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They say " Health is wealth ". We are hearing this phrase since the time our mind gained its consciousness Isn't it ? But how many of us really try to implement this into our lives ??and live in a healthy way ?? We as people at first run for money to make our lives and during that run we usually tend to forget ourselves, our health , and later when we manage to earn a status , a lifestyle , we spend that Same money to gain our lost health .What a life we all live !! , first we chase money than spend that Same money to chase our forgotten health and in this chase do we really live ??

We are living in time poor society where making and living a luxurious life is everybody's aim . But to achieve this aim we must not compromise with our health . Whether you are spending 8 to 10 hours of your day into office or just living a subtle house hold job , there is no such excuse to ignore your health .

I still remember the time when my grand father being into construction business and at the age of 70 used to be so active and always had the habit of carrying a pack of nuts in his pocket .He used to eat those as healthy snacks to calm his mini hunger during the day. Today if I look back , I realize how his eating habits played a crucial role and helped him living a healthy life in his older days .

And if I consider this experience  and compare myself today with his caliber , I am 1% of him ,and no offence guys but the era we are living in ,Our generation is most deprived one in terms of health measures . So now you all must have been thinking shall we quit our jobs and make our body a temple :P .I believe No!! As no one would be able to do that but one thing can be done here and that is taking care of our health by developing and introducing healthy diet habits into our lives.

I believe in today's era we have become so choosy that even sipping a glass of milk gives us nightmares , where in sipping a Vodka is blissful :P but worry not Guys , Now we also  have certain champions or can say innovators in our world who understand our moody taste buds and as a result has created certain inventions that would not only take care of  our taste buds but at the same time will make us feel healthy from inside as well as from outside.

Hence one of the greatest Health Giant  Brand I started admiring in this short span of time is none other than " NUTTY GRITTIES ". With this post here I present this Brand's creations and their Healthy snacking venture that would definitely sweep you away .

About Nutty Gritties

Nutty Gritties is influenced by its family legacy in the nuts and spices industry since 1887. Being born in an award-winning entrepreneurship business plan at University of Southern California, the brand got its global start! Team at Nutty Gritties, wanted to change the traditional nut to suit the modern day consumer’s health and taste preferences.

Nutty Gritties believes that they have the ability of creating the best gourmet healthy snacks with the finest taste, and are constantly innovating flavours with varying customer preferences. Their team is focused on satisfying the customer needs to the fullest, and in that process create a network of extremely passionate persons. Their aim is to provide a healthier alternative to snacking by using 100% natural ingredients.

Product in Focus

Nutty Gritties has classified their range of products in Four Different segments Naming :-

Daily Needs Range 
Premium Range
Yum Range 
Gourmet Range

Out of these classes I am being blessed with Yum and Gourmet Range Products .Which in particular are Nutty Gritties Cheddar Cheese Cashews , Nutty Gritties Bar- Be - Que Almonds and Nutty Gritties Cinnamon & Apple Mix

Nutty Gritties Cheddar cheese Cashews

"Enjoy our crisp salted cashew infused with mature cheddar cheese and a hint of spice that makes it a perfect evening snack".

One handful = 169 calories

Sizes available: 60gm, 100gm, 180gm 

Price : Rs.110/- for 60gm
          Rs.165/- for 100gm
          Rs. 280/- for 180gm

Available at :- Click Here  

Taste Type :- Salty

Nutty Gritties Bar- Be - Que Almonds

The blend of barbeque spices with a hint of paprika will make these almonds the perfect accompaniment to your drinks!


One handful = 160 calories

Sizes available: 60gm, 100gm, 180gm (Choose below)

Price : Rs.140/- for 60gm
          Rs. 210/- for 100gm
          Rs. 360/- for 180gm

Available at :-Click Here  

Taste Type :- Salty

Nutty Gritties Cinnamon & Apple Mix

"A perfect trail mix of crisp apple topped with aromatic cinnamon and finished with delicious seeds".


One handful = 105 calories only

Size Available: 120gm

Price : Rs.200/-

Available at : -Click Here  

Taste Type : Sweet

My Experience

Personally since the Day I came across this Brand , I just fell on my knees . I not only felt flattered but  was dying to hold it since than.The way Nutty Gritties packages and presents its innovative creations is just superb. And finally holding a pack myself is an accomplishment for me which is ofcourse infused with  happiness that is  beyond words .I felt privileged and special by receiving this sweet basket of Munches from the Brand .Earlier I used to admire their creation but after seeing and experiencing this in person  I just fell in love with this brand. Did you ever imagine that you can have Cheese cashwes or Bar Be Que Almonds ?? I mean I am the one who just hate eating Almonds in the morning as eating the same thing in a same way that too regularly  is so boring and more of a ritual to do :/ But with Nutty Gritties's flavoured creations I bet no person in the world could say No to these healthy munches .

These Cute little bunch of snacks not only would make you go gaga but also would tempt you to forget all those short snacks that we usually eat and end up causing our health at risk .
What makes Nutty Gritties Snacking a class apart is their Blend of flavours and Health quotient which they give priority to. I mean generally which site or product usually gives you exact measures that this product contain so and so calories and should be taken in this much of quantity . Nutty Gritties Munches do complete justice to the taste , Health and that is the reason these are ideal munching Snacks for people out there .

I just loved Nutty Gritties's Cheddar Cheese Cashwes and Bar Be Que Almonds . Consistency of salts and cheese is just perfect and would definitely urge you to have more due to infusion of mouth watering taste combination. Having said so how can I forget about Cinnamon & Apple mix , this is again something that I never dreamed of ..But you know what guys my mom just loved it . This combination of apple and pumpkin seeds is a perfect Snacking blend that serves a great source of energy and healthy munch.

People who loves to try new things or are bored with our age old traditional snacks must give Nutty Gritties Munches a try .
To conclude as our all the favourite festivals are lined up in upcoming months and we all are about to witness a huge amount of celebrations and variety of foods , why shouldn't we welcome Nutty Gritties in our life like I did  and share the happiness in the form of Nutty Gritties Munch packs ?. These Snacks are not only affordable but at the same time would definitely make your celebrations a memorable ones that too with sprinkle of health :) So people what are you waiting for ? Grab your cards and place your orders or at least make a wish list of Nutty Gritties snacks to give this Diwali and give a fresh start to your life in healthy way .

From Views and Reviews by RajVinder Nutty Gritties deserves 5/5 Rank . A must snack to munch this season.

Happy Munching Fellas !!!!



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