" All Good Scents " A Road that brings you closer to Fragrance With some ' Tenderness '

I Still Remember the time when my Dad used to bring a Green Coloured Glass Bottle to Home and Used to keep it way high so that I being a child Couldn't reach up-to that level and break it .I always used to wander what that bottle has in it ? Why Dad's so possessive about it . But as i started losing my childhood and started understanding things  , Than i realized How precious that Bottle was . That Green Coloured Bottle was of My Dad's Favorite Perfume that he used to love the most and loves to wear it occasionally . Even today after those many years i still remember that Beautiful fragrance and associated memories  with it .

This is the reason it won't be wrong saying that Fragrance is the reason of my consciousness , it wakens feelings hidden deep down our heart and brings back memories.Fragrance has power of persuasion stronger than words , appearances , emotions or will . It enters within us , fills us and never leaves us . My Dad was the only person in our family who used to love perfumes and later on this trend never followed .

When it comes to perfumes I always felt that either we have Big Giant Brands whose Perfumes we cannot afford or don't want to invest that much or we have some cheap-so types Whose fragrance would make people kill themselves  ..And Trust me Killing would be Immense :P . Hence Perfume was something which after Dad's experience was always been out of my scope or need you can say . But Recently my perception got changed when Thanks to my Dear friend , Social media , I came across a Brand Whose enriched collection made me fell in love with perfumes and helped me understating importance of the Same .

And now I can feel this Phrase my self that " Perfume is like a Cocktail without Hangover , Chocolate without Calories , Like an affair without Tears and like a vacation from which you don't want to come back " Said by Anonymous 

About The Brand 

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All Good Scents is the first contemporary perfume house in India. Rajiv Sheth the perfumer behind All Good Scents finds inspiration in all aspects of modern French perfumery and his multicultural experiences .The fragrance producer of All Good scents is one of the oldest fragrance houses in activity in Grasse , France founded in 1779 AD.

Rajiv Sheth is a Nose & the creative director behind All Good Scents (A venture of Just Scents Pvt. Ltd). His inspiration and dreams have found shape and fragrance in the form of treasured fragrances and versatile perfumes. A graduate of chemistry from Mumbai University, he pursued his quest for rare perfumery knowledge at the I.S.I.P.C.A Versailes, France a 3 year full time diploma course under the promotion Guerlain.
He has 16 years of perfumery experience in Grasse and Paris. He has been awarded the 2nd prize for 'prix de jeune parfumeur’ in the year 2000 in Paris. He is also a member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs since 1998. He has a Global Executive MBA degree from the IESE business school, Barcelona. He now lives in Ahmedabad, India with his wife Neha and twin daughters Suhani & Saumya.
An extraordinary combination of successful story and a human dimension; they have produced 1500 tons of fragrances and flavours till date. With all their combined savoir-faire, all good scents brings the best of the world to the Indian consumers , contemporary , modern and premium fragrances manufactured in France and that too at inviting prices .

Moreover All Good Scents has a very unique way of showcasing its perfumes and its contents .Like musical notes that makes a song, all good scents created their fragrance notes which believed to be necessity to make a perfume.Over all there are three notes scales which when blended together crate a perfume’s Fragrance record. All Good Scents ‘s logo is based on this pertinent allegory of perfume world- the perfume pyramid.

Product In Focus 
Today I would like to walk you through The Perfume range All Good Scents has to offer and my personal experience of that particular variant but Lets first get to know What All Good Scent's Products are all about .All Good Scents has Premium range and Essential range for both men and women. Out of which  for regular usage one can opt for Essential range products  and for special occasions one can opt for Premium range perfumes.

More on Fragrance notes of All Goods Scents

Top Notes : (Stays for lesser duration) The top notes of fragrance are generally the lightest of all notes ,and are recognized immediately upon application of perfume. Common Top Notes Fragrances includes Citrus(lemon, Orange ,Bergamot ) Light fruites(Grapefruit, berries ) and herbs (clay sage, lavender ).

Heart Notes : (Stays upto 8 hours) The heart notes , make an appearance once the top notes evaporates .As name suggests like a heart ,perfume’s heart notes contains blossoming flowers or fruits , which can be related to feeling of love isn’t ;)

Base Notes: (Stays for over 8 hours) The base notes takes place of heart notes once aforesaid start dismissing .Common fragrance as the name base  suggests  could be root related hence include cedar wood, sandal wood and musk.

