Relive Moments of Joy With Zoomin

Memories are an expression that floats in our heart and touches our soul forever. They say if moments are fleeting, memories are permanent. We share our powerful memories so that they grow with time rather than fade, and as a result give us ability to celebrate and relive moments those moments of Joy and cheer  which are not only close to our heart but makes us laugh irrespective of our present situation.

As a human, we are blessed with ability to feel love, anger, ignorance, attitude ,ego and other attributable characteristics that we all posses .But out of all these most treasured ability is… to relive those memories that we create with passage of time . Memories that makes us laugh, memories that makes us forget our presence, memories that are still with us when people are not …memories a blissful journey that takes us to a different state of mind and makes us understand how valuable and beautiful life is.

So as memories are the expressions that are meant to be feel, what all do we do to keep them close to our heart or to recall them? Do we all maintain a diary that yes !!! this memory I have to remember at this time ? Or No !! This memory will be Stress buster  for me ? Answer to this question is NO, We are human , not a robot who  act or react the way we want to. But we can do one thing to make those memories last forever in our heart and mind By capturing those moments . Now many of you must be wandering that how could we capture a memory? But as With each passing time we are leaving behind some moments of joy , Some moments of Sorrow. Moments of Sorrow are like rotten tomatos that we all chuck out and throw in bin …where as Moments of joy are something that we want to keep and capture for our lifetime..Hence the best way of keeping these moments and memories close to our heart  is  Zooming those moments with the help camera. As I believe photos has its own way of communication .Where words becomes meaningless …photos says it all.

But is every photo is capable or efficient enough to capture those valued treasure of memories? Yeah I agree that it requires just a click of camera to capture that moment …But don’t you think that outcome of that click should be as pleasing and realistic as real moment / memory was.. Personally I believe that presentation of final outcome is as important and crucial as the capturing of that moment and that is the Reason today on this platform I take an opportunity to introduce you all to a sailor of souls , a traitor of memories ..Moreover a Brand who transforms our memories into a blissful saga that we could relish for our lifetime . Brand Name is “Zoomin”

About The Brand Is India’s Number one online Photo service, which connects people and their moments of magic and is known for gorgeous products shipped super-fast anywhere in India .Zoomin Team has their own state of art print and production center for consistently high quality products and fair prices.
What Brand has to say “Photos make for great conversations. That’s when the idea struck a group of us trigger happy geeks (and purveyors of cutting edge tech) for an online photo service – enabling conversations around engaging, high quality photo merchandise. There’s something to be said about sifting through a set of photo prints or leafing through someone’s story in photos, in the form of a photobook. Ethereal yet tangible, connecting you to a stream of emotions no matter how many times you handle the same set of photos or photobook”.

With Their website and apps They want their consumer to have the best online experience possible when it comes to photos.

That is the reason they follow A few guiding principles that has helped them:-

Product in Focus Has a wide range of products as in :-

1)Photo Books 

These Photo books showcases blissful journey of memories in the form of series  of  memories captured in photographs .

These books are available in three formats naming :-

Hard Cover  Rs .895/- Onwards , Flipbook Rs .249/- Onwards , LayFlat Rs.1800/-


This product of zoomin Showcases your most treasured moments in the form of big canvas portrayal  and is available in three formats :- Gallery Wrap Rs. 699/-onwards, Rolled Rs.399/- Onwards, Mounted Rs .699/- Onwards

3)Photo Prints

Showcases memories in the form of magnificent and realistic Photo prints. These Prints are available in various sizes and price range  Starts from Rs.6/-Per Print .


Transform your memories into posters with Zoomin Posters . These are available at Rs.149/-onwards


Wish to relive those moments of joy in each day of the month , then this product says it all .These calendars will hold a photo of your each month showcasing your moments of joy . These are available at Rs.295/- Onwards


Who says you can only view those memories me you can drink with them too ..with Zoomin Coffe mugs starting at Rs.249/-Onwards


Memories attracts.. this phrase is transformed by Zoomin into reality by presenting  these photo magnets available at Rs.129/-Onwards

8)Note Cards 

Wish to share your Moments of joy with someone special that too with expression of love and care then this product of Zoomin Serves the purpose .Available at Rs.425/-Onwards

9)Framed Prints 

 Now As we have a moment , but don’t know how to keep it right in-front of our eyes …then worry not , Get yourself this article from Zoomin ..A hassle free photo print beautifully framed in  cheerful colours like Red … Available at Rs.299/- Onward s.

