Fuschia as a Brand and its "Yogurt Delight Soap"

I hope all my lovely readers are having fun this summer. Being a great weather in terms of freedom it provides to explore the world... and on the other hand  motivation  to indulge in various physical activities ..This weather has its all charm and charisma. However it has some flaws too like hot winds , sun's severe expose , humidity and sweat. But nothing of these can refrain us from enjoying this weather ...isn't ?

So to enjoy this weather to its fullest and re- energise our self we tend to look for various options to keep oneself fresh all day long , or to regain the energy lost during entire day's hectic schedule .One basic economical way out of this is to have a bath...sounds boringly normal and day to day activity of human doesn't' it?

However this is the only activity which is a basic need or can say a foundation of removing all the dirt and pollutants from one' s body and makes one ready to enjoy air conditioners or coolers. But do you think having bath with our normal regular soaps can do all this ? Do you ever gave it a thought that your Soap instead of refreshing you ..may be damaging your skin due to heavy chemical involvement ? If you haven't gave it a thought earlier then I guess I should think now and read ahead .

Soap what is it exactly?

I believe all of us including me don't know how a soap is different from this term called handmade soap. I too used to be from that league who thinks that there is no such difference between soap and handmade soap ,both are one of a sane thing ..its all marketing strategies to pool in money . But I was wrong  .. Few months back from a friend of mine I was introduced to this difference and since then I never looked back and my love for handmade soap started .

Coming back to the difference we can broadly classify soap into two types Commercial and handmade soap.

Commercial soap is usually manufactured using synthetic detergents and chemicals that can strip away the skin's protective oils. As in these soaps Only a small quantity of glycerin remains.  Where in  

Handmade Soaps completely incorporates and retains all of  natural glycerin, as it attracts moisture to skin and each bar of handmade soap used thereby provides skin with more moisturizing properties than commercial soap. As handmade soaps are blended with nature's own pure vegetable oils and butters, pure essential oils and organic botanicals,These ingredients are a healthier alternative for cleansing our precious skin.Hence handmade soaps are 100% natural and vegetarian soaps that blesses our skin with mother nature .

About the Brand

Brand I am going to share with you guys is "Fuschia". I came to know about this Brand through social media and finally got my hands into it ."Fuschia is a brand Established by  VKARE BIO SCIENCES Pvt. Ltd. Which was founded in 2012 and covers the areas of Healthcare, Biotechnology and beyond. This  organization is dedicated to the commitment of exceptional and qualitative customer service, as is reflected in their motto, “We Care’’. At the heart they belief to develop strong and long lasting relationships with their customers. Hence, collaborating in an efficient, transparent and flexible way to help clients find solutions to their needs as well as providing quality products and assure a quality service is a Must ".

About the product

Soap that grabbed my  attention from the Brand is " Fuschia Yogurt Delight ", it is natural homemade soap by Vkare and as per brand has following attributable results :-

• It provides skin Exfoliation
• Cure Pimple
• has antibacterial properties
• Removes Dead Skin
• Reduces signs of ageing
• Provides Instant Glow to your Skin.

Suitability : suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients : Not mentioned

Price : Rs.225/- for 100gm pack

Shelf life : 24 months from the month of packaging.

Availability: available at all leading online portals like Flipkart and craftsvilla.com

My Experience

This Product comes in a transparent packaging with a creative and beautiful crafted paper wrap cover which gives its packaging an Indian craft feel.

On uncovering this creamy whitish coloured translucent soap I didn't find a strong smell , however a very subtle and low fragrance of yogurt I felt that too disappeared within seconds .On using this soap i experienced that it gives enough lather , doesn't dry out the skin and moisturize the skin instead. Being blessed with humid summers these days.... I am in love with this soap as it not only exfoliate my skin but being a owner of antibacterial properties it refreshes my skin after day long' s hectic schedule and removes tons of sweat load from skin efficiently ,moreover it has helped in improvement of my skin in terms of dullness and made my skin glowing as compared to my earlier skin phase that had dull skin and exfoliation troubles due to lack of time and hectic schedule. But with this soap's introduction in my life even hectic schedule couldn't refrain me from avoiding my skin health .
Overall one word to describe this product is "Working " , this product really works on what it claims , I understand this brand may sound some people skeptical but guys you have to trust its claims..as at once our prevailing legends also started from the  scratch isn't ? ..

Hence For soothing and refreshing summers I will definitely recommend this soap to all ...if you really want to make your skin healthy and beautiful without any worries of chemical touching you daily then go for it ...you won't regret it. :)

Tip : One can make this Product last longer if this product is used with loofah or kept at dry place after using as .

If I have to rate this product it will be 4.8/5 , .2are deducted due to absence of ingredients list as I feel to convince audiences ingredients list plays a vital role still being a anti animal cruelty and natural brand we are assured that this brand is free from harmful chemicals.

**This product was sent to me by PR for consideration , However experience portrayed is unbiased and represents my own views and experience .


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