A Little about "Eau de Toilette , Eau de Parfums 

These terms refers to the strength of the fragrance , basically to know how much alcohol or water has added to the fragrance oil .

Eau de Cologne :- usually 3% or less perfume oil

Eau Fraiche :- 3-5% perfume oil

Eau de Toilette :- 6-12% perfume Oil

Eau de Parfums :- 13-18 % perfume oil

Perfume or Extrait :- 18-25% perfume oil.

Higher the concentration of the perfume oil , better will be long lasting power if it.

And Now let me share with you Ordering as well as Product Experience of All Good Scent's "TENDER" Perfume 

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Fragrance , Ethyl Alcohol , D.I. Water , Diethyl Phthalate , Benzophenone -1 , CI 60730, CI 16185.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Price and Quantity :-  Rs . 750/- for 50 ML ( 1.7 FL OZ)

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

Available at :- Click Here

My Experience 

They Say "If you Don't smell good , You don't Look Good " , I believe every reader of this post must be nodding in favor of this phrase isn't ? Whether it's your first day , a job interview or even normal day to day meet , you cannot afford to miss any opportunity just because you are low in department of fragrance. To be ready for every situation you need to have a proper routine , a proper set of rituals like eating , sleeping  , and that is the reason now i feel , perfume is also something that should be included in daily routines irrespective if the fact whether this day has something special for you or not .And now this is even  possible without losing your pocket and compromising with quality, all thanks to ALL GOOD SCENTS .

After Coming across to All Good Scents 's Trial Box , I couldn't resist self from trying a full version of their collection and as a result got my hands on to their Eau de Toilette Tender Perfume .Placement of order at their website is as simple as cake walk all you have to do is create an account , select your order and Taddaa !!! you are ready to receive your Bundle of joy and upcoming memories by All Good Scents in 6 to 8 days . Ohh Boy !! Now please all of you don't raise your eye brows on their TAT, actually taking this long within India has a reason . Perfumes are not shipped via air mode that is the reason your favorite perfume would require this much of a time to get delivered .

So coming back to my experience this is how you would be receiving your package once you place an order with them .I received my perfume in a brown colour carton box safely packed in white coloured plastic bag that has All Good Scent's Logo .

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

On tearing this bag and after opening my Brown box of joy i got encountered with these cute little E shaped Thermacol  pieces .. So cute are these isn't ? Basically these were there to keep my package safe from any unforeseen damage . As you can see this package has layers of packaging, Like first it has paper bag than comes carton box pack , than you witness these small cuties and finally your perfume again packed in it's original packaging but again bubble wrapped  .

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

Views and Reviews by RajVinder

Kudos to Team All Good Scents i would say for taking utmost care and showcasing their out of the way zeal to make a customer feel special not only with their product but with their packaging as well .

Views and Reviews By rajVinderc

And here i reveal my personal favorite beauty from the treasure of All Good Scents one and only "Tender ".
Views and Reviews By rajVinder
Views and Reviews By rajVinder

Tender 's tagline is "Affectionate you " That totally goes with my personality i would say . Sweet as Honey and tender as jasmine .Brand says "wear it to enhance your sensuality and mirror the tenderness in your heart .For the women who loves with all her heart ". 

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Tender Perfume celebrates the splendor of a glowing femininity , and this statement is absolutely correct . I just love the fragrance it spreads,  that too just after 1 spritz , I mean with its very first inhale  , I made my mind to keep it with me for as long as i could , As it is one of the strongest yet most pleasing yet influential fragrance that i ever sensed .

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I believe infusion of vetiver and Jasmine is something that makes this fragrance one of it's kind. If i have to share my experience than what i felt was at first you would sense strong floral notes of Mandarin , and white flowers which with time will be settled to a musky fragrance that would make you feel perfection of your favorite perfume all day long .

Views and Reviews By rajVinder

Tender from All Good Scents is one of the greatest scent that i come across so far , In Delhi's summers Tender perfume to me seems blessing in disguise . I just fell in love with it . 


Beautiful and pleasant Fragrances 

Travel Friendly Packaging

Value for Money 

Highly Affordable Product 

Lasts longer even in hot summers like in Delhi's  

Must Buy 


Couldn't find Any

Views and Reviews By rajVinder

I would Rate All Good Scents 's Tender Eau De Toilette 5/5 .An experience that would create memories :) An Every-Day essential from the house of All Good Scents, To Fill your day with tenderness and pleasantness . 

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