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Hope you guys had an amazing time during festive season. I too enjoyed the same and had a blast .That's the reason I was away from blogging for this entire phase .But now I am back on track and presenting to you my another new love that took me by surprise and being a blessed with nature' s beauty encouraged me try it out without second thoughts in mind .

So the brand I am talking about is APS CosmetoFood .That beleives in skin food and as result instead of creating typical skin care products it has invented Various skin food products that not only feed skin needs but also provide a sprinkle of  Nature' s love .

About the Brand

Cosmeto- food range has been formulated to bring a radical change in beauty enhancement methodology. Cosmeto – food are skin gourmets in their purest and organic form.  

Ushering in a new epoch, Cosmeto- food products have a delectable appearance and have the real food essence that conglomerate with beauty accelerating agents, actives or extracts without having any side effects. The entire range is ECOCERTTM certified that itself stamps their authenticity.

Products in Focus

I feel fortunate that I came across such a wonderful brand and as a result sharing my views around two of their unique creations. One is from their Skin care range which is Probiotic Curd Cleanser and another one is blend of Makeup and skin care which is Activated Organic Spring Water .

APS Cosmetofood Probiotic Curd Cleanser

What Brand has to say "Always knowing Curd as an excellent cleanser and skin purifier but hardly using it is a common tendency. Now you have to just use APS Cosmetofood™ PROBIOTIC CURD CLEANSER and all the natural goodness of curd will sweep away the stagnant skin impurities in one go. The pack unboxes a complete solution for a refreshing and satin smooth skin. Natural actives and new-age cosmetics lift not only your spirits but also the look of your skin. Its curdy texture engrosses you in a beautiful surprise. The beautiful combination of Instensyl (Hydrolysed Manihot Esculenta Tuber Extract) with ECOCERT Ingredients like MONTANOV™ L and AQUAXYL quickly adheres, spreads and forms a viscoelastic film on the skin’s surface. It produces an immediate lifting and smoothing effect. It also offers immediate smoothing anti-wrinkle properties for both young and mature skin within 30 minutes of its application while Montanov L and AQUAXYL helps prolong moisturizing effect and restructuring property. It reduces the transepidermal moisture loss and strengthens the barrier function, increases the water reserves in skin and makes it look younger."

Price and Quantity :-Rs.540 for 100ml

How to use

Damp face with fresh water and apply the cleanser on the face. Massage it gently for 8-10 minutes upward circular motion. Energized skin is revealed. Rinse off with clean water or wipe off with damp cotton.


• Restructuring property.
• Increases the water reserves.
• Its produces an immediate lifting and smoothing effect.


What Brand has to say " APS Cosmetofood™ ACTIVATED ORGANIC SPRING WATER Facial Cleansing formula takes you away far from the maddening crowd, moment it touches your soul and spells a divine effect which is hard to escape. The miraculous fruit-concept surfactant takes you by a delightful surprise while cleansing your face. Its unique formula quickly removes facial impurities. The inclusion of actives provides complete facial cleansing experience in which you would like to indulge yourself in!"

Price and Quantity :- Rs.540/- for 100 ML

How to use

Spray Activated Organic Spring Water across your whole face, paying special attention to the eye and lip area if you are removing makeup. There is no need to rinse afterwards. Just enjoy the clean, fresh sensation, then apply a suitable serum or moisturiser to your skin. This water are great for travel or for situations where no running water is easily available. This water means you don’t need to compromise your skin care routine. This may also use with facials instead of normal water.


• ACTIVATED ORGANIC SPRING WATER uses very gentle but effective cleansing agents.
• There is no tingling or tightening effect.
• It’s powerful enough to remove makeup.
• There is no need for a separate makeup remover.

Available at :- Click Here

My Experience

Since receipt of these products I was very much curious and excited to use these , and finally few days back I got the chance to try these two beauties. So let me walk you all through this mesmerising experience of mine.

First let me take you through Probiotic Curd cleanser from APS cosmetofood .This Beauty comes in a cardbox box packaging and on opening the same you will come across a cylindrical shaped bottle that had a wide dispenser that too duly protected with a cap which makes it an ideal travel companion. I found packaging of the product sturdy  yet  travel plus user friendly. On dispensing a very small proportion u could sense a fragrance of Curd in it that would stay for few moments and would vanish soon. Those who already use Curd in their skin care regime would find it normal, for first timers it will take some time to get along with the fragrance.

In terms of texture of the product, this product has creamy texture with slightness of runny in consistency. A small quantity of if is enough to cover your face .Which means it is worth a single rupee spent on it .

I personally just loved this product as I used this product as directed .I applied it on my damp face and massaged for few minutes in circular motion .After 7-8 minutes I washed my face and the results were undoubtedly brilliant. Product  did what it claimed.My skin was cleansed and felt moisturized .My skin felt breathing and the best part it was not feeling stretched and un-moisturized  for hours . A definite buy for me  in coming months .

Now if I talk about APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water ,Than this beauty would not only sooth your senses with its Rosy fragrance but will work as a killer of your makeup removal hazards .all you guys must be aware that how important it is to remove your If not removed properly than the consequences may be as sever as skin damage.Hence to do this activity properly a right product plays an crucial role . And when I say Right that doesn't mean that makeup can be removed with anything that claims of its makeup removal properties .One has to be very careful while selecting such products .

But now worry not as we have a Activated  Organic skin water spray with us .Which comes in travel friendly packaging with a pump dispenser on the top. Only tow three sprays are enough to cover the entire face and makes one look and feel fresh within seconds . Being infused with Rosy fragrance , it makes an ideal stress buster and gives an instant clean and fresh look without much ado. I just loved the way this product works and has managed to made a place in my Handbag permanently now .

To conclude APS cosmetofood is a must try brand for people out there who believe in natural products and are always in search for best creations .


  1. love that you introduct us to such new & wonderful products

  2. Facials are too good.It keeps th skin glowing and fresh fo a longer time.


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