals since 2010. You can also say I used to haunt these portals deliberately earlier to know what they are up to or would there be any deal available that could tempt me , Or any other information that could help me groom myself.

In this desire of learning and temptress I came across terminology “Subscription Boxes/ Bags “. Which at first seemed a rocket science and confused me as well, because earlier subscription as a word was only used in context of magazines or New papers. But later on I get to know that this is one  of the finest market strategy in which a person by paying just a nominal amount can test few samples of products that varies from beauty to lifestyle . And if found suitable then in future can go ahead for full size products depending on their experience. Even after understating this concept I kept myself refrained from indulging or experiencing one for self , Not because I didn’t have the money but reason was simple. I was a Non Makeup person at that time :P ..You can say That till my Graduation I didn’t even apply a Kohl so using makeup was just out of the scope :P for me . But still being blessed with Learning Soul I kept a track of these subscriptions services.

However I must tell you at the very beginning this concept caught the market so strongly that it saw a flood of brands entering this segment, But with time only few can make their mark and rest of the other just vanished in thin air . Amongst these Subscription providers there was one Brand who had uniqueness in it , Instead of being totally makeup oriented this brand maintained a balanced box where in both beauty and skin care range was infused , and I believe that is the reason this brand today is considered to be a style statement . This Brand caught up with the masses and its boxes are today in my opinion are one of the finest and treasured  one’s .  

With this I would like to take an Opportunity to introduce you guys with The brand I just Spoke about “My Envy Box “. I still remember the days when seeing their picture on Social media used to make me envy the people who owned these Boxes. I used to feel like an isolated child standing outside a home, waiting to be welcomed.

They say Envy is wanting what someone else has and resenting them for having. This is what I tend to feel myself on seeing those beautifully curated and whole heatedly crafted boxes of treasures, And today finally after all these years I am holding it myself.

So  holding “My Envy Box” is my this year’s accomplishment , a dream that I always kept close to my heart . And always wished to turn it into a reality. I am living this moment of joy with excitement thanks to  my long time admiration “My Envy Box”.

About the Brand

My Envy Box is the leading discovery commerce platform. My Envy Box team is redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover , learn about , and shop for the best beauty , grooming and lifestyle products on the market .
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

My Envy box team is Delhi based Brand and launched their services in August 2013. They have bifurcated their website into three categories:-

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

My Envy Box has a gorgeous Loyalty program as well that rewards their consumers every time they shop, refer friends and give feedback on their monthly samples. These points can be redeemed on online boutique purchases.

Product in Focus

“My Envy Box” is a monthly subscription box service where in every month one will get a colorful beautifully crafted box filled with 5 trial sized products from top international luxury and prestigious brands delivered at your door step.
This Envy box can be purchased anytime during a month however shipment of these takes place with 12th to 14th of each month.

Subscription categories:- At present My Envy Box is available under 4 subscriptions classes .

  1 Month subscription for Rs.850/- (1 Box)
        3 Months subscription for Rs .2550/- (3 Boxes)
  6 Months Subscription for Rs .5100/- (6 Boxes)
 12 Months Subscription for Rs.10,200/- (12 Boxes)

At present they are running Discount offer where in 3 Months Subscription is available at Rs.2250/-

6 Months Subscription is available at Rs.4350/-

12 Months Subscription is available at Rs.8500/-

Available at :-  Click Here

Enter “ RAJKR15” To avail 15% discount on your subscription.

My Experience

Today I am feeling blessed, Not because I am holding this Box of beauty beyond words but because I am given an opportunity to showcase my love and admiration for a brand that I always wanted to have.When you achieve something that you always wanted , that feeling of achievement  can never be expressed in words but can only be felt . And today holding My own Envy box to me is like Achieving Grade A+ in Board Exam.

So here I present you My experience with Envy Box .

I placed my order around 5th of July, and chose payment mode as “COD”. Around 15th of July I received an email from team Envy revealing July Month’s sampler products, seeing that email made me fell from chair, realizing that my box is on my way soon with those revealed goodies in it. Next Day on 16th, My day started normally, that same routine woke up early in the morning, caught my cab for office, spent my day with work and returned home as usual. But On arrival there was a huge surprise awaiting for me,”My Envy Box” Yayyyyyy !!! Seeing it finally on the table made me forget all the tiredness and like a baby made me run towards it to hold it.

Holding this beauty gave me a sense of completeness sprinkled with the joy of long admired accomplishment.  So to continue the spirit I opened my package with excitement and felt loved from the brand after seeing the packaging and presentation.

My beautiful Envy Box came to me in white Poly bag (Refer Pic ) .On tearing it I saw a white colored  Carton box that  perfectly held my Envy box due to exact size configuration of Envy Box. On opening this white carton I finally got to see a vibrant Lilac colored Box sneaking out and innocently wishing to be opened.

After seeing and holding my Beautiful Envy box , I kept on admiring this box’s deign . This box has luxuriously engraved “My Envy Box” Logo on top of it , that to me represents brand’s Luxury which is infused with their heart and soul in it. Personally What I liked about the box was its strong build up and magnet enabled flip that keeps this box close and makes it a ideal to store our treasured trinkets. Personally I am thinking of storing my childhood memories in the form of pictures in it as according to me special memories requires special space and  there could be no more special then My pretty Envy Box .

