Fuschia Green Tea Face and Body Clarifying Scrub

Hey Folks,

Today I am going to review fuschia Green Tea Face and Body Clarifying Scrub . You must have read my earlier review of Fuschia Brand which I did during 2015 . I must say since than this brand has not only won millions of hearts but also has achieved a great amount of fame that too within this short span of time .I must say this shows how a brand with true spirit and willingness to serve its customers reaches to its destination . Kudos to team fuschia for its success and wish you many more such successes ahead .

So apart from brand what do you think must have triggered me to try this product. Any clue ? Is it just for the sake of review ? Arghhh No!!!! It's not . But it happened because I am weekly ritual believer . As during weekdays I don't get the time to look after my self but weekends are the only days when I don't skip my weekly ritual which includes scrubbing, cleansing and healing of the skin in the form of face packs . This is the reason I just love face packs and scrubs and whenever I see one ..I make sure to get one for myself sooner or later . Hence when I heard and saw many beauty blogger writing about this product I thought of getting one and decided to share my experience as well :)

So what made my decision to get this product ?

1) Organic Product , free from Paraben ,SLS and other harmful chemicals.
2) Dual product ( face as well as body scrubbing)
3) From the house of my favorite brand 'Fuschia '
4) Decently Priced at Rs.400 for 100 gms pack
5) Suitable for all skin times .
6) Cute packaging with travel friendly appearance.

So how did I felt on receipt of this product ?

As you can see this product comes in a very cute little plastic tub with matelic screw lid . The lid has Fuschia logo and minute details of Product . I must admit the fuschia has transformed it's packaging brilliantly over the time which gives their products a luxurious appearance and to the customers a king size happiness :)

If I talk about Fragrance and Texture , than this product has a very mild herbal Fragrance that is not at all overpowering . So the sensitive noses no worries ,you can try this product without any concerns . In terms of texture this product has a creamy and smooth texture . The small  miniature particals  are there but that doesn't take away the smoothness .

And now let me talk about usage feel and after results .As you can see in the picture a small pea size can spread to the surface around 2" inches which makes this product a longer stay in your kitty . I took a very small amount of it and applied over my skin , within few glides it took over the area very brilliantly and the small granules worked smoothly without irritating the skin .

During the process of stroke work I didn't feel uncomfortable or didn't come across the feel of uneasiness or not even felt like rubbing my skin like others scrubs which generally makes your skin feel rough . After few moments I cleaned my face with plain water .This scrub was easy to remove and didn't make much mess . But after when  I saw my face in the mirror .I was surprised with the results .it didn't make my skin dry , rough or even red. But at the same time my skin felt moisturized , Cleaned and hydrated .

To conclude till now I didn't come across any thing closure to this brilliance . This scrub from fuschia has changed my perception towards scrubbing completely . You don't have to make your skin suffer in the name of scrubbing . Scrubbing can be smoother , easy and moreover a pleasurable experience if you have a right product . On behalf of all the females out there I would like to thank fuschia for bringing such an awesomeness to this cute little packaging.

A big thumps up for this Fuschia Green Tea Face and Body Clarifying Scrub from RajVinder. I would rate it 5/5 without any second thoughts . This product has earned a permanent place in my routine . Don't wait grab one for your self today and share your experience :)


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