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Being blessed with Combination skin , I always thought that Oily and combination skinned beauties doesn't require Moisturizers application ;As we  already blessed poses natural oils and using moisturizer may worsen the situation .But recently i came to know that skin needs to be moisturized , especially the oily and combination ones .Reason to use a moisturizer is its Protective barrier ability for skin . it  increases water content in the skin and prevents further moisture loss when infused with natural components .it  also smooths skin and actually helps is maintaining  skin cell turnover ,hence its recommended to use a moisturizer on daily basis.

But a Moisturizer would be able to give maximum skin benefits and results provided it is chosen on the basis of skin type one poses .It is very important to know skin type to make sure one is using a right product on the face. As very dry skin won't get benefit from a water based product as it requires heavier moisturizer to absorb as much moisture as possible.

Hence to facilitate your moisture search here i am suggesting few tips that would help you choose a right moisturizer for your skin.If you have a Dry skin then you should opt for moisturizers which are oil based . Oily skin beauties should use lighter water based moisturizers , where as normal / combination blessed should go for lighter and water based moisturizers .

And finally after understanding importance of moisturizer , I started using the same few months back . I tried different moisturizers from various brands and today I am going to share about Iraya 's Almond Nutrifying skin food moisturizer that has made a rank in my list of favourite products now.

About the Brand

I have known this brand for quite long now .It was around 2011 when I first heard about it and started following it on social media .Being a Natural brand with a wide range of products it made me fell in love with their products.. From packaging to presentation Iraya would steal your heart away and today with this post I am about to share my first ever experience with this loving brand but first let me walk you through Iraya as a brand 

At Iraya Research & Development is a continuous and dynamic process, and the team emphasizes on creating powerful products , using potent herbal combinations, which can be easily assimilated into the body. They derive recipes from Ayurveda, which are  time-tested and scientifically validated herbal combinations. At Iraya they  study these formulae in depth, its ingredient properties, benefits and long term effect on the skin, before incorporating these into a finished product .

There are certain characteristics that makes Iraya Stand alone from others .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Product in Focus

"Iraya Almond Nutrifying skin food"

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

What Brand has to say " With Almond, Indian madder (manjishta ), rose petals and sandalwood oil, this nutrient- rich cream is easily absorbed by the skin. Ensures both corrective and preventive actions, minimizes fine lines , delays signs of ageing and restores firmness and radiance "

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Directions for use :- Apply and gently massage using fingertips into face and neck , in smooth upward movements . Best to use after cleansing and toning. An essential daily ritual for soft , radiant and younger looking skin.
Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Ingredients :-

Almond that nourishes and moisturizes , Manjishta which revitalizes and rejuvenates , Sandalwood that hydrates and heals . 

Sesamum Indicum, Sesame Stearic Acid, Aloe Indica, Vegetable Glycerine, Rubia Cordifolia, Bee’s Wax, Prunus Amigdalus Duicis (Almond Oil), Rosa Centifolia (Rose Water), Glycerol Fatty Acid Ester, Borax, Citrus Grandis, Phenoxyethanol, Essential Oils Of: Rose, Cassia Sandalwood, Patchouli.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Price and Quantity :- Rs.495/- for 50gm Pack 1.76 Oz.

Suitable for :- Normal to dry skin

Available at :- Iraya Online

My Experience 

Since I was looking to try a new moisturizer , Thought about Iraya ran through my mind and as a result finally i got my hands on  Iraya's Almond Nutrifying Skin Food Moisturizer  . This brand was always on my wish list since long but finally holding it in my own hand was like holding a Trophy whose happiness and charm can only be felt rather than expressed .My happiness was just immeasurable as Till now I have always been a child who wishes to get  a candy but couldn't get it . But as soon as he receives one, his happiness riches the sky and his feet gets up in the air...This same feeling i went through on receipt of my package of joy from Iraya .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Coming back to my product experience ,At the time of order i got very much impressed with this product's name , As Almonds are one of the most precious and effective ingredients that transforms the skin health drastically  . Personally whenever i come across Tanning or suffer from dead skin cells , I use almonds with other home made ingredients and feel immediate results. That is the reason when i saw this product before wasting any more time i ordered this one .

And believe me i don't have any regrets :P  This precious Beauty comes in a compact sized Cute Glass tub with silver cap  packaging .On removing this cap you will get to see a silver covering which  preserves fragrance and at the same time refrain spillage .Overall in terms of packaging ,it is one of the finest travel friendly pack that i come across so far . I just totally adore this cute tub and thinking of reusing it at later stage to keep my Jewelry .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

If i talk about texture of this cream , than this cream is very smooth and silky ,i mean you can consider its smoothness equivalent to Butter i would say. This cream's colour is not exactly white , but has 1% of tinted shade , sort of lightest ton of cream colour to it , which looks beautiful. and now if i talk of it's consistency than this cream holds thickness , which means you would be requiring less than a pea size to cover entire face, as excess may lead to bulky feel.

This Almond Food doesn't have a strong fragrance but yes for some it may be an issue because this fragrance is made with the combination of Manjishta and Almond that makes it quite complex .however not to worry guys , it dies as soon as you start applying it and after a while it gets converted into beautiful yet  soothing fragrance of rose and sandalwood . I mean in terms of fragrance for the first time i am witnessing such an act of transformation  where at first you are going to feel bad about the fragrance but later , 'same you ' yes !!! 'You ' would be falling in love with it .

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

On application this Almond food feels heavier at very first go but when you start massaging it ,it gets absorbed into the skin and leaves shiny and radiant appearance  .There are chances that on first application you would found it greasy , But this greasiness takes bit of a  time to leave the skin but again it doesn't mean this cream leaves your skin sticky, Being blessed with Non-Sticky formulation makes it ideal as a daily moisturizer.

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

Views and Reviews By RajVinder

To Conclude This Almond Nutrifying Skin food , does what it claims .It is a real skin food for skin that feeds skin with moisturization  and enriches it with goodness of almonds and manjishta . And as a result skin becomes visibly soft and shinier .This is a true Moisturizer which is created to make us fall in love with our skin . A breath taking and heart touching Product from my Most favorite Brand Iraya that serves the purpose of transforming skin health to greater extent . If i have to quote a word for this product than that word would be "Purity ". This Almond Food's claims are Honest and purest that shows visible results with their very first impression .

 I would rate this Product 4.9/5 . A must if you are looking for a real moisturizer for your skin .


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