Available at :- Click Here

 All those fan out there Enter this special code VARBR42TJ to avail flat Rs.100/- Off on your first order.(Valid on

My Experience of Zoomin Website:-
I still remember the time , when my dad used to held his camera and click some beautiful pics of mine during my childhood , and today when I look back… now I realize if he wouldn’t have done that , I couldn’t feel his love for me in his absence today .Photos says it all , and that’s what I believe in now …I really wish I could turn those pages of the past  and tell him how much I miss him , or love him..But on practical side I know …its not possible…Only thing which is possible now is to keep these treasured  memories safe and in sound tangible form and that is why my search of online portals lead me to Zoomin.Com and innovation which comes to me as blessing in disguise.

Recently I went to our first ever family Trip to Jaipur and For the first time I held camera in my hand and captured few of our moments out there. At first I thought it is okay to keep these photographs as phone or laptop specific only..Whenever I will be needing to see these..i will switch on my laptop and view it  ..But I was proved wrong here … when few days back I got the opportunity to see my Dad’s photos ,…Then I realized how much important it is to transform these intangible moments of joy into tangible format..And that is the time I decided to get my photographs printed..

Today I agree we are living in an era of smart phones, laptops and photographs are taken over by selfies..But trust me guys …seeing your photographs in printed format is much more worthy then seeing them daily monstrously on your phones or laptops .. If you need proof ask your parents to you all your child hood pics may be then you will realize what I am trying to express here..Holding those moments of joy has more weight age then virtually seeing them. And after realizing this I went to .

So coming back to, Placing an order at is very simple..all you have to do is to sign up with your Email Id and password, Select a product, upon selection of product upload a picture that you wish to print  on the product , make payment and your order is placed , as Simple as that.

Hence when you ask about my personal experience of it was like a cake walk to me , I was very much keen to get a accidentally yet perfectly clicked selfie of me and mom framed … But laziness and lack of time turned this task into a long awaited wish .. :P and one day when I came to know about Zoomin , I couldn’t resist self and finally placed the order for Framed Photograph .What i Did was , I created my account first , uploaded pic of mine on zoomin site , selected frame size and colour and volla !! My order was placed J .Ohh forgot to tell you that I placed my Order for 6*6 Framed Print . And Surprise !! Surprise !!  received my order from Fedex courier within 2 days … Isn’t fast guys ?? it took just 2 days or less then 48 hours in total to get the product being ordered to get delivered ..I mean I was totally taken by surprise due to such a great customer service and timely delivery. A Big Round of applause for Zoomin Team who is doing such a tremendous job here by serving their customers in timely or say before timely manner .
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

You wouldn’t believe what feelings I went through since receipt of this package to finally seeing it in front of me. This package came to me in brown colour carton box with ‘Photo Licious” tagline . On opening the same I saw this frame neatly and safely packed in bubble paper. To me it was not an ordinary bubble paper though as it has at least 1 inch bubbles in it . I removed this paper safely from the frame and now I am going to keep it for personal use :) hehehe as I am big time collector of stationery..
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

So as you all can see in pictures how this frame’s edges were safeguarded with carton coverings and even its front and back were also covered with cartons. This detailed packaging made me fell in love with Zoomin . As it was much more than expected … Their packaging to me signifies their dedication, passion moreover their love for their customers. I felt that This package could have come to me in mere bubble paper only but the way Zoomin Team packed it, Signifies how they want their customers to feel luxurious and at the same time understands values of moments a customer has lived in these pictures. 

