" Soap Opera " a Mesmerizing Saga

Hello My Dear Ones

Being on verge of festivals , I believe many of you must have started preparations that may vary from Cleaning your homes to making a wish list of desired products to buy this season . I too Being a Working professional is about to start this road of preparations to welcome our goddess this Diwali .But at the same time , This year I am planning to opt for certain unique gifting options that would not only bring the joy on the faces of  recipients but at the same time would give me this true feeling of festivity .

That is the reason now again thanks to social media I have started exploring few brands , whose creations will prove to be a milestone in this blissful journey of festivity ahead.

Hence Today here I present to you all one of the most treasured Brand that is hidden from our reach due to unforeseen reasons But according to me is one of the greatest Brand that will not only give a tough competition to the market leaders out there but also would definitely going to make you addicted  towards it that too without making a hole in your pocket , Trust me !!!!!!

So the Brand I am introducing you all with is " Soap Opera ". A Mumbai based Brand whose products are not only affordable but in terms of quality are exceptionally far more ahead than the existing ones in the market .

About The Brand

At Soap Opera, Their soaps are Handcrafted with Pure Glycerin which makes the Skin Supple and Smooth. All the fragrances are exclusive and are sourced from Grasse, France. What's more, their soap comes in distinctive shapes with Vibrant and Bright Colors. There is no presence of any of kind of Toxic ingredients which makes the soap absolutely Child Safe as well.

Archana Mariwala lady behind Soap Opera says “Each soap is my treasured recipe. I personally select the fragrance, color, shape of each handcrafted soap and use the purest of natural ingredients. As a result consumers are sure to find something specially moulded for them. Escape into the world that reveals in the uniqueness of Soap Opera. Here fun comes in never seen before shapes, sizes & colours.”
Team Soap Opera has something to suit all moods.
The soaps are available in various shapes that gives consumers freedom to  choose from and fragrances to cater to all. They also customize soaps to match what’s in another person's mind.

With Soap Opera in place Brand also has a subsidiary Brand called "Pure sense " which also follows same principles as of Soap Opera .However created on the philosophy of living a life free of toxins. To achieve this objective, Puresense created a wide range of premium quality personal care products which were essentially non-carcinogenic, free from Parabens, formaldehydes and sulphates.

Product in Focus

Soap Opera has diversified their Soap collection into three different divisions Naming :-

Exfoliating Range
Designer Range
Spice Glycerin Range

Exfoliating Range

What Brand says "These gentle handmade glycerin bathing bars exfoliate your skin by taking off the dead skin cells. This leaves your skin cleansed, moisturized and supple".

Spice Glycerin Range

What Brand Says " Moisturize your body with the goodness of glycerin and refresh your mind with the soothing fragrance of spearmint and cinnamon".

Designer Range

What Brand Says "Every moment of your life is unique. Every twist, every turn, every high, every low, every laugh, every tear…sometimes you love, sometimes you hate it, but you wouldn’t have it any other way – because each moment of your life is a representation of you! Imagine a range of soaps that celebrate your persona – in color, fragrance & attitude"

Their Subsidiary Pure Sense offers following range of non toxic Products :-

Fruit Soaps in Orange, Cucumber, Royal Apple, Strawberry variants.

Floral Soaps in Rose, lavender, Madhumati, Frangipani variants.

Spice Soaps in Green Tea, Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon Grass, Spearmint variants.

Bodywashes in Green Tea, Lemon Grass, Spearmint variants.

Shampoos in Green Tea, Lemon Grass, Spearmint variants.

Bodymists in Vanilla Bloom, Lemony Fresh variants.

A Sleep Inducer.

I would say I am blessed that I got the Opportunity to receive Soaps from both the entities . However from Soap Opera i received a Full Size Coconut Husk Exfoliating Bar and from Pure Sense I received five little cute sample size Soaps .

Coconut Husk Exfoliating Bar

" Soap Opera's Exfoliating Bar with goodness of Glycerin and coconut, moisturizers, cleanses and brightens the skin. Coconut Husk is an anti oxidant and deeply exfoliate, Revealing softer , nourished and younger looking skin".


Price : - Rs .125/- for 100gm

Available at :-Coconut Husk Bar  

Puresense Lemongrass Spice Soap by Soap Opera 

Known for its benefits, the lemongrass essential oil with the combination of olive oil soothes and calms the body
Price : - Rs. 99/- for 100 gm

Available at :- Spice Soap lemongrass  

Puresense Rose Floral Soap

Known for Its Cooling and soothing Properties this creation takes you to a soul soothing environment 

Price :- Rs.99/- for 100gm


Sodium Palmate, Sodium palm kernalate, Aqua, Sodium cocoyl Isetionate, Fragrance, Olive oil, Ethylene Hydroxydiphosphonate, Sorbitol, Titanium dioxide, Glyceryl stearate, Disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate, CI 12475.

Available at :- Rose-floral 

Puresense Strawberry Fruit Soap 

A Non Toxic beauty that would take your heart away with temptation to swing by in the garden of Strawberry 
Price :- Rs.99/- for 100gm

Ingredients :-

Sodium Palmate, Sodium palm kernalate, Aqua, Sodium cocoyl Isetionate, Fragrance, Olive oil, Ethylene Hydroxydiphosphonate, Sorbitol, Titanium dioxide, Glyceryl stearate, Disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate, CI 12475, CI 77266, CI 12120

Available at :- Strawberry fruit 

Puresense Frangipani floral Soap

               A strong Fragrance awaits you to unravel this blissful journey of luxurious bath  

Price :- Rs.99/- for 100gm

Ingredients :-

Sodium Palmate, Sodium palm kernalate, Aqua, Sodium cocoyl Isetionate, Fragrance, Olive oil, Ethylene Hydroxydiphosphonate, Sorbitol, Titanium dioxide, Glyceryl stearate, Disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate, CI 21108, CI 11710, CI 12475

Available at :-Frangipani-floral  

Entire Variety is available at :-Complete Collection  

My Experience

So Guys if I talk about Both the Soaps only one word would be sufficient to define my experience and that would be " Relaxing ". All these beauties are enriched with soul soothing fragrances that would take you to a different world where you won't only feel your nerves getting relaxed at the same time you would feel luxuriously enriched Smoothness of your skin . in other words you will fell in love with your skin after experiencing these blissful creations from Soap Opera.

I must say Packaging of these beauties is as beautiful as their Fragrance .Coconut Husk Bar from Soap Opera comes in Cling film packaging that accompanies an outer paper cover with all essential details that includes ingredients as well as pricing . Where as Those little Cuties just impressed me fell with their packaging, I just loved the way how Puresense wrapped those cuties with cling film that beautifully sneaks out from creatively printed hard cover.

In-terms of Usage and experience Pure Sense Cuties are very refreshing and a bit creamy. These soaps lathers moderately and leaves a very soft and supple skin behind. And not at all gives any dryness which I usually feel after using normal regular soaps .Where as if i talk about Coconut Husk Bar , this creation does what it claims that to smoothly without much efforts . Best part of these soaps are these lathers well and gives a very moisturized and hydrated feel that leads to all day freshness with soft fragrance that lingers around for a reasonable time .

To Conclude these Soaps from Soap Opera are not only quality enriched but at the same time can be treated as a perfect gifting options for your loved ones . Their fragrance and packaging makes these one of its kind that would definitely make you and your loved ones smile and make them feel special . Views and Reviews by RajVinder rates these 5/5 without any second thoughts as these deserves a big shout out .


  1. wow ! puresense sounds like a fabulous brand
    the puresense series appeals to me
    you know puresense is available in leading malls
    will be getting it after reading this

  2. the sleep enhancer sounds marvelous for an insomniac like me !
    will get it after reading your review

  3. I will surely gift a dear one a pack of these....your words really influence me !


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