All Good Scent Perfumes A Refreshing feel this summer

Oh these Summers !!!! A High time ,when no matter when you bathed , you will end us in sweat within hour and will struggle all day long to feel fresh , but it doesn’t mean you have to bath all day for couple of time to maintain state of freshness . there are way outs and one of the top most savior if Perfumes .If one is using good quality Perfume his/her day will be full of confidence and freshness will be maintained however in case one’s perfume ditches that too in a meeting with boss , or on a date with boyfriend / girlfriend .. is this excuse of summer will be able to overcome smelly sweat damage ? Answer is a BIG No. Hence to avoid such goofups and to fight with this brutal summer all we need a perfume that do full justice to its name and today we are going to discuss about a perfume brand who has made its mark in short span of time and is spreading around speedily .

About the Brand
All Good Scents is the first contemporary perfume house in india. Rajiv Sheth the perfumer behind All Good Scents finds inspiration in all aspects of modern French perfumery and his multicultural experiences .The fragrance producer of All Good scents is one of the oldest fragrance houses in activity in Grasse , France founded in 1779 AD.

An extraordinary combination of successful story and a human dimension; they have produced 1500 tons of fragrances and flavours till date. With all their combined savoir-faire, all good scents brings the best of the world to the Indian consumers , contemporary , modern and premium fragrances manufactured in France and that too at inviting prices .

Moreover All Good Scents has a very unique way of showcasing its perfumes and its contents .Like musical notes that makes a song, all good scents created their fragrance notes which believed to be necessity to make a perfume.Over all there are three notes scales which when blended together crate a perfume’s Fragrance record. All Good Scents ‘s logo is based on this pertinent allegory of perfume world- the perfume pyramid.

More on Fragrance notes of All Goods Scents

Top Notes : (Stays for lesser duration) The top notes of fragrance are generally the lightest of all notes ,and are recognized immediately upon application of perfume. Common Top Notes Fragrances includes Citrus(lemon, Orange ,Bergamot ) Light fruites(Grapefruit, berries ) and herbs (clay sage, lavender ).

Heart Notes : (Stays upto 8 hours) The heart notes , make an appearance once the top notes evaporates .As name suggests like a heart ,perfume’s heart notes contains blossoming flowers or fruits , which can be related to feeling of love isn’t ;)

Base Notes: (Stays for over 8 hours) The base notes takes place of heart notes once aforesaid start dismissing .Common fragrance as the name base  suggests  could be root related hence include cedar wood, sandal wood and musk.

About the Product

All Good Scents has Premium range and Essential range for both men and women. Out of which a for regular usage one can opt for Essential range and for special occasions one can opt for Premium range perfumes.

There are in total three fragrances in total I opted for .Two from their Premium range for both men and women and one from their essential range.

About Premium range for Women

“Exquisitely distilled fragrances from rare blossoms and exotic ingredients .This range celebrates spirit of Venus in women”.
                                   All Good Scent’s LOVE & JOY  (Celebrate life ,celebrate you )
                                          EAU DE PARFUM FOR WOMEN-30ml and 75ml

Price – Rs.1500/- for 75 Ml  and Rs.750/- for 30Ml


Top Notes – Freesia, Peony , Litchi
Heart Notes- Rose, Lily of the Valley , Magnolia
Base Notes – White Musk, Amber , Powdery Notes

“This perfume is dedicated to the belief of Free Spirit and encourage indulgence in a quaint symphony of flowers. For blossoming youth and free spirit, This scent takes you to celebrate self with elegant fragrance.” All Good Scents .

My experience of “Love & joy” scent

First word that came out of my mouth after sniffing this fragrance was Elegant .This fragrance did full justice to its name, it feels soft like feeling of love and gives flowery zeal that brings joy and soothes senses. I  found this fragrance one of the elegant affair I would love to be in .The fragrance is neither too strong nor too low .and  gives a very subtle and classy appeal to wearer and leaves audiences think of it in order to have it in their personal collection. So ladies out there Live love and Joy with All Good Scent’s Love and Joy Scent.

About Premium range for Men

“Ideal for men, these scents offer a refreshing relief and add to your charm and personality .Pick one that best defines the men you are “.
·                                                                    All Good Scent’s ARISE (Arise and Demand the Respect you deserve)
                                                      EAU DE TOILETTE FOR MEN –50Ml
Price – Rs.990/- For 50Ml


Top Notes – Orange, Grapefruit, Pepper
Heart Notes – Patchouli , Rose bay, Geranium leaves
Base Notes – Benzoin, vetiver ,Atlas Cedar.

“This Perfume is dedicated to all the mystery man out there. A sharp , mysterious fragrance that makes a statement as powerful as you. Along with the freshness of citrus this mysterious scent gets everyone drawn towards you”. All Good Scents .

My experience of “ARISE” scent

I understand being a female I should have taken and reviewed female scents only. However to be true with my audience I wanted to give a fair picture hence got this ARISE scent from All Goods Scents to try out. So coming back to my first ever confrontation with this scent , I will like to define this in one word naming “ Extremely Strong”. The scent has such a huge amount of boldness and volume that can turn a tedious head into motion. This scent has long lasting impact that cannot be ignored sprinkled with a Bossy kind of zeal 

.This fragrance has a charm in it being strong doent hold one back from using this product ,moreover it’s a confidence booster in these brutal summers trust me. So guys out there if you have taste for boldness and want some heads to be turned with enviously towards you this ARISE scent is for you. As name suggests if you want to Arise in life you have to use “Arise “ by All Good Scents .

About Essential range for Women

“Essentials Daily wear range , for your every mood , for every star in the agsrixy of emotions that is you “
                                                          All Good Scent’s FLIRTY (For the Playful You)
                                                              EAU DE TOILETTE FOR HER- 50ML

Price- Rs. 750/- For 50Ml


Top Notes – Lily od the Valley , Bergamot, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes- Rose, Gardenia, Orange Blossoms
Base Notes- Heliotrope, Vanilla, Iris.

“FlamBoyant and Coy , an unusual mixture with a panache of black current and softness of white roses and lilies . Girly and naughty. Persuasive and yet playful” All Good Scents .

My experience of “FLIRTY” scent

One word to define this Beauty of Flirty scent would be “Divine” . Yes guys I truly fell in love with this one. Beautiful and pretty words if can be measured or portrayed on words this scent has it all. It felt so soft , for a moment I just lost into it and couldn’t think of leaving it , it has so much charm and charisma that you will feel attracted to it and would love to live it every hour .I never came across something so magically mesmerizing and attractive till now. Its name is Flirty but who ever use it will become a class apart in to the crowd .This scent will give you a relaxing feel like you are having a spa session in an environment of soothing oils which are calming your senses and melting your heart with each passing time. So girls if you want to attract calmness all you have to use is Flirty-ness by All Good Scents .

Incase you are still skeptical whether you should trust this brand or you want to buy but unsure to invest your money All Good Scents has a unique and Ecomnomical solution for you. Just visit And Select “Scentbox “ Option from menu. In that you will be able to choose three fragrances of 2 Ml each for just Rs.165/-(Including tax ) .and a beautiful cute package will be delivered to you at no additional cost .Isin’t Great guys ?

So what you are waiting for grab your laptops and order your favorites now. Don’t worry you wont regret: D

Mean while I would like to Rate it 5/5 as their range worth a single Rupee in terms of quality and Money.


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