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Apart from packaging If I talk about my actual product for which I placed my order, than it will take just one word to say the story and it would be “Perfect “. Yes you read it right perfect. This Frame Print was such a delight to the eyes .Even at the time of order  I didn’t expect this much of outcome . Quality, finishing and print all were beautifully curated and crafted. I couldn’t find even a single mistake or inferiority in it. This very moment that I captured on my cell phone , appeared so live and realistic in this frame . I literally don’t have words to express my gratitude towards this brand who transforms beautiful moments of our lives into soul full ,lively and beautiful Portrayal.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

My experience of has been an experience of a lifetime so far and these marvelous experiences lead me to try their Zoomin App which according to my perception is a boon in today’s time .
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

About Zoomin App

Now this is something I am excited about. Zoomin App From This application is created for hassle free prints that too just a click away.

Today we all are obsessed with our cell phones ..No matter where we are, what we are doing..within every now and then we have developed the habit of checking our phones..and selfies have become like a cake walk  ..Hence to facilitate easy access to printing has created this Zoomin App with which you can print your photo immediately after its click.Now you don’t have to connect you phone to laptop or upload your photos to social media for Zoomin to access..all you need to do is install Zoomin App , upload your treasured moment  on Zoomin App and get ready to witness finest portryal ever .
So here is What Brand has to Say “ Play time with kids , adventure trip with best buddies , a romantic walk with your love , Surprise birthday for Mom, Biscuit’s First litter , stealing solitude with a captivating sunset- all life’s moments captured on phone. At Zoomin , Team understands that some moments are meant to last forever – with zoomin app , Team will help you manage your photos better , choose the ones that truly matter and create a story to share with those you love”.

Download here :-  Zoomin App Link Click Here

Products that are available on Zoomin App are :-

    Mugs – Rs.249/- Onwards
   Collage posters – Rs.199/- Onwards
  Framed Prints –Rs.299/- Onwards
    Magnets – Rs.129/- Onwards
Photo Prints –Rs.6 /PP- Onwards
 Calanders – Rs.199/- Onwards
Canvas-- Coming Soon on App.

My Experience of Zoomin App

After experiencing Online website, I immediately decided to get my other moments of joy transformed into Realistic pictures. But again lack of time and busy lifestyle started creating an issue. But than I learned about Zoomin app , and without wasting any more time I downloaded it. After seeing the results I believe, it was one of my best decisions so far.

I already had few of the pictures handy on my Phone . So after installation all I had to do was to get my self logged in and upload those pictures. This entire process just took few minutes and my order for printing was ready.

Again this order took only 2 days of time from its order placement to its physical receipt, So guys you can now believe that Zoomin delivers in quickest time and as a result brings a biggest smile on their customer’s face.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

So coming back to Prints package, This package came to me in saffron plastic bag with tag line “Packet full of Colours “ .Nice thought isn’t ? On opening it I came across a Brown paper bag (Thick good quality one, which cannot be mutilated easily ) that contained my pretty moments in the form of pictures . I was so nervous at the same time excited to view them , and immediately I opened it and here these are . My small little beauties of life transformed into soulful portrayal .After seeing these I could say with confidence that though today we all have cell phones , laptops and we click an number of photographs in it ..But trust me guys till the time these photographs are not printed, these moments are lifeless .
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

A Picture when takes physical form gets a life , gets a soul and as a result makes us relive those moments . And Zoomin is one of the kindest brand who understands this and that is the reason each of its print irrespective of price , size showcases celebrations of life. So if you want to experience this soul fullness and liveliness of life , come forward and relive the moment of joy with Zoomin and get at least one picture from them .. Trust me you will feel the difference yourself and will understand value of true portrayal. With this I would like to Say A Big Thank you to Team Zoomin who is helping people like us to keep our moments alive by transforming them into tangible being , I feel so gracious that I came across a brand who creates each product with their heart and soul and is continuously spreading cheerfulness and joy around .. To me Zoomin is now part of my family , who will witness each moment of my life and will make it last forever J . For me giving a ranking or rating to  this Site would be rating a life , and for doing so I believe I am too small as Zoomin is larger then Life .. All I would like to say is experience Zoomin yourself to see the difference and to relive moments.


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