On Opening this pretty bauble smile on face got bigger as I received 5 lovely products accompanied by two descriptive cards. One card contained Love from Team Envy in the form of Discount code of 15% that could be availed in current month itself on full size purchase. Isn’t great fellas ? You can buy a full size product at 15% Discount …Name me one luxury brand who does that..I Have an Answer Team Envy :D

The other informative card contained description of enclosed products that personally I liked. As in general too you don’t welcome a stranger at your home, To talk or to welcome a new person , you first need a proper introduction isn’t . Hence I am happy that team Envy takes this initiative and introduce us to the world of products that too with proper care and attention in the form of their descriptive cards.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

After going through these cards I saw Envy Products beautifully settled and aligned within those black paper strips which were complementing Box’s beauty. So Now let me take you through the products that I received in My Envy Box.

I received 5 Products naming:-

·         Masker Aide Facial Sheet mask  ( Quantity :- 23Gm, Price :- Rs.400/-) Full Size

·         Catrice Longlasting Eye pencil Waterproof (Quantity :- .3g/.01 oz Price :- Rs.330/-) Full Size

·         Ananda Aloe Gel and Rose Distillate Hydrating Mask ( Quantity :- 50 GM Price :- Rs.1105/- For 100Gm)

·         Roberto Cavalli Paradiso EDP Sampler (Quantity :- 1.2ml)

·         Bottega Di Lungavitta Vita-Age In prevenzione Anti-Eta  Moisturising Day cream Sampler ( Quantity :- 5 Ml Each *2) 

Masker Aide Facial Sheet mask ( Quantity :- 23gm , Price :- Rs.400/-) Full Size

This is the Full size product from My Envy box’s treasure and I loved it. I received “Pre Party Prep” Variant that claims to create a perfect canvas for foundation application and Energizes , hydrates , brightens and prime skin for flawless and velvety smooth finish.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Ingredients:-  lightweight blend of natural argon oil, Orange peel oil , Super Fruit Extracts , Rice Extract and honey
Views and Reviews By RajVinder
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Personally I just loved this brand due to their Paraben Free, Sulfate Free formulation .In the past Somewhere I overheard that Korean products are the best for the skin and now after coming across my first Korean product ie “Masker Aide Facial sheet Mask’s goodness I can trust and rely on this overheard claim .

Catrice Longlasting Eye pencil Waterproof (Quantity :- .3g/.01 oz Price :- Rs.330/-) Full Size

Personally I just love kohls and liners and that is the reason when I saw this product in my envy box I was about to faint :P as I didn’t expect this product to be part of Envy Box , and Yes having said so I would like to Thank team Envy for including this in their treasured collection.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

I received 060 Moss Undercover variant which is shimmery and bottle green in colour . I just went speechless after seeing its original application (You can also take a look in this pic) . This product does what it claims , It is waterproof and stays intact for longer duration , I didn’t come across any pigmentation issue . Application of it is as simple as cake walk and yess it beautifies eyes elegantly . Now this is one of the favorite pencil in my Kohl and Liner collection and close to my heart as well .

Ananda Aloe Gel and Rose Distillate Hydrating Mask ( Quantity :- 50 GM )(Price :- Rs.1105/- For 100Gm) 

This Ananda Aloe Gel came to me by surprise and made my jaws dropped, Trust me . This is a translucent textured gel formulation with soothing rose fragrance. Its mild gesture is just perfect .On very first application I was taken by surprise as I felt my skin becoming softer and smooth. I could feel my skin‘s breathing and as a result after a time i could see the difference by seeing my skin fully nourished rather than looking dull and dry . And cherry on the cake was getting this Half of full sized product. I Mean full size would cost Rs.1105/- for 100Gm where as in My envy Box we received 50Gm of it for just Rs .550/- Isn’t great??
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Bottega Di Lungavitta Vita-Age In prevenzione Anti-Eta  Moisturizing Day cream ( Quanity :-50Ml for Rs.1550/-)
I received two samples of this whose quantity was 5 ml each. This is a Italy based Brand and this product contains ingredients like White Grape Extract . Hyaluronic Acid , Vitamin A, E and F , shea Butter , However infused with certain parabens .Seems a decent product to try out in case you are looking for something enriched with vitamins and goodness of natural extracts .
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso ( Rs.3,300/- for 30Ml)

I just loved Roberto Cavalli Paradiso‘s woody floral Fragrance. This products claims to bring out sophisticated, sensual and sparkling fragrance .And To me it does what it claims, On Its very first inhale I could feel the soothing properties which were easing my senses and made me loose self within its mesmerizing  fragrance till its last trace.  I am defiantly going to buy its full size in a short while, and would defiantly suggest you to try one for yourself too.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

To Conclude My Envy Box to me is Home that opens its door and welcomes People like me to their place; introduce us to luxuriously enriched brands and makes us feel loved and cared with their Specially curated and handcrafted Envy Boxes. This Heartfelt gesture in the form of My envy Box  as a result creates a Bond that No one Could Break , A bond To cherish , A bond To live by , A bond to swear by and on top of it a Bond that creates sweet memories and facilitate us to preserve ours in their charming Envy Boxes. All I could say that in Rs.850/- One is not buying a subscription , But is building a bond that runs on Trust and paves way towards blissful journey of beauty and Lifestyle .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder


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