SaND For Soapaholics and it's Green Symphony Shampoo Slab

Damien Carney Says “ Hair is a very Emotional thing, if you do hair, you are touching the personality / tapping into the emotion of a person “Hair plays an important role in our overall personality isn’t ? Personally I never felt this way before I started noticing my own hair condition. I have always been a pony tail person .as Pony tail is one of the safest escape and takes only seconds to be made . But recently I started noticing that my love for pony tail has taken me through a toll . My head line from forehead started deseeding backwards and and my ill care due to busy life cycle has made my hair damaged and thinner, that looks dull. No matter how pretty dress I wear, till the time my hair are not managed my personality won’t come up the way as it should be.

Hence to safeguard myself from Hair misery and stop this continuing hair damage I explored and tried many of the hair care range , But all turned out to be duds; And fewer ones just worsened my situation .Though they say one should not change their shampoos but I being in trouble made a hattrrick of switching one after another .AS no matter how worthy the shampoo was , I wasn’t happy with the results .Then I started exploring various online portals and stared looking for natural products as now I was not in situation to take any more risks …And during my search I came across SaND for Soapaholics. Though at first I thought it as a shopping site dedicated for all the shoppers:P but on re-eading I get to know that this website is made for Soap lovelies . “SaND to some seems like only a name but for me SaND for Soapaholics turned out to be a SaND that can only be experienced and felt as with each layer it polishes skin and brings out the bestest and finest layer into existence .”

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

About SaND For Soapaholics

SaND is a passion , labour of love ; a revelation. SaND for Soapaholics was born in August 2014 by their founder and chief Crafter , Sangeeta ,whose years of painstaking research is available for us in the form of her precious range of products .

As we all have heard traditional maxim “ we are whet we eat “ . At SaND for Soapaholics  they have modified it and believes on “ We are what we use “.Our skin deserves only the best , and it is for this reason SaND team uses a combination of edible and medicinal plants that repair, nourish and maintain skin health , to make their safe , pure and highly effective products. “Meticulous care and innovation distinguishes everything SaND team does “

SaND for Soapaholics ‘s entire range of products is made from scratch from infusion of quality ingredients to mixing, bending , curing and packaging everything is done with their own hands ,and that is the reason when a consumer buys a SaND product , they get hooked with it.

Product in Focus

SaND for Soapholics ‘s range of products include Natural artesian soaps, Moisturizers , Body creams , Shampoos , Conditioners etc.Inspired by traditional Indian home remedies for skin care ,their creations contains ingredients like fresh ground nuts , fresh turmeric , finger millet , gram flours and several other such skin friendly ingredients available in most Indian kitchens and gardens . 
Today from their luxurious range I am going to talk about their “ Green Symphony “ Shampoo slab.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder


Every 10gm contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (64.59%),Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao)(2.52%), Henna Leaf Ext.(Lawsonia inermis)(2.52%), Ess. Oil blend of ginger Rhizome (Zingiber Officinale), Pepper fruit(Piper nigrum), Cedarwood (Cedrus Deodara),Jasmine Flower (jasminum grandifilorum)(1.60%), Jojoba Oil ( Simmondsia Chinensis )(1.01%) , Phenoxyethanol (0.50%). SLS

Now After Reading SLS many of you must be wandering This product is not Chemical Free , But  the Reason behind inclusion of SLS is because the essential use of a shampoo is to cleanse. The Brand has included other wonderful oils, butters, herbs and essential oils in it, which ensures that Green Symphony cleanses, as well as delivers the moisturizing and the humectant properties of its other ingredients. SLS is derived from coconut oil, which is considered an indispensable ingredient in many skin care and hair care products. SLS has surfactant and cleansing properties and so is a common ingredient in many personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. There are no side effects from using products with SLS as the main ingredient - there are a small number of people who may show mild skin irritation to SLS, but this is true with almost any ingredient, even fresh fruits.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Price and Quantity: - For 75gm Rs.450/-
                                For 100gm Rs.600/-
                                For 200gm Rs.1200/-

Available at :-, For more Click Here  

Shelf Life: - 1 Year from the date of packing.

Recommended for: - All hair types .

Directions to Use:-

Wet your hair; Rub the bath through the hair few times. Give the bar a quick rinse and keep aside. Rinse your hair thoroughly.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

My Take

I came across this Brand through social media a few month back, and what I liked about this brand is their simple and realistic approach that reflects in their products. When you view their website you won’t come across those fancy and overhyped packaged products on the contrary you will come across the products which are truly handmade and their appearance  proves that they are made with natural ingredients. I really liked their concept of showcasing range of products in those small tubs. After seeing their range, You will definably feel confident about their claim of natural handmade stuff .
I mean I would like to give this brand 5/5 for being so true to their consumers and bringing products that not only seems wonderful and tempting but also have the caliber to live up customer’s expectations.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

As I stated after seeing their website I was impressed by their uniqueness and presentation .On search I decided to try something new for self and ended up buying “ SaND for Soapaholics ‘s Green Symphony Shampoo slab.

Many of you must be wondering about Shampoo Slab, aren’t you guys ??

Even I myself wondered when I came across this Shampoo slap, and re-read  it :P . We all are aware of liquid shampoo’s that we have used till date , and many of us are now becoming aware of Dry shampoo’s as well. But Shampoo Slab?? I mean I never heard about it till the time I came across SaND for Soapaholics.

So to curb everybody’s increasing anxiety , Shampoo slab is like a Hair soap which is used at par with our own liquid shampoo’s .; and like counterparts Shampoo Slab’s purpose is take care of hair by cleansing them.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

But what makes this Green Symphony Shampoo slab different from our existing Liquid shampoo’s?

I have one word to answer this question and it is “Results “. Yes you read it correct the strongest factor that makes Green Symphony Shampoo slab win over shampoos is its ability to give results. No matter for how long you use it , How frequently you use it ,This Shampoo slab will not only clean your hair but also make them Healthy and shiner from the very first wash.I mean tell me is your shampoo is paraben  or chemical free ?? I bet its not. Is your shampoo makes your health smooth even after drying? I bet NO. Is detangling your hair is job after shampooing? I bet Yes . and last but important question , is your shampoo is giving you desired results like healthy, shiny hairs , less hair fall , dandruff and damage free hair ?? Again I bet NO.

After self answering of all above questions let me now take the opportunity to introduce you guys with this SaND for Soapaholics ‘s Green Symphony Shampoo. This shampoo is first of all free from all Paraben and other chemicals which makes it a biggest savior to try on without any second thoughts ,  as in general they say one should never change their shampoo’s frequently …But when you are using a natural ingredient enriched shampoo this thought won’t give you nightmares . Apart from this factor here I present my personal experience of using this product.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

This  “SaND for Soapaholics ‘s Green Symphony Shampoo” slab is of Light brown colour soft textured Triangular shaped soap with a mesmerizing soothing fragrance that will tempt you to eat it literally . I received this in carbon box which while opening gave me this unforgettable subtle jasmine and cedar wood scent .And yes !!a special mention about the texture, when I say soft I mean it , it is soft.I accidently pressed it with my thumb and it literally kind off pressed downwards , which gives their stand of being natural and using homemade ingredients a thumbs up and confirms their authenticity , and made me go gaga over them . In an excitement I used this product on the same day of receiving and used it as directed. I wet my hair and rubbed this soap all over my hair. Being owner of mid waist length hair; it took just a few second to create a lather .On lathering I could feel my hair getting softer and smoother very quickly and that fragrance of it started lingering through my hair ,and stayed with me after rinsing as well .After Rinsing my hair as I stated my hair didn’t face any trouble of tangling which unusually happens when we use  shampoos . On the way of drying I still felt my hair were smoother and softer but as in general when your hair gets dried , smoothness and softness also evaporates ;So I kept on waiting for complete drying of my hair. And after my hair got dried, I felt my hair becoming luxurious, smoother and softer enriched with blessings of healthiness for the first time. This Shampoo slab entered my life as a savior to safeguard me from hair miseries.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

This Green Symphony shampoo slab by SaND for Soapaholics is a tight slap to all our hair miseries and issues. As a result Gives a pleasant, Luxurious exposure to our hair which makes our hair relive by becoming healthy and free spirited , and encourages  an independence to experiment with our hair as much as we can in terms of styling and coluring as at the end we know we have a savior at our home in the form of this Green Symphony . and why only home it can be best companion even on way to a tour J without any worries of special packaging or spillage .I feel cherished to rate this product 4.9/5 as it fulfills all the parameters .


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