Summer Time is Healthy Time with Dabur Honey

Summers one of the most active season among the four which allows more liberty in terms of physical activities. Like in winters where your day won't be starting before 8 AM, summer is a Season where Day starts at 5 AM. In summers 24 hours are qualitative 24 hours which are more productive and influences our lifestyle significantly .

Personally i just love summers as in summers activities like swimming , exercises , market visits etc are much more convenient as compared to winters.An individual feels much more active in summers as zeal to do something and to achieve is much more higher in summers then in winters .Where in Laziness takes a back seat and activeness becomes integral part of life .

Winters being a time where  layers of fat can be hidden under woolen clothing that too with confidence, Summers on the opposite is a time where no matter how hard you try you wont be able to hide the fat gained in tempt and negligence ,which somewhere down the line diminishes your personality and attire leading to lower confidence and self esteem.

Hence when the transformation from winters to summers starts some people tend to start looking after them selves and try and implement various methods to get that fat flab into shape . Some chose to do exercises  where as most of the people being a strong believer in short cuts takes the road of crash diet.

Now question arises what is Diet ?

Diet is intake of food by a person and affects one's fitness , health and Nutritional levels.
A diet can further be classified in to two types :-
Crash Diet
Healthy Diet

Crash Diet :- Crash diet is a diet in which lacks nutritional components and instated of making your self strong from inside it effects outer layer of the body only , resulting in temporary weight  loss with adverse affects like weakness, Bone density crisis , Hair fall etc.

Healthy Diet :- where as healthy diet incorporates all the nutritional requirements of the body and while making it look fit from outside it makes inner body stronger .

Crash Diet Vs. Healthy Diet

Crash diet gives results instantly but body can never sustain it for longer duration as a result situation of body will get worse where in if one follows healthy diet.. though results will take time to get visible but what ever the result be, their impact will sustain for longer duration. One can not become a Doctor in a day , it requires 5 years of intense study and hard work. In a same way your body can never be identical to our legendary actors . It requires slow and steady steps like a healthy diet .

So no matter what age group you belongs to ,a Healthy body is all that one requires and if a healthy diet is taken carefully and religiously no one can stop you from getting into the shape and living a healthy lifestyle.

One should also note that mere exercises is not the only solution to get into the shape , it is said that out of 100, 80% weight age  is given to diet where in only 20% weight age is given to Exercises .
Hence if your diet is Healthy then you are healthy .

So to make your diet healthy , do we need a fancy products and medicines ?? Answer is a Big No.
Healthy diet doesn't mean you have to go out of your scope and start eating all that fancy stuff that claims to be a healthy snack ,all it requires is look into your kitchen and switch of certain habits that you have developed over the years .

As healthy diet is against artificial intake , it encourages you to substitute sugar . Now why this Sugar ? I usually have a cup of tea in a day , How could sugar be responsible in making me fat ? isn't people ? But to answer this, all i have to say is... "Sugar " is not a pure form of sweetness , it come to our homes after going through a religious  process where in its sweetness keeps on deteriorating and calories keeps on increasing , as a result it is one of the most common fat booster. So no matter how healthy diet you take till the time your sugar intake is not controlled , your health will be at stake .

I understand after reading this many people must be getting disheartened as i am also one of those who couldn't live without sweetness ."Fear not guys , we have a savior for us who will help us to walk through this journey of getting healthy , which is none other then Honey "

Honey , being more sweeter then sugar and enriched with Vitamins , minerals , anti oxidants and other enzymes that body requires for healthier functioning makes it ideal to consume then its counter part sugar.Honey not only makes body beautiful and healthier from inside , It brings a grace of healthiness  to the skin and makes your skin look heavenly gorgeous and beautiful.

So for a healthier body and mind all we need is a healthier diet infused with Honey Diet , as Honey being our purest formed natural sweetheart ....loves our body from within and gives it definition of true health then mere artificiality .Hence as stated you don't need all those fancy products to call your diet a healthy diet , all it requires a infusion of honey in your diet .


  1. love honey as it is good for health
    I buy a 1 kg glass jar


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