#HugYourDad This Father's day

Today, when I look way back in 90’s , I recall my family’s time, where my dad was into 9 to 5 office job , and my mom was homemaker , and still they had time for me and my sister . And at that phase... a day of 24hours seemed to be a day of 48 hours where we had ample space and time , and not only we ...entire society used to work with ease and quality , there was no rush to reach somewhere or a deadline to meet . However today tables are turned, Today I am a working lady and in a job of 3 to 11 where my life is at rush , and I don’t get time to awake early and spend quality time with my family . May be that’s the reason these special days influenced by western culture has been introduced to us , to make us feel importance of our loved ones ..who somewhere has reached down the line of our priorities and for whom we are still their first priority.

So Today on 21st June ,Sunday, We are celebrating a day Dedicated to our loveable fathers called “Father’s Day “ . Father a person who lives with us in our home , sleeps near to our rooms . A person who has dedicated his entire life to uplift his family however made lots of sacrifices in terms of time , own desires But never let this overshadow his protective instincts towards his family , and all this he did is to keep his family happy and to make future of his children and with the hope that one day he will be sitting beside his family in older age and will be playing with his grandchildren’s without any worry and tensions . But as a children do we understand his thoughts? Do we ever paid attention to his unsaid words ? What we do when he asks us to do certain work ? Either we run away or give lame excuse as we also have friends and life isn’t ? Or do we ever try to sit beside him and asked how he is ? is there anything which is bothering him ? is he tense , is he happy ? Do we ever try to be with him emotionally? Answer is either he may react in father figure way and will respond everything is fine irrespective of the real scenarios or he may become your friend and sees a friend in you . However chances of being friend and telling you about his issues is less but your one step just to ask about his well being will give him a relief and inner happiness that his son/ daughter has grown up and finally They are here for him.

Our fathers possess two layers , their inside layer is as soft as a rose however upper layer is as hard as Coconut .And when you understand these layers you will understand your father. They want their children to have everything in life, every luxury , every facility But from their children all they expect is Their love and time . Which as youngsters we are forgetting to give them? I understand some of us may feel shy or will give excuses of giving them luxurious gifts or gifting them world tour tips on this father’s day , But do we ever gave a thought of giving our father , our time and love ?? These luxuries and trips as a gift doesn’t make Father’s day celebrations special.. A hug poured with love, care and time to our father is what our father deserves.

Friends don’t wait for right time to come , or don’t overshadow self from making a phone call in case you are away from him this father’s day ..Do it today, Do it Now… as you never know with each passing time what are you loosing. There are people like me who are not fortunate enough to celebrate this day with their Dad , No because me or he’s Busy  but because he’s been taken from me and all I know today is My father was world’s best father , he did everything he could to make us happy , I still remember a night when only because of my celebrate wish he had to 200 KM far to get me a specific flavored ice cream, And today all I have is his memories that I am hugging today on this Father’s Day. I couldn’t hold his hand during his last breath , But now I realize how precious that moment was which is lost … Holding his hands , listening to his talks , seeing him walking , opening door on his arrival from office , Serving him a plain glass of water and most importantly having a dinner with him … seems too small gestures , but for me today these moments have become memories of his that brings smile on my face and brings me closer to his soul. Hence all I want to express is value this time this very day and leave every important thing you are doing …Just run home give your Dad a tight hug and create memories on this Father’ s Day, and I am celebrating this father’s Day by Giving Hug to his all beautiful pics  and cutting a cake for him and later on going to 200 Km ride which he did for me that night .

All these photos portrays memories of My dad ,and here i am sharing my some sweet memories behind these clicks which are taken by my loving Dad. I am very close to my dad may be since birth i believe may be that 's why In pic one being a toddler smiled at his click after a hour long cry hue that i made , may be that was my father's charm that made my cry stop and diverted my mind by clicking my pic in lap of mu Nanuu  , In second pic I remember a piece where i was running towards him to touch his face as he returned from somewhere , Third pic represents my excitement on his arrival from tour on my birthday and Bought cake for me and in excitement i cut this cake at 2 PM :P  , and Fourth pic shows the man who was behind all these clicks My Loving Father, A beloved Husband moreover a Pure Soul .Here is a Big Hug to your Daddy , Love you :)

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


  1. Heart touching , well written, Happy fathers Day.

    1. Thanks Dear, Wish you happy Fathers Day :)

  2. its very close to my heart , father play very important role mentally,emotionally

    1. Yes Gurjeet it is true . even writing this post made my eyes wet but its life hence has to live the way it comes


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