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I believe many of us must be aware of south Indian cuisine .If not in depth than at least we all must have heard of Idli Sambar , Vada , Masala Dosa isn't ? But If we talk about Snacks of south India  , Can any of us name at least one  ? I believe now population of actual south Indian cuisine lovers  would be down as,me ,myself wasn't aware of the fact that , provisions of snacks also exist in south India Until ...Yes until I get to know about an online portal that delivers South Indian Snacking options across India that too at an affordable prices but with specialty of South Indian Taste and Rituals.

So today let me walk you all through This unique South Indian Store that sells exceptionally well created and freshly curated snacks from South India itself , None Other than "The South Indian Store"

About TheSouthIndianStore.com

The South Indian Store is an online portal where one can get authentic and fresh South Indian snacks prepared using 100% pure ingredients. The lack of availability and uneasy access to South Indian snacks in other parts of the country gave birth to this idea of serving people who wants to taste something different than the usual, something made using pure coconut oil and something one must have tasted before but now is deprived of it because of unavailability.
TheSouthIndianStore.com is based in Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

All of their items are freshly prepared as they are committed to bring the best quality snacks from South India to consumer's doorsteps without losing the quality and freshness of the products.

Available at :-Click Here  

Product in Focus

From The South Indian Store i received in total 7 Snacking options , which includes Banana Chips ,Jack Fruit Chips , Murukku , Small Murukku ,Kerala Mixture , Kerala pakkavada and Tapioca Chips.

Banana Chips

Banana chips is one of the most famous south Indian snack. Banana is sliced and fried in pure coconut oil with added sugar/ salt or spices to get that extra mouth watering taste. They are mixed with a pinch of salt to get a salty and spicy feel. Banana chips is most famous and highly produced and consumed in Kerala. Malayalis often refer banana chips with the name Upperi. Apart from being a snack, banana chips are also served during special occasions like Marriage.

Price and Quantity :-  Rs.372/- for 250 gms.
                                Rs. 487/- for 500 gms
                                Rs. 612/- for 750 gms.

Available at :-Click Here

Jack Fruit Chips

Jackfruit is a widely found fruit of South India. Kerala is among the largest producer and consumer of Jack Fruit and Jackfruit chips in India. Jackfruit has a very sweet and compelling aroma that activates your taste buds. Jackfruit chips are prepared using the flesh of the fruit. It is easily digestible and has good nutritional value. They contain adequate amount of potassium, calcium and other minerals. Apart from the nutritional benefits, Jackfruit chips are also good to taste. They are often served with tea in South India. We at The South Indian Store, are committed to bring you the best quality Jackfruit chips at your doorsteps.

Price and Quantity :- Rs. 360/- for 250 gms.
                               Rs. 462/- for 500 gms.
                               Rs. 574/- for 750 gms.

Available at :-Click Here


Murukku is a South Indian snack famous in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is usually oval or circular in shape and is made of Rice flour and urad dal flour. This is another tea time snack which is often served during special occasions as well. Although It is slightly hard to chew and crispy, yet Murukku is very famous in South India as well as other parts of the country. Murukku is also among one of the healthy South Indian snack loved by all.

Price and Quantity - Rs. 340/- for 250 gms.
                              Rs. 423/- for 500gms
                              Rs .516 /- for 750gms

Available at :- Click Here

Small Murukku

Small Murukku is a South Indian snack famous in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is usually oval or circular in shape and is made of Rice flour and urad dal flour. There are number of variants of murukku that varies in shape, size, color and taste. Small murukku is another tea time snack which is often served during special occasions as well. Although It is slightly hard to chew and crispy, yet small murukku is very famous in South India as well as other parts of the country. 

Price and Quantity :- Rs. 321/- for 250 gms.
                               Rs.385/- for 500 gms.
                               Rs. 459/- for 500 gms.

Available at :- Click Here 

Kerala Mixture

Kerala Mixture is a widely used and famous snack consumed by Keralites and other South Indian states. The mixture, as the name suggests, contains a number of items including peanuts, garlic, curry leaves, red chilli powder, etc. In South India, it is prepared using coconut oil but in other parts of the country, the same is prepared using other edible oils as well. Mixture is a tea time snack which is consumed by nearly 90% of South Indian houses on a daily basis. It is crispy in general and has a spicy and salty taste that goes good with tea or coffee.

Price and Quantity :- Rs.340/- for 250 gms
                               Rs.423/- for 500 gms
                               Rs.516/- for 750 gms

Available at :- Click Here
Kerala Pakkavada

Kerala pakkavada are also known as ribbon pakkavada because of the twisty twirly ribbon shaped look. These are easy home made snacks that will retain it’s taste in a airtight container. These snacks are made from Besan powder and chilli powder with just a pinch of hing powder for taste. They do not retain much oil and hence less fattening. These snacks are usually made and consumed around the Diwali festivities.
Kerala pakkavada is made from the dough that is squeezed out in a ribbon fashion into hot oil using a press. These sometimes have jeera or sesame seeds for extra taste. Kerala pakkavada are usually so light and crispy that they break in your arm with a crisp sound that makes it even more enjoyable to eat hearing that crunch with every bite. You can serve them with tea and have kids enjoy them as a healthier alternative to oily snacks.

Price and Quantity :- Rs.340/- for 250 gms.
                              Rs.423/- for 500 gms.
                              Rs .516/- for 750 gms.

Available :- Click Here

Tapioca Chips

Tapioca is basically the roots of Cassava plant. It is similar to Potato grown inside the earth. It has high nutritional value and is highly consumed as a daily product in southern parts of India including Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Apart from being a dish, tapioca is also famous in the form of Tapioca chips or Tapioca Fries. They are crispy and spicy to taste. Fried Tapioca when mixed with salt, pepper and other ingredients, gives a special irresistible taste.

Price and Quantity:-  Rs.340/- for 250 gms
                               Rs.423/- for 500 gms
                               Rs.523/- for 750 gms.

Available at :-Click Here  

My Experience

As you can see I received my order from The South Indian Store in Brown Colour carton box and all the 7 snacks were neatly bubble wrapped . Overall it seemed that the team at south Indian store takes proper care in packaging and as a result consumer receives freshly prepared snacks without any worry of damage or wasting your money .

If I talk about Snacks Taste , all the snacks I ate were upto the mark and was able to sustain true flavour of south India . Personally I just loved those Banana chips . I believe from now on I would be choosing between banana vs potato :P

And the best part all the snacks are 100% vegetarian which makes them ideal Snacking option .They are Healthy and Delicious and the Best thing you don't have to visit south India to eat these or Roam around Delhi in search of south Indian snacks ...all these snacks are now available at convenience of your home that too just a click away . So Don't wait Now ...let your taste buds experience these Natural healthy snacks from The South Indian Store :)


  1. drooling as I read this.......
    thanks for awesome suggestion !
    being a south indian I love murukku - imagine getting this at the click of a button !
    how did you , a north indian, find our murukku ? :)

    1. Hey Jayanthi :) So happy that you liked this post .I found out about these names from South Indian store only , as being a north Indian I only knew about banana chips :P till